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Money Shots

The Bank of All My Mates, found via the Money Shots pool. There’s loads in there. Some of the are spot on ;)


CreepyPencil Face I can’t say anything. You just have to watch it. There’s a slight touch of the Aphex Twin about it. Dark. Video produced at SCAD where there’s more shorts for your viewing pleasure.  

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Nina Braun

These doods are amazing – the little conjoined buddies at the top complete with beard and cap. The littlest one has got a right cheeky grin on. And that pile of wiggley worms must have taken Nina forever to make. That’s a lot of stuffin’ ! A nice article and more onfo on Ninas’s work over at Helium Cowboy. Nina’s own site here. The knotted one reminds me of the Knotted Happy Snakes, Cookie and I made for Knotty and Mrs.Knotty when they got married : D


A Robot For Everything

Wow there’s an amazing array of robot technologies on show over at Time. A wine tasting robot, football playing robot, a rubik’s cube solving robot, dancers, weight lifters, camel ridding jockey robots (yes!), violinists, conversationalists, and super dexterous robot hands, surgical microbots that work inside your body, and last but not least Robo Parrot! Brilliant. Where can i buy mine ? I want a robot that can tell good jokes, make good margaritas, and maybe fury in texture rather than shiny.

( Well until Cookie comes home that is! ).

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Ill Sean

Nice pen skills on various materials. Good stuff from Sean :) Portfolio site and Blog.

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Converse Spelling Bee

Have a go with this cute little number. It works in a way i’ve never seen done.
There’s an interesting subversion of regular ad space, to make part of the game – the game that’s really an ad that is … :D Where’s the line between selling you fun so you’ll buy a product, or selling you a product so you can have fun .. ? The idea spans multi urls but in a super simple way. I’m into that idea at the moment as you can probably tell by all these balloons floating around!


Sherif Samy

Click through to see a page of many creatures :) Control > Zoom in for some sweet details.

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A beautiful Japanese style French animation. Some lovely lovely detail. I love it. Le ballon. Link Via GlogLog


The race is on! Help me People!  :D  Click here to visit my balloon ( where ever it is on the internet ) and give me a buddy boost! Thank you thank you ;) Nicky xx


HowToMakeASockMonster By Nicky

Lots of people have asked for tips on how to get going with their own exciting monster creations. So here’s a 1-2-3 ‘How To’ poster to download that i made for the Workshop at Shunt. It’s A3 format so you can see the details. Most important tip is to remember to leave a hole in his arse to stuff him through! ;) If you do make anything, i’d love to see photos – mail them over Monster Makers.


Follow The Pink Rabbit

These were my first customers the other day, a lovely bunch of Irish fellas. They got well into it and started the ball rolling for fellow chap monster makers to join in. We had mostly boys on the second night, about 30 people in the end. And some wild and crazy creations were flowing out of the Shunt bunker. Cheers to Lee ( top left ) for snapping these, who gets the Thursday night award for most sinister monster, Legless the Rabbit. I hope your sister wasn’t too freaked out by it when she unwrapped it for her birthday! The nappy accessorization took off in a big way, inspiring a plethora of bloody weird outfits, as competitive sewing began to ripple around the room.

Drop me a mail here at Monster-Munch if you fancy coming down to the next Making Things Club : ) Thanks everyone who had a go. It was brilliant fun, and really nice to meet you all.

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MakingThingsClub Marc's Photos

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MakingThingsClub5 Jay's Photos

Our big day out was recorded in style by our very own Making Things Club JayPeg. More tonight! And we’ll leave the kit out for you on Friday and Saturday night if you wanna get stuck in ;) Some Rex Felt Tip Tattoo action above too.

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Thanks so much everyone for coming down to Shunt last night to take part. I stopped in my tracks part way through the night and looked up to see about 30 people had accumulated behind me all frantically beavering away, scissors and felt teeth a-flying with a full club going on in the background. Such a funny sight. We even had a crowd of spectators. Brilliant evening! Pictures coming very soon ( or as soon as Marc gets in ).

Rex’s MTV animated series was on show, and by the end of the evening we were all sporting genuine one off Rex monster marker art all over our bodies. Brilliant!

Jay’s awesome badges for the participants.

Jays Monster Club Badges for the participants

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