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ClubPub is Tonight !!!!!


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iPod Amp

While we’re on the subject of guitars… Marshall should make these. Get one here. Link Via Nerd and Fffound


'Nicky Gibson' Gibson Flying V

Gibson – ready to rock. Turned out better than i thought. From this distance you can hardly see the magic tape, foam board, stickers, cardboard knobs, and felt! Those knobs actually twiddle. Sweet!


Tomi And Cherry Flying V Action

Yes yes, i am glad to see that neon, rock, and flying v’s are transcending all geographical and cultural borders in their bid to take over the world. From this pic is seems that Buenos Aires should be twinned with Shoreditch for sure. This is Cherry – Sporting an equally impressive fake guitar accessory. Good work lady. This is AcidRock ClubPub in a nutshell. They even have the massive cassette! There’s a future in giant accessories mark my words ….

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MakingThingsClub Flying V Action!

Now, you might be thinking that it’s quite a weird thing to be doing… And yes in a way you’re probably right! But in fact it’s all action here at Poke Towers, where some of the team have gathered from Making Things Club to prepare for the party of the year next Wednesday. If you fancy popping down to join us, it’s the last ever ClubPub party, and it’s fancy dress, Acid Rock theme! Awesome. It doesn’t get better than that for a theme does it. You’ve got everything from Glam Rock, to Punk Rock, Grunge to Marilyn Manson, Kiss to Ziggy Stardust, Europe and Van Halen to the White Stripes… its endless – oh and with a dash of 90′s Rave thrown in for good measure. Our good mates CRANK will be playing their first ever gig. Extremely excited about that. I saw them rehearsing at the Premises the other day, and they literally are the loudest band in Britain ;) So if you’re up for experiencing amps that go well past 11, come down to On The Rocks in Shoreditch on Wednesday night….


Lost And Found

Lovely lovely necklaces made from vintage jewelery mixed with lost and found charms. Each totally unique and recycled. I love the plastic dinosaurs and soldiers contrasting with the painted china and jewels. So Nice! Giving life to old objects, recycling them in creative ways always seems to give exciting results. I love it. Via Tres Plus Cool

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We Shall See

These three beauties are from We Shall See. A blog written by Chris Gray, who spends his days at LOVE – the Manchester based studio – who seem to be doing some of the best work i’ve seen in a long time. You can see in everything they do that they really do love it. That’s quite something, and a bit of an inspiration. Lots and lots of nice ideas and beautiful executions on Chris’s site so if you’ve not clicked on anything else yet – click on this.

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Laurent Gillot

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Found via Hungry orange monster by Hylton Warburton. Check out his Flickr for some monsterous desktops.


Crowded Teeth

One piece of art a day for a year – a project to celebrate her 25th birthday. Crowded Teeth’s been knocking out some lovely stuff, including this t-shirt, Bunnies and Birds. Follow the project here.

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Wall Vinyls Tado

A smörgåsbord of wall decorations. Lots of styles and artists including Tado ( i’m a massive fan of Tado! ) – the king and queen of cute character illustration. Cheers Tom for the link.


JoeDoucet's 3D Pixel Sofa

I really like the idea of a piece of furniture you can manipulate to suit you. It looks very cool, but not sure how comfy it’d be until i get to sit on one ;) Love that it looks like a gaming environment. Each cushion block, coming in 5 heights, is removable allowing you to create divisions, arm rests etc where ever you like. The Scape Modular Seating System is designed by Joe Doucet at Bond NY, who’ve got their launch party tonight! So if you get to sit on it – let me know what you reckon! :)

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2F Flat Folding Chair

I love this. It’s so simple and elegantly done. It will be replacing all those annoying plastic foldy chairs you’ve got under the stairs that fall out and catch on things, or won’t fit in in the first place. Why didn’t i see this before now! ? It’s brilliant. Design by Hannu Kähonen of Creadesign. Link Via Design Boom.


Kates Monster

How awesome is this fella! ? He has a super flappy interactive mouth ;) And a brilliantly deranged set of eyes. He looks as though he’s having a right moan! heh. He’s the first sock monster creation of Kate ( MrsKnotty ), and very monstery he is too. It was Making Things Club last night – and make things we certainly did : ) Nat cranked out an unbelievable Nu-Rave chicken with bling gold eyes and fluro pink mohekan ( send me a picture! ) truly ground breaking stuff going on here i can tell you. Keep ‘em coming monster makers!


Blue Sky On Canal Street

You New Yorker’s probably saw this ages ago – so apologies if you have. But i just spotted it the other day. Amazing multi-tiered farm in the middle of the city! Or a concept for one at least. How wonderful would it be to see something this green in the middle of a cityscape. Looks like it has orchards, all sorts of crops, and a golf course. I hope there are solid fences. Don’t want to get hit on the head by a stray sheep whilst you’re carrying your shoppin’ eh. ; ) Images borrowed from New York Real Estate. Architectural concept by Work ACThe Locavore Fantasia.

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