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Kitsch french Postcards

Large collection of incredibly Kitsch French postcards from the 5o’s, 60′s & 70′s

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No not really. But i am going to Thailand. Wey Hey!

Never been before but i’ve seen a lot of Lomos from a certain ex-flatmate of mine that looked absolutely stunning. So i can’t wait. You might get the odd random post from Cookie while i’m away as he’s offered to look after the place for me ; )

See you in 2 weeks!

Thailand Lomo by Mr.Lomo

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The quote on the left doesn’t refer to the picture on the right btw ;)

The chaps from Qlassic, a Paris based illustration studio, dropped me their portfolio today and i had a rummage. There’s some lovely stuff in there. Ranging from graphic and illustrative typefaces to textural ink and collage portraits. The three designer’s Redouane Oumahi, Gee Federighi, & Solo show their various styles here.

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George Ladas : The Horse

I had no idea that horses were in fact man-made. Goes to show, you learn something new everyday.

More mysteries exploded here.

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Space Invaders Flickr

Collection of Space Invaders, shot by Doc 18. There’s one near my place. They appear like mushrooms in the night. I have a huge blank wall on the end of my house. Maybe if i left out some mince pies and a carrot, one might appear in the morning …


Rey Mistero

Monsters and mad characters. Really warm texture effects over vector graphics. Bonkers and beautiful.

Thanks Greg for the hot tip!


Miniture Analog

These are just amazing. What can you say. I know they’ve been around a while, but i just had to put them up. They’re so tiny it’s a pure labour of love. Can i buy them please??

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So nice! More here.


Stu Smith Cardboard Legoman

I wish i knew more about this image. Who made it ? Why ? Is there someone hiding inside there ? Where can i buy a cardboard Lego man suit!

Found at My FFFFOUND.


I never thought i’d be writing that sentance… !

But yes, there’s some beautiful examples in there. I love how much effort and style went into ‘old fashioned’ packaging design. Works of art. I mean how much modern packaging would you like to hang on your wall at home ?

Type Writter Ribbon Tins

Well worth seeing the full Flickr collection here. Collected by UpperCase.

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A little while before Christmas, Cookie and I started out on a set of paintings for our mate El to brighten up her studio and to match her new website ( designed and made by Cookie and Mattias ).

Cookie designed the original characters, and i helped to bring them alive on the canvas. Those outlines are fiddly! I’d forgotten how much i love painting.

See the finished pics here!

Squirrel, Chick, and Seed Boy

The colours are a bit crap as i took them on my camera phone. I need to sort out a new digital camera. Let me know if you love yours, i’d appreciate any good recommendations ;)


The best bit about making Sock Monkeys and monsters is putting the face on at the end. You can do quite a bit with a couple of buttons, but the mouth is where you get to choose if it’s evil or jolly. Here’s a before and after shot of a little angry monster. In some ways a quite like them blank too.

Gobbie the monster

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Cuthbert SockMonster Cat

I made this cheeky chap for my Dad at Christmas time. He’s got a good stunned expression i think. But i guess that’s not a hard look to pull off when you have buttons for eyes!

Cuthbert is now roaming free in the wilds of Cornwall.

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Retro Futures

Wow. How cool is that ? It’s a killer pigeon tractor beam …

A whole site of retro book covers and illustrations depicting past visions of the future. Amazing colours.

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Graph Girl - Indexed

Cheers Nilesh for letting me know that Indexed aka Jessica Hagy has a new book out on the 28th Jan. Grab a copy here. : )

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