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Otter and Fish Dancin

Hello! I’m finally back in the UK. Woo! But Cookie and i are in a bit of a pickle as we’ve not got a place to stay. Oh noes!

We’re looking for a home for 4 weeks in July. Somewhere in London Town. Do you know of a spare room we could rent ? Maybe a flatmate has just moved out ? Or maybe you have a spare room that could be earning some cash ? Either way – any hot tips appreciated!

Tweet me on @NickyGibson or mail me at Nicky{at}

Muchos muchos Gracias. Bonus Link: Amazing Otter dancing skills

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Nicky and Cookie finish the 3000km Te Araroa trail in Bluff NZ

Old news now ;) But in case you missed it – We did it!

Did what ? Walked 3000km on foot across New Zealand along the Te Araroa trail.
It a loooong story. But if you’re interested, and not bored to tears of hearing about it, you can follow the whole journey start to finish ( Oct 2010 – April 2011 and onwards ) over on our combined Nicky and Cookie blog!

I can shut up about it all now ;)

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Nicky and Cookie about to set off

Hi everyone! If you’ve not heard from me in a long while there’s a very good reason! I’m hiking New Zealand – the full length in fact … Or that’s the hope / plan. Cookie and I are just starting out on section 3 of the walk, over the in the Bay of Islands on the east coast. We’ve made it this far down from the far North at Cape Reinga, and we’ve been blogging all the way over at our new combined blog Nicky And Cookie .com ! So head over there for the latest news and photography from our foot busting kiwi expedition :D

Nicky and Cookie's New Blog ... exciting!

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Essential kit:


So it’s the middle of the afternoon on day one in Auckland and we’ve already had an awesome fry up, some local pilsner, local lime larger, and I’m currently enjoying a Monteith’s crushed apple cider. Not bad, you might say – but then we decided to add some cracking Fash and Chups ( the best in town apparently ). Not to mention, and quicker than expected, we buckled and bought an iPad! Sweet! :D Very exciting. So hopefully we’ll be blogging away happy as Larry!

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We’re ‘ere! Bloody hell it’s a long way. I’ve been held captive on an aeroplane shaped time machine for a couple of days, but I’ve woken up to find myself in a comfy bed with a crazy Futurama style building outside. Time to go check out what a Kiwi fryup is like and then set to work on this holiday business.

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Hi there. Long time no Blog! :D It’s been a hectic summer at Poke towers working hard on something very special, coupled with preparations for a very exciting trek across New Zealand that will take us from October to May 2011, over almost 2000 miles. Hardcore!

More info to come soon … ;)

Above – surf at Kennack Sands in Cornwall. Popped home for a bit to say hi to Mum and Dad, and catch the last of the British sunny days :)

People sunbathing with tops off in October? Only in Cornwall! ;)

Gwendreath palm trees :)

WordPress on iPhone seems to be working well. Had to upgrade both my WordPress CMS, the app itself and my iPhone OS to v4.1, but all working now. Should be able to keep you all updated on my adventure as it unfolds … Flying on the 16th! Wish me luck :D

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Nicky and Cookie leaving for New Zealand!

Come on down! Everyone welcome, we’d love to say goodbye to everyone before we head to the big New Zealand adventure :D

Follow me on Twitter @nickygibson and i’ll let you know where we’ll be. ( Thursday 3oth September ).

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Grand Designs House for rent

Available October 2010 to May 2011
( I rent this place and i wanna come back to it ideally when i come back from walking New Zealand  ;)  )

It’s in Dalston, East London.

If you or any of your mates wanna rent it let me know!
Thanks you lovely people x

Architects run down & info

Anybody wanna live there?


What Motivates Us by Dan Pink

Great talk by Dan Pink, about what drives us, and how people are, and aren’t, motivated. Some surprising tests. Some initially counter intuitive results actually come to seem pretty obvious in hindsight, and so highlight some overlooked points about peoples perceived reward and satisfaction at work ( and in life generally). He talks about the effectiveness of using different types of rewards – Money versus the combination of challenge, freedom and purpose. Shows how using creativity is particularly relevant no matter what you do. Anyway, tis interesting ;)

Watch it below:

Thanks to the super talented Mattias from Breakfast NY for sharing.


Ffffound 2010 Collection

So, in a lazy post stylie here’s a bunch of things i’ve been eyeballing recently. Some cute, some funny, some smart, some daft, some beautifully aligned, some handmade, but all brilliant in one way or another. The source or post reference for each: Space Woman, Chick Egg, Lego Smiley, Organ, Dog DJ, Rab in a Box, Spectrum Hair, Primary Vector Knives, Modernist Stripes, White Tree on Orange, Giant Foot, HUD, Oil Can, Architectural Robot Face, Squid Balaclava, Twin Yolk Rug, Imagination Vacation Sweater, Thank You Scene. Click them open in tabs to find some great blogs, and Ffffound collections :) Also – buckets more on my Ffffound page - ( Sorry i’ve not got any invites :( If i did you’d be the first to know :)  )


Farnhill's Shakey Leg Ale

I’ve been hiding for ages. ‘Recovery’ you might say ;) But i have very good reason. And it’s this lot’s fault :D

Meet Poke, the bunch of talented mentalists i ‘work’ with. What happens when you lock 50 creatives in a house for the weekend? An impromptu improvised, spur of the moment Wedding…. Home brew… Falling in lakes…. and not to mention a Sexy Disco Volcano. Full-on laser-rave. I can’t really explain any of that. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Suffice to say, the bits i can remember, will not easily be forgotten!

Above is my label for Mike’s tasty custom brewed Ale. Paying homage to Nick Farnhill’s infamous shak(e)y leg… er … the Ole English spelling ….. ahem (!)

Team Awesome

Above: Team Awesome, trying to maintain the illusion of respectability for as long as possible.

Mike proudly presents the Brew!

Mike proudly presents ‘The Brew’ … then we swiftly slide downhill into …

Carnage ensues at Sexy Disco Volcano

Sexy Disco Volcano! Carnage ensues …. and the monumental unveiling of Will’s ‘very fitted’ shiny gold hot-pants – Crikey!

Three shots above by the Marc Davies – aka Mr.Lomo! The Poke Wedding photographer of choice.

Thanks everyone for an unbelievable weekend! Love you all :D xx

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Vote For Policies

Really enlightening this. I’d encourage you to take this test and see if you come out how you think you should! You choose 4 topics that you’re most concerned about and vote on policies not parties, people, or preconceptions.

I surprised myself! Check out Vote For Policies. ( Be sure to open the trays and see all policies for a more accurate result ).

Also been pointed towards Vote Match which i might take as a comparison.

Vote For Policies


Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal ? Apparently so. Or at least if he’s not eaten first. I imagine if you are immortal, the chances of getting eaten at some point during eternity increase ;)

But yes, this cunning Turritopsis Nutricula, after getting through puberty can repeatedly transform back to it’s young, polyp state. Something like Doctor Who ;)

The key lies in a process called transdifferentiation, where one type of cell is transformed into another type of cell. Some animals can undergo limited transdifferentiation and regenerate organs, such as salamanders, which can regrow limbs. Turritopsi nutricula, on the other hand, can regenerate its entire body over and over again.” Read more on Yahoo Green.

Theoretically he can cycle indefinitely between mature and immature states, effectively making him immortal. Pretty cool huh?

But how long before he’s being ground up and sold to us as wrinkle cream…

- Amazing photo above by Peter Schuchert. Lots more alien looking sea creatures here.

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