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A couple of images i love from my Ffffound Page. These two were scavenged from the SpaceCollective website. Many fascinating and beautiful things on there, ranging from Physics, and developments in AI, to Illustration and Philosophy.

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Wooden Keyboard

Looks like it’s for PC though :( Come on Apple! When you bringing out a wooden touch screen Mac tablet ? Biodegradable computer, yeh, that’s what we want! Keyboard above, by Hacoa.


Test Card Telle Cover

To go with your Test Card Sweater ;) Tv cover made by Sally. Via Boing Boing Gadgets.



Sweet character design on these pillows from Branch. They’re double sided too. There’s a few more to choose from including some conjoined twins. The lovely thing about the Family Pillow is that you can choose your characters from the set below and decide how you want them laid out. Cool huh. Via Roadside Scholar which i spotted via Hand Craft Blog Bus. Lots of good stuff on both of those to check out.

Branch Family Pillow Character Options

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Fish Flops

Smelly feet though… :P Via Nerdcore


Water Drop Necklace

These happy fellas are from Sirena Con Jersey, the makers of the Tache Bag ; ) Get shopping here.

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How To Make A Lego Pinhole Camera

It’s so nicely thought out. Very clever! A project for the weekend perhaps ;) See the full tutorial over at Thoughts About Photography. If you’ve built one let me know how you got on, or better yet send us a link to your photos!

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Hine Felt Cameras And Cases

By some strange coincidence i happened to be making a tiny tiny felt camera at work today ( yeh i know, i’m supposed to be a web designer, but today i got paid to spend all day making felt characters. Brilliant huh! ). I hadn’t thought of using a button for the lens. I hope you don’t mind if i do the same! Anyway, i spotted these on Plush You. Loving the iPhone case the most. And the camera case flap that turns into a viewfinder when open is a nice touch. The creator of these fine items is Hine! To bag one check her Etsy shop.


Plushie Batman

This little character is called Alfie. He comes in several varieties including, Yeti Alfie, Toadstool Alfie, Dinosaur Alfie, and Ninja Alfie! All made by Sew Sew Crafty. Get him on Etsy here. Link via SuperPunch. Set of weather clouds below also from Sew Sew.

Felt Clouds

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Lego Stimpy

Cool eh ? Quite imaginative i thought :) I like that his nose is a helmet, and his feet are made from baseball caps. No Ren though that i could see. Anyone fancy whipping one up ? Saw this on Design You Trust. Some interesting visual stuff on there including a woman who’s dress is made out of a giant illuminated lampshade.

More lego action from Adrian Florea.


Tache Tote from The Supermarket

Yes yes, this is right up my street. New tote Mr Moustache from Supermarket. ( It’s kind of an Etsy, but more design oriented than craft ). Loads of good stuff to buy there. I love this neck tie necklace in silver.


Judge A Man By The Work Of His Hands

I thought this was really nice even before i realised each fiddly piece has been cut out of paper by hand. Nice work Alex Bec! Keeps making me think of the Red Hand Gang :)

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Minty Monster

It was drizzling a bit on the weekend so i tucked myself up in an armchair, watching documentaries on BBC iPlayer, and got to work on a new sock based fellow. Here he is, fresh and bleary eyed into the world, for your delectation. I got a few shots of him while he limbered up and prepared to squeeze into a jiffy bag, for a ride with Royal Mail to his new owner. And remember – if you ever comes across one after dark, beware. Don’t chuck water on him, or feed him cheese – all hell breaks loose. You have been warned… How to make your own – tutorial here.


Keep Calm And Rock On -Poster

From The Poster List. Link via SwissMiss.



I spotted the tea doodle above on ffffound ( i love a good cuppa ) and it led me to Rebecca Horwood’s blog, This Chicken… on through some lovely illustrations about recyclable packaging, and on to her thoughts on how to keep inspired with new ideas. The How To Be More Creative doodle included 3 types of exercises which sounded fun: 1. Inventory Test, 2. Diversion Test, 3. Consequences Test. This may take a while …

Rebecca is also taking part in the Traveling Moleskin Project.

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