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kitsune noir

Lovely paper cut out scene by Jean Jullien. Desktop available to download here.

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Storage Russian Doll

Hard drive space explained in a russian doll format. Simple. Link Via Ffffound

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Typographic Cupboards

Oh my god – nice cupboards!

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Show Me How To Play

Learning bass but all your mates play bass too? Show Me How To Play has had the great idea of setting you up a virtual band to practice with. With a pile of tracks to download, you can freely toggle your instrument on and off, to use it either as a tutorial, or to play along with the rest of the band. There’s a lessons section too, but i just loved this MultiPlayer idea. Be great if you could web-cam-jam with ‘real’ people though ;)

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3D Books

These beautiful Penguin style book covers for *smilefaucet look nice enough, but then you realise how they were made. So much effort’s gone into them. Created for the UNDO moving image piece, there are anagrams you’re to de-cypher from the book titles while you watch.

See it here. Link via Cookie

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Esme Valk Knitted Telle

Esmé Valk
has knitted images from late night TV shows onto a a range of knitted TVs! I was thinking how cosy and sweet they seemed when i found out there’s actually quite a dark story behind it…. She explains,

“I made this triptych after reading a short item in the newspaper. It described a letter-box filled with unread letters and junk mail. None of the neighbours knew the man who lived in that flat, he hardly came outside and always had his blinds closed. When the authorities broke in they found the man’s decomposed body in a chair. Open on his lap a TV guide showed that he had died over a year ago.”

Thanks for the link Asi

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Psycho Killer

There’s been a spate of gruesome murders in toy town … The crime scene image above entitled, simply …. ‘Half‘… Wah! Chilling…


Dancing Animals


Tom Sambles

Tom Sambles has a whole bunch of cheekiness in his sketchbook ;)

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Made In England Teatowel

I got this the other day for my lovely Cookie who writes the constantly interesting Made In England by GENTLEMEN. And it got me thinking about blog names. His is a name that’s printed on all sorts of objects you might happen upon and yet it’s not a specific brand name. Which seems an unusual situation. You can kind of hijack it for your own purposes. ( Actually .. both ‘Cookie’ and ‘Made-In-England’ ! ) When you’re looking for it there’s actually some really nice made-in-england merchandise out there. Although a lot seem to revolve around the kitchen for some reason! ;)

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Tired of waiting year on year for that prestigious pencil? Yearn for the glory, a shiny yellow piece of wood on your mantle-piece, can bring? ……. Screw it, why hang around – make your own! ; ) This is my latest ‘sweding‘ of everyday objects ( i wouldn’t mind owning ) in a felt stylie. Now available in Yellow ….

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Well, you’d not want your beer to get cold eh … ( what ?? )

.. Oh – Is it to keep your hands warm while holding a cold beer .. oooooooh i gotcha.

Beer Cosy

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Giant Pussy!

Haha! Sorry. Well, what would you have called it ?? Thanks for the super image Asi! It’s so enormous you could probably dangle yourself off it’s tongue. Or have one in your living room, Maybe even prop up a mezzanine floor. A structurally integral cat…


Lego Rings on Etsy

Simple and cute. For lady geeks everywhere!

LEGO Fire Dragon Earrings

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