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Art In Industry Flyer

I’m having an exhibition! Come down and oggle the monsters.

The creatures have been gathered from miles around, preparations are being made… and here they are tucked up in my suitcase ready for the big day out. An exciting trip to Art in Industry!

Come down and get your hands dirty – along with the chaps from Making Things Club we’re doing a Sock Monster Workshop. So don’t miss it! Wednesday 16th 6pm onwards, at SHUNT – a bar, club, theatre space in some creepy creeeepy catacombs.

Artists’s on their day off….
It is a week showcasing the art of professionals in the creative media industries. Participating are over 25 artists from the worlds of video games, web design, film and tv, illustration, motion graphics and design. The only stipulation for the artists was to contribute pieces not created in their day to day work. The work presented ranges from fine art to nu media; images and sound; analogue and digital: presented on amongst other things canvas, screen and your body.

Showing are creatives from Poke, Framestore, Iris, Sony, Kuju London and loads more. And of course the highlight – Rex will be revealing for the first time his top secret animation series for MTV – Nice one! Here’s a video of the space, it’s reminiscent of the Titty Twister bar from From Dusk til Dawn ( but with less vampires ). I’m quite excited.


Really nice. The video was projected onto his tshirt for an interview. Brilliant idea, especially as there’s a bit where he comments in the video about actions he’s making in reality. Nice interaction. Via SwissMiss


Binary Kite POV Ray

I’m not usually a big fan of 3D rendered stuff. They don’t normally have much warmth to them. But i just really like this image. It feels like it’s been hand drawn/painted, and has a real sense of rickety clickety hap hazard motion and softness considering the sharp nature of cubes. Nice contrast. The texture especially has something Esher about it. Rendered in POVRay ( Persistence of Vision Raytracer – that’s a free app too! ). This image is from Syntopia‘s Structure Synth set on Flickr.

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Thomas Keeley

Thomas Keeley has a great and slightly dark sense of humour. Looks like panda is on his last legs… I like the little details on his toothbrush piece, the kids memory card game made of blank brand logos ( interesting point there, slightly worrying too ), and the everyday objects turned into sinister toothy creatures. Nice work!

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GoogleOlopolyBuy companies, fill them with people and new servers. I like the 404 jail, and the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ chance spot ;)Design and concept by Phil. Read more and get hi-res files to play, here.  ps. Someone sent me the Porn version! haha. The jail spot says ‘Free Lesbians’ … : )


Poke for Topshop and the Helmut Newton Photo Machine

We’ve been making a little something for Topshop recently, based on the classic Helmut Newton Photo Machine concept of self photography, but bringing it to the streets of London, Dublin and Manchester to capture what you guys are wearing! Cute huh.

“… the twentieth century’s most influential, intriguing and controversial photographer, Helmut Newton and his ingenious ‘Newton Machine. Having inspired many photographers, designers and artists over the years, Newton’s iconic style and love of strong, powerful women is still heavily referenced today.

Read more about the special set up and the icon Helmut Newton, or bundle straight into the gallery here ;) Some people really know how to strike a pose ( and some people should not be allowed out in public! ). You decide which …

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BMW Gina  


Avant Gandhi

Avant Gandhi. Genius.

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Adam Ellison

Nice sentiment. A big idea conveyed in a simple humble way. Very nice.


Bird Murders

Massive crow killing spree crime scene … More tiling bird patterns. I guess this one’s a wallpaper. Via ffffound.

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Liebling Magazine

I just love this image. I’d been wanting to do something for ages with these colours, and then i spotted this. Textural black and white photography with stark yellow shapes multiplied over. The contrast between the form underneath and the sharpness of the geometric shape does something to the image that makes it so much stronger. And here the use of type is spot on. Looks like a music, design and culture magazine. I can’t read german, but if you read it let me know what you think ?

More Black White and Yellow below and new typeface Myld, which looks to be an adaptation of Avant Garde. More typographic sexiness over at TypeNeu blog.

Myld Typeface - Type Neu

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Vintage Logos

Eric Carl has this amazing collection of old school logos on his flickr. I’m not sure which book they are from, but i’ve seen similar books around from the 70′s. No-one ever wants to sell them though! Interesting how new some of them look. Millions more to gorge yourself on, in A-Z order here. He’s also collected some vintage book covers and advertising – and there’d Eric own illustration work to see to.

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Rex's TeePee

Sunday was a sunny afternoon and families from all over Hackney were down at the park for StokeFest. This is a segment from some jolly live street art action with Rex, on a Tee Pee! Yey. Summers here – lets go outside.


3 Colour Monster

This is probably my favourite Monster illustration of all time. Quality monsters and hand drawn type abound in Andy’s portfolio of screen prints, and his shop. Cookie had this on his wall until he started the walk .. so i stole it! ..It’s mine now ..MINE! hahaaaaa

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Unitypeg TeaTowels and TableCloth

I’ve got this tea towel at home. I wish i hadn’t used it, and had made a bag out of it or a pillow case. If you don’t know London too well i could imagine it might be a handy bag to have on you ;) There’s so much detail in the hand drawn type, it’s great. I love this green table cloth as it reminds me of sticker sheets with all the stickers missing. There’s something quite satisfying about that for some reason…

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