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Eugene and Louise's Monster Cake Shop

We’re having a Bake-off here at Poke next week and i’ve been pondering what to do. When Asi sent me over this amazing piece of inspiration! Marzipan Monsters!

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Vasco brought in a mad wooden instrument to the studio the other day, that he’d been building on the weekend. Made me think of this : ) Although i’m not sure these instruments would be so tuneful. Must have taken absolutely ages to build.

Wood Band Kit

Artist Mike Rea says, “There wasn’t anything interesting and wooden in my life.” So, reason enough, he set about making wooden space suits, giant wooden tanks, drum kits, machine guns ( made of separate components complete with fitted case to carry them in ). You know … the usual stuff…

Imagine turning up to a party in this!

Mike Rea Wooden Robot Outfit

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Something Fishy - Nickys Lomos

To see a couple more of my Lomos from Thailand, look here : )

Just to remind you that there’s no zoom on a Lomo – I really am that close to the Croc!

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Two talented Swiss boys, Adam and Sébastien have created a very nice interface for their portfolio crammed full of rich and inviting information design, graphics, and illustration. I have a thing for monochrome, at the moment anyway, cos it lets you get straight down to appreciating the form and message, without worrying about what your favourite colour is this month ;)

Welcome To AS

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Cookie's Texture Turorials

Giving your vector graphics a bit of soul can be a tricky thing to get right, but happily Cookie‘s got together his secrets into two hot tutorials explaining his techniques for creating that painted-on look, and rough paper printing. A couple of ideas i’d not thought of in here so definitely worth a gander for some old school Photoshop Channels action.. ahhh channels eh ? That takes me back …. ;)

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No, this isn’t about Amy Winehouse.

It’s about felt-tip tattoo parties… Brilliant! I missed it though, Damn. So for next time ( when’s the next one Rex ?? ), keep an eye on the Rex’s Hairy Teeth Blog, pack your pencilcase and get down to SMACK for a bit of dancing and doodling action…

I love the way the t-shirt design escapes down his arm. We should all draw on each other more often…

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Marshall Leterpress

Ben Rowe from Art Dabble dropped me a line about that orange Robot print, and i found some interesting nick-nacks on his Art Blog. There’s a gorgeous letterpress piece on there, called Marshmallow Marshall designed by Mark at Letter Pressed for 64 Colours. Loads more marshmallowey monsters, tshirt and shop over there. More detailed shots of Marshall over at OMG Posters, which is well worth a look too.


Cretive Review REdesign

Looks nice so far, from what i can see ( only a few small clips up ). I’ll be interested to see how it pans out. I’m kind of into the mixing-the-fonts-up, strong grid, and underlines myself at the moment. But are websites starting to look more like magazines, or are magazines starting to look more like websites these days ….. ?

Via CR Blog – of course ;)

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From Studio Leung. I love wooden technology. I want a wooden keyboard….

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Mistake the Beautiful

Bryan Dalton caught my eye with this set of pieces entitled Thank You.

“A series of ephemeral installations and a 60 page book of images and personal narrative saying thank you for the things that inspire me in everyday life.

There’s a fair few nice ideas, and pieces of typography on there. Well worth a rummage. Not to mention great animated gifs! Even more can be found on my favourite gif appreciation site Sweet Gifs (bryan’s also ).

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Noferin have are some really interesting stage-by-stage images of work in progress paintings on their blog. And in addition you can see how they hand carve their little characters from wood! Amazing stuff from the boy-girl duo Candy and Nicho.

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steve wilson.

Steve Wilson’s got a mixture of strange characters, monsters and ghosts but i like most of all this painted sleepy rain cloud. Reminds me of some of the characters from over at Lazy Oaf – i love the texture. Also check out his shark painting!

Steve Wilson

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I really liked this identity for the use of that overlapping RGB circle idea that you often see, but subtly tweaked. Lovely colours. Piece by Stebbi. For some more of his typographic and graphic goodness have a look at these.

Via FFFFOUND – again ;)

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Wireless Power and Light

Wireless power. Now that’d be good. Especially when you’re packing a suitcase and half of it is power cables and chargers for your phone, Nintendo DS, iPod, Mac, and god knows what else in the future. Two pages from MIT’s Technology Review giving an overview on this emerging technology, and the theories behind it.

“Any low-power device, such as a cell phone, iPod, or laptop, could recharge automatically simply by coming within range of a wireless power source, eliminating the need for multiple cables—and perhaps, eventually, for batteries.

It can’t get here soon enough for me! Via the brilliant SwissMiss

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Yes Plus Me

The headline doesn’t make any sense but then neither does the website, so i think we’re square … ; )

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