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Voodo Loo

If you pop into the loo today, you’re sure for a big surprise… Each day this week at Poke we’ve had a different themed scary loo mysteriously appear over night. Zombies one day, and VooDoo Poos another – you’d never know what to expect when heading to take a tinkle. Check out the screams on video over at Horror in the Poke loos. Word has it that the Flippers are responsible … but who can say.

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Zombie Movies Off The Charts

Found this piece speculating on a correlation between landmark global events or social unrest and the production of apocalyptic and zombie movies. Looks like we’re in the peak of a Zombie infestation this Halloween! When things are looking grim, there’s nothing better than watching a few people being eaten alive by some blood lusting possessed monsters eh. Brings a warm glow to the heart.  ;)

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Ice Lollys Tim Bern

Tim Berg’s Lolly Sculpture Sequence, named “Enjoy it…while it lasts”, is carved from wood. Amazing choice of colours. Small objects made large are always fantastic to look at. I’d love to make furniture out of giant sized household objects. Comedy! Read more on Tim at the Dean Project.

Spotted on Pleasure Design. Had to share them with you.


Bruno 9Li Ink Mysticism

Brazillian street artist Bruno 9Li‘s hand sketched elaborate graphic patterns, include monsters, animals, and people. Each highly detailed – monochrome with a touch of red, blue, orange, or green. You can look at them for ages. Look here for more pieces, in an interview with Bruno in Ping Mag. Lots more to see at Bruno’s personal site, and see him in action at his US exhibition Mysterium Tremendum on Flickr.

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Space Collective Gallery

I’ve not been over to the Space Collective for a while, but on wednesday i got myself a new mac, and had a bit of a roam round the web. They always have such stunning imagery, grouped in visual themes, and peppered with quotes from scientists, philosophers, artists, and writers. Some fascinating debates, theories and discoveries to read here. I’ve picked some of my favourites above, and these beautiful bugs below. I’d love to have these on my wall at home.

Space Collective

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Monochrome Outline Portraits

The orange image is the Wisconsin Film Festival Marquee Kids poster by Planet Propaganda. Lush colours, and the always good combo of photocopy texture and fat pixel fonts. Check their work section and look out for the li’l monkey on the fluro green background – retro looking chunky pixel animation – worth a watch there.  On the right we have a great sketch by Lauren Nassef found over on Doodlers Anonymous. All sorts there. Makes you wants to get your pencils out.

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Yes No Stamps

A good one from Threadless By Erika Gonzalez. Available both as a tshirt and screen print. Sweet. Love the rubber stamp effect. Which reminds me, i’ve been meaning to have some custom stamps made for ages. I’ll get back to you on that ;)

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Knitted Robot

Don’t mess with Knitted Robot. By the look in his eyes, he’s right off his face.

Robot pattern by Jess Hutchinson and knitted by Lily Dustbin. Check Jess’s gorgeous illustration and toy design here. My favorite is this square based orange fellow. I want him! There’s an assorted collection of hand crafted robots over at Geek Crafts, some more elegant than others ;).



Now, apparently this one is super old. But i’ve never seen it, and i bloody love it. For a time i used to create little circle charts to plan out my days ( i’m a bit weird like that ) as a bit of an experiment. It’s perfect for dividing out your time, and making sure you’ve got a nice balanced life, and you’re not working too much ;) Working is bad for you. Thinking is good for you. Anyway, i don’t need to go into why this is so clever and so simple. You can see that for yourself. I just want to order a giant batch of them. Any one seen them for sale ?

Good writeups here and here with some comparisons with regular list-based planning.


If The World Could Vote

If we could all vote for the next most powerful person in the world… Full country result break down after you vote – although not enough voters yet in some countries.  Vote Now


Making Things Club Monster Workshop Shunt

Making Things Club LIVE. Official photgrapher Marc Davies. Thanks everyone who came down to Shunt last Thursday. There were some amazing creations! And a special thanks to all our return customers who brought friends and started teaching everyone too : ) Brilliant! See you next time.

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Shank Necklace

Great Meat Cleaver and Kitchen Knife necklaces here. May suit chef … More radom objects as jewelery over at Species By The Thousands at The Supermarket HQ. Great xmas shopping destination if you’re thinking that way already. Love this Crude Oil bracelet too!


Cookie Walks To Canada!

Everyone said they were mad. But only 162 days later they did it!! 3,200 miles, … 3,500 miles ? I don’t know. A hell of a long way anyway. The Long Way Up from Mexico to Canada, on foot, was in aid of an extremely good cause. So if you’d like to find out more about their astonishing expedition, or even spot them a few half pennies then check out the blow by blow account ( with bears and everything! ) over at Made In England by Gentlemen. Yeah, stick that Ewan McGregor!

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Pylons And Pins

This must have takes ages, my god. And how fiddly as well. The final effect is beautiful and feels very unique. For far away it looks illustrated or even digital, and close up it couldn’t be further from that. Something tells me you might have to be either a little bit crazy or have enviable patience to sit down and finish this! I’m impressed. Artwork by Debbie Smyth. Cheers for the link Nik! Have a read of the Roope’s blog. It’s full of interesting ideas.


Tom Sambles Sock Monsters

Tom’s sent me these shots of his three new chums. Aren’t they brilliant ? The belly button is a nice touch. He’s created some great lip detailing by pinching up the sock and dotting along to secure it. Loving the chunky teeth. Excellent work Tom! Where did you get his wig from ? Tom’s got stuck in with the ol’ step by step How To Make A Sock Monster tutorial. If there’s any more of you watching, i’d love to see what you’ve made! Check out his illustration portfolio and blog for more cheeky characters. Tom’s on the market for a day job at the moment, so don’t hesitate to give him a bell :)

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