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Sewing Sound

A great sound visualization project by Sounds.Butter. Taking a car radio and sewing machine to create this product prototype. A mate of Vasco ( my always entertaining, circuit bending, desk buddy! ).

I love the idea of marrying up digital and physical, especially by applying dynamic data to materials and media that are traditionally always designed and fixed in their look and feel – like textiles. ( Check out the RSS Knitter if you missed it ). I always wanted to hook up a mic to an embroidery machine. Find some method of interpreting, abstracting and stylising the input from shouting your name, and have it draw out onto your jeans for example. An old idea now, but i think it’d still be fun. You buy some product that is standard and are given the means to make it totally unique to you. You could create a range of plain objects designed by various designers and add your own touch to it ( even if you’re not that creative ), and there you have it – a celebrity designer collaboration with yourself. Ace.



Lovely book cover! ‘Batman’ looks so much cooler in Japanese. All the letter forms have bat ears ;) I’d love a giant screen print of this. And what’s that behind Batman!! Some sort of Mummy ?


MorphingV eggies

They’d be tricky to chop eh wriggling all the time. Nicely drawn veggie transitions! I’m mesmerized by a RaddishCarrot.

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Cloudy Exhibition

Cloudy weather at this exhibition. Maybe the view will be clearer another day. Spotted on Ffffound. If you know anymore about it please let me know :)


Topshop Christmas Fairytale

“A dirty nasty evil Witch, has entrapped the village, what a bitch!

To win some shoes, you must peruse, the forest but – be quick!”

Or something like that… It’s a little competition we’ve been working on here at Poke for Topshop. They launching their Gothic Christmas theme and we thought what better than a victorian inspired mechanical toy. A bit of Zoetrope action combined with a credit crunching Year’s Supply of Clothes or shoes to be won. Not bad.


Spoon Flower

SpoonFlower lets you do that. You’ve seen custom business cards and flyers with Moo cards, but now you can take your crafty personalisation to a new level by creating your own textile designs. Make bags, clothing, uniforms or upholsterer furniture in your own custom design. Maybe a duvet cover with a big picture of your face on it ;) (Actually that would be awful! ) Anything you like, for what ever you need it for. I might make some Monster-Munch and Poke cushions ;) How fantastic is that! Your own products completely hand made and designed by you. There’s no minimum order either. I’m sure there’s some christmas ideas you could pull off with this. Pretty cool if you’re an illustrator or artist. Find out more here. Cheers for the link Pete!

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Vintage Sea Monster

A Giant Octopus has been living for centuries undiscovered in a pond in wales… Until this fellow‘s great grand father snapped a shot of it.

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Dot To Dot Legs

Great way to start a conversation with a stranger ? Anyone else got any bizarre tattoos ?


Hot Dog

What’s for tea Cookie ? MMMmmmm hotdogs. Eew that was a bit chewy…


Snakes At The Door

Make Snakes this Christmas and keep out the winter chills. Now that we’re turning down the heating a little these days, keep those cosy feelings in with a chunky draft snake! For inspiration visit the Snake Gallery, and here’s a handy step-by-step tutorial on How to Make your Snake. Or you can download the Beginners Version here ( which uses a sock ), or the Regular Version here. Cheers Barny for dropping me a line about it. He’s after some more snakes for the gallery, so if you make one, i’m sure he’d love to see a picture : )  ( ). Celebrity Snakes above made by that fabulous textile designer, Donna Wilson.


Cool In The Naughties

What’s the future of eyewear ?

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Stags In The Forest

I came across this rich patterned illustration by Joe, commissioned for Topshop.  See the details here in higher-res. Check out pics of Joe painting some giant murals, including a green toucan made of leaves, on the walls at the big Topshop shop. I’d love to get some tiling patterns done soon, as i’ve signed myself up for an intro to screen printing in Dalston on saturday… Very exciting. ( I hope i’m feeling a bit better by then – i’ve been a bit under the weather! ).

Xmas Idea? Make your own christmas wrapping paper this year by screen printing tiling designs on any old papers / calenders / pads you’ve got lying around the house. Your presents will look so much more exciting!


pantone rubik

Ignacio Pilotto’s cheeky concept. I’d buy it! Come on Pantone, pull your finger out ; ) Spotted on Germany’s famous Nerdcore.


Big Black Cloud

Illustrator/painter Joshua Gorchov mailed me his work the other day, and i spotted these two gorgous bird paintings. His work includes abstracted people walking in the woodland, and the characters they meet on the way. Prints of his work are for sale over at Esty.

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I found this fellow, Joshua Petker, being interviewed over at Fecal face. His work with neon colours, dry brush black over washed out shades give these paintings both a sense of grittiness and glamour. Sexy and comicbook-like, they could equally be taken from movie concept drawings. His use of colour is amazing. Looks like he has some fashion work coming out soon.

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