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Richard Wilkinson Robot

I guess this counts more as a painting than an illustration. There’s a full page more, of warmly drawn portraits and characters to be found on Richard’s site. Apparently some limited edition posters and prints coming soon. Put me down for an orange Robot for sure!


koerner union

I really liked these simple line and fill shapes. Either these sad looking chaps are working hard in a strawberry bootlace sweatshop or they’re being sucked up into a spaghetti mincer… i’m not sure… To find more drawings from the collection, and to figure out what’s happening to these poor fellows, visit Koerner Union and look in the 3rd drop-down for L’Etage, Geneva, 2005.

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Yup – believe it. The evidence is above. This Disco-Sun craziness is from Merdanchik. There’s a couple of images on his blog that i particularly love. First one is Alone featuring a little girl in a bubble chatting to a ghostly monster on the edge of a cliff. I’d love that on my wall. And another is Bot. Which is beautiful, but i can’t explain, so you’ll just have to go and have a look won’t you ;)

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I love this idea. Using each letter and imagining what type of home might be inside. The detail is brilliant. For more, check out Teplin.

Via Ffffound.

Also in a smiliar vein, from the Onitsuka Tiger site ( best trainers in the world ).


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Nicky's Veg Bag - Veg is Best!

I’ve been trying to be good recently and leave those plastic bags alone when i nip out and buy dinner. It’s remarkably hard to change the habit of a life-time and remember to take a bag out with you, especially for those spur of the moment drop-in’s to the corner shop. So i thought i’d encourage myself by making my own Veg Bag! And it nicely doubles up as a visual shopping list ;)

It’s the width of a supermarket bag but slightly shallower, and has the expandable flappy bits at the side, ( in case i fancy veg of the larger variety one evening ).

How To Make:
Simple really. Grab a plastic bag and carefully slice along the seams to let you open it out flat. Use as a template over your favorite fabric, ( be it camo or floral – i won’t judge … ) leaving enough extra space for the seams ( eg 1.5 cms ). Sew back together. Cut out veg and sew on. Easy!

If you make one i’d love to see it! send me a pic ;)


Hylton Warburton

I came across the supa-talented Monster illustrator Hylton Warburton while dribbling over some of the contents of the Pictoplasma Pool. The canvas at the top was designed for a stand at Design Indaba 2008. More of Hylton’s personal work here including some before and after sketches which i always find interesting to look at. It also looks like there might be some badges to buy, and some desktops to download. Keep the monsters coming Hylton!

Hylton Warburton Badges

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Karoly Kiralyfalvi

Some sweet stuff from Hungarian designer Karoly Kiralyfalvi from his site Extraverage. Check the Logo section. Also some nice stuff for the Keystone Design Union… and loads more on his Flickr. Skate decks, t-shirts, spraycans, and more typography.

Found Via Wrong Distance. A blog full of eccentric ideas, odd photos, and vintage design. Nice! Cheers WD for the link btw :)

Bird t-shirt by Extraverage

I want this tshirt.

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Someone is wrong on the internet

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… Aka ‘Jaypeg‘. Now, i’ve been meaning to introduce you to Jaypeg for ages. She’s made so many amazing things it’s hard to know where to start. From Sock Monkeys, to Felt Monsters, fabric animals of all shapes and sizes, Biscuit Monster Blog is ram-packed with visual goodness. She’s like a machine. Not to mention an awesome graphic designer to boot. She makes me sick … ;)

Jaypeg BiscuitMonsters awesome creations

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You can see a few more of my little creations over at Flickr. I need to add a few more chaps in there. But i’m thinking of treating myself to a camera that can actually focus first … So watch this space!

Nicky's Sock Monsters on Flickr

Ps. For all you Sock Monster fans, there are some great ‘spooky’ inspiration over here at Sock Monkey Drawer’s One of a Kind Primates

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Monster - Made by Monster Munch

I finally got round to sewing his face on last night, in between bouts of Medal of Honour. I’m crap at Medal of Honour, i think i should stick to the sewing!

This long awaited little geezer is for Julie, who i worked with on our Orange Unlimited project ( the never ending website ). As yet un-named, he’s so hot off the press.

NewsFlash: … May i introduce you to Jack!


Simone - Cabanon Press

Robbie's Brown Shoes
Some pertinent thoughts from Simone and Robbie’s Brown Shoes in light of my ffffound addiction. So i thought i’d get away from the Mac and get out for the day on Saturday… A nice trip out into town i thought. You know, get a bit of inspiration and stretch the legs. And I came home with a Wii….. woops. Not really a time liberation device – more of an addiction in itself. Ah! It’s so good though!

Also, Check out Robbie’s line drawings of a camera, drum kit, and converse – nicely colour treated. Reminds me a little bit of the legendary Mr.Bingo.



Found Via FFFFOUND in a subfolder of Comics Reporter. I’d love to know who the illustrator is. I have a hunch it might be Tom Gauld from Cabanon Press?

Speaking of whom, i absolutely love this Robot Boss. He’d make an amazing animation i think!

Robot Boss Tom Gauld


Nick Dewar, Smoking Man

Loads more surreal loveliness where this came from and T-shirts to boot.

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When Ghosts Get Bored

“I’d imagine after a week or so of scaring people it might get boring being a ghost after all don’t they hang around forever? id end up making silly faces all day.”

I would… I do! More skeletons, ghosts, dinosaurs, robots and more here and here. And a couple for sale here. By Neil Solorance.

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