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Figures Of Speech

A couple of weeks ago now we popped down to the ICA for a quick-fire celebration of the internet – The Webby’s Night. Organised by our eminent Mr. Roope. This is a little run down of the bits that stuck in my head… Guess what, David Bowie, Beck, and Matt Groening are among the judges for next year’s Webby’s – pretty cool huh? Some pics of the night here. And some rough, from memory, highlight notes below:

Sam: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

“Dem phones, dem phones them iPhones” video track pointing out how simple new media is, and how much of a fuss people make about it. His advice? “Focus on the things that don’t change”. People – how and why they talk to each other, what they enjoy – emotional connections. “Don’t focus on learning every piece of new technology”. That’s not where the magic is. Wise words :)

Dem Phones

Matt: The Viral Factory

“Cat’s rule the internet”. ( People laughed the most at this one ). He’s probably right. After porn, cats are probably more popular than anything else on the web. Although no-one would admit it, we’ve all watched the odd cat compilation on YouTube ; ) Essentially, a comment on how a bit of fun and humour are one of the most powerful ways to attract people’s attention. It’s the Guilty Pleasures that make the internet go round.

Cats Rule Internetz

Marcus: Deezeen

“Light Bulbs Direct”. A comedy look at something that could only be achieved online. As Marcus found out after he couldn’t find a bulb for any of his sixties design-classic lamps. Something useful! – a solution to a maddening situation, however mundane, is great.  People will thank you for making their life easier, and simpler, and be better off for it. We noted there ‘happened to be’ a very suspicious resemblance between him and the chap making off with the light bulb in the logo. Marcus is there something you’re not telling us ?

Miltos: Neen

What a lovely fella. He showed some of the work of Raphaël Rozendaal, who’s wry look at everyday life in the form of simple flash interactions always gets a smile out of me. It’s the details that count. The main point made, was the idea of buying physical art, transferred onto digital art. He argues that every digital art piece is a one off. “You can copy the content, but only one person can own the situation”. By that he means the url, it’s point in space and time, and the message within it. To that end he’s been buying up pieces of online art. He might have something there. I liked that it was a really new way of looking at creativity, and digital ownership. And that no matter how much you copy something, the original is still the original, and therefore worth more. It’s an upside down way of looking at things, but i like it. The music and film industry should think about that – and also this from Feltron Eight.

JelloTime by Rafael Rozendaal

It’s been a while since the event, so if any of you out there would like to add to this ( comments open below ), or set me straight on details, add links etc – shove it in there! : ) Cheers, Nicky.

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Boex Brothers Pencil Bench

I was sauntering around the web when i came across this awesome pencil bench. Kind of reminds me of blades of grass or a bed of nails. I wonder if the rubber tips would wear away in the shape of your arse as time went on ;) Anyway, low and behold it turns out that the makers of this wonderfully original piece of furniture are none other than my old school ( literally ) mates from Cornwall, the Boex’s. The legendarily handsome international surfer dude twins. After whirl wind pro surfer careers the two have settled down in the motherland, to work on interiors, product, furniture, and retail design. ( They’ve renovated a gorgeous restaurant in Falmouth. ) Check their site here. Good work boys!


Monster Turtle

If your still looking for that final Christmas present, … then frankly, you’re screwed. But if you were, then here’s the perfect gift for the monster lover in your life. Via SuperPunch - 2008 Vinyl Toy Round Up.

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Fat Chick

Or is he a duck ? See him even bigger here.



Spotted here :)

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Tiny Weeny Lady Keyboard

A teeny weeny pocket sized / handbag sized keyboard. It’s quite cute i think. Shown here in illuminated blue, it actually looks much better in the pure white daylight shot. But at least you can use it in the dark ( why would you need to do that ? ;) ). Thanks to Lizbeth for the link. A good present for the lady, or the small person, in your life.


Apple Oh Open

Apple Oh, Open. Sweet idea :) By Jules Tardy of LCC, on FFF.

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Typographic World Map

Spotted on the fabulous SuperPunch! Typographic design by Vlad Studio. You can download it here. Lovely work.


Spotted this over on Poke NewYorker Tom’s blog. It whips through factoids about the future of technology and world populations, generally highlighting what a different place our world will become in the next few years. Worth a watch. Tom’s blog is full of interesting thoughts and finds like this one. Visit him here.


Walking the Panther

That’s me walking the panther on a cold winters day. You’ve got to keep him on a leash that one. You can download him here in a 1024 x 768 format. Help yourself :)


Lady Beards

Very good work here from Lady Beard maker Erin. Big ups to you mrs! Her Etsy here.

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The video for Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries, so much detail and amazing colours. Ingeniously done. I wouldn’t care if it’s modified in after effects. I wonder if they figured out the dice face tones by eye, pixel by pixel, or if they created an app to work it out. If it’s all done by eye/hand that’s extremely impressive. A lot of work however you look at it. By Director Wade Shotter of Joy Rider Films, see his work here.


Have A Break Have A KitKat

Might get a bit sticky ?


Tree Stool

Puffy Log Stools by Courtney Skott from Atlanta. She’s also got a nice bit of woodland textile design too. Would look great with this Grassy Ottoman. Your very own indoor forest glade is only a credit card away.


Topshop Christmas Fairytale Prizes

I know everyone’s pretty skint at Christmas what with all the present buying, catching up with friends, and Christmas party outfit purchasing! So i thought you’d like to know that, the little Topshop thing we did, still has a Year’s Supply of Shoes left to win, and with only a day to go you could get yourself one more present sorted – or keep them all for yourself … well i would :)

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