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Cloud Cushion And Blah Blah Blanket

All of these are so nice. Blah Blah Blanket is my favourite. Well … and the clouds! More here. And also a page of critters too! All products by the wonderfully talented Donna Wilson. Cheers Gemma for the hot link!

Donna Wilson Creatures

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Dip Stick Art

There’s something really wonderful about these. I love the shiny black rhino one. Such weird shapes. Brilliant! Found over at Vive Le Freak. Always so much cool and eclectic stuff over there. I salute you! Dipstick Art is by Nick Von Woert lots more to see there too :)

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Lovely graphic illustration and typography on the LaMosca site. Airport scene above, was featured in an issue of Monocle i remember. Great colours. Great type treatment and layout above too. Lots to look at here but love this poster for a Barcelona music festival.

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Moth wing textures. Nice : ) Via Ffffound.

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Punk Frank

From Brassier over at Wool, Love and Stitches. He looks kinda mean.

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The Bridport Dagger - Animation by Allan Sanders Allan Sanders’ animation for South London band The Bridport Dagger and their single Magpie’s Nest. Allan has a great portfolio of illustration work with a mix of both 50′s retro and hand-drawn feel. There’s too much good stuff to show here so go there and have a look yourself ;) 

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Animals Grizzly Fate

A grizzly fate befell rabbit. Impaled on his own dinner. An unfortunate way to go. More guts and gore here including a self decapitating teddy, a crochet zimmer-frame, and dentures in a jar :)


Fantastic Maths Machines

BC ( before computers ) people used to use all manner of beautiful machines to do their mathematical dirty work. This museum is stuffed to the rafters full of retro calculators, mechanical maths machines, even old abacuses. A great section on retro calculator watches too. I can’t get enough of this stuff, especially the old advertising posters. There’s so much to see. I can’t read japanese. But if this is a public museum, i’d get down there!

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Moustacheo Necklace

For all you moustache lovers out there there’s this. I’ve got one of these jolly fellas on order! Available from Supermarket HQ the Etsy-ish designer’s craft and product design store.


Bora Baskan - Artist Illustrator

Paintings, illustrations, pencil sketches, in lots of styles. Dark in places and quite surreal. Interesting stuff from Bora Baskan. Also some cool multi-exposure lomo action.


Adam Slowik's Bendy Neon Alphabet

How cool are these ? Neon signs you can change on a whim. I’m going to be spelling things out all over my house. Design by Adam Slowik. Adam what’s your url ? Where can i buy them!

Found via the always excellent Fubiz. And while you’re over there, don’t miss the Honda Puyo concept car & The Photoshop Mimic. ( Well i couldn’t nick 3 posts could i ;) )

Update: Iain has set me straight. Apparently it’s one solid shape that you can turn to create all the letterforms except X  ;) Shows it quite well here


MonsterTattoo by Maki

Awesome Monster Tattoo Design here, and this one’s not felt tip either. Character design by Maki,who’s got all kinds of illustration, graphics, trainer designs, tshirts, packaging, and skateboards in their portfolio. Go crazy in the tshirt shop here. My favourite is the smoking hotdog. Also – more Dutch tshirts for sale here at David & Thomas – worth a rummage.

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Liquid Table

John Nouanesing – Via QBN. That would be cool huh ;)

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I’m back! Yeh. More on Colorado later when i’ve got my Lomos back from the photoman. In the meantime check out this stuff from Chris Arran. Loads of paint and plasticine mixed with digital to make these fresh collages. Loads more on his site. And hot off the press his new work literally just uploaded 1972.

Chris Arran

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Looking at Cookie’s blog it looks much more dramatic than it is! :D but that’s part of the fun, getting a good picture. They’ve been extremely sweet looking after me out in the wilds. But i’ve discovered it’s absolutely knackering being outside of a design studio! Show me the way back to the comfy chair…

There are bits of snow but it’s not cold in the day. I managed a bit of sun burn actually, pretty exciting compared with London grey! It’s nippy at night if you camp up on a hill but lots of fun camping out. I’m pretty knackered from pottering about in the woods for a few days, but i’ve spent about 4 days now in a town eating, drinking and sleeping. I might have a go on the next section, but we’ll see how it goes. I might skip down to the next town and let Cookie and Paul do the walking ;)

No blisters yet – not been going very fast! Just a bit sore in places and out of breath ;D Those boys are pretty fit you know! Even when they’re going easy. I can’t imagine being able to do 10 miles a day up here never mind the 25 they do with those huge packs on! They’ve evolved into a new super species. Or maybe it’s us pasties sitting at computers all day that have de-volved into a sub species ;) Makes you realise what you could be if you put your mind to it though.

Cookie and Paul are going round Rocky Mountain National Park today while i have a lazy day in bed. Feels like a luxury after the tent! Been playing lots of pool, bowling, and crazy golf too.

See ya laters! Check out pictures of me looking really really rough and very tired here… ;)

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