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Hot on the heals of the Polygon Man comes the Polygon Shark! Knife sharp fins you wouldn’t want to mess with. I was trying to find the origin of the image and found Xavier Veilhan is the artist responsible for both. Lots more low-res faceted creatures and people on his site, including a set of giant black and white bears. I want one. But where to put it …

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I’ve seen this little project brewing for a while, and the other day, this intriguing package turned up… It’s one of a family of mystery cameras who are traveling the world capturing memories, and returning to base to be flickerized. You can follow each camera’s progress on Twitter, Google maps and the family blog. This little fellow kick-started his tour with lunch in a table football café, and got then himself on a plane to Thailand. I’m envious of him already, and he’s only on stage one of his journey! Keep your eyes peeled - there maybe one appearing on a park bench near you… Disposable Memories ( and lots of other projects ) are brought to you by the curious Mr Matthew Knight.

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Nice way to plan your day :) Check out the Mr.Jones watch here. I like the optimistic looking ‘resting’ section between work and the pub. Not sure what that would entail!

I’d love a digital version of this. A pixel powered analogue representation of the day – editable and plannable. One you could customise and have little dots for meetings and such.  Old Casio watches managed to cram in a fair few functions with just a few buttons. I could imagine a nice little interface. Also i’d be nice to compare what you actually did with what you’d planned to do with your time. Maybe editable colours for Work, Fun, Social etc. Set what you’re going to track. A time based stats counter that plugs into Daytum would be neat… Screw it – it might as well be a phone as well. Come on Apple! Where’s my wrist phone ?

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Geometric Book

This book’s on the shopping list. Partly because it comes with a DVD of pre-made pattern textures and elements ready to roll, but also abstract patterns are always great for kicking of ideas for page layouts, logo forms, unusual colour combos, and inspiration for graphic elements all round. And it’s simply nice to look at, so why not eh ;) You can get it at the Kapitza Shop where there’s also a wealth of vector downloads of decorative elements and sillouettes. Always handy to have around the house.


I was about to make a bad joke involving a waiter and a fly ;) But instead, in the immortal words of Chief Brody, i’ll simply shout …. SHARK!! … This man-eating soup bowl is by Greek designer Apostolos Porsanidis and available at the Italian shop, Industreal. Tasty.


Small intermission there. We’ve been upgrading my WordPress so Monster-Munch has been down for an hour or two, but we’re back now and creeping around the new interface looking for everything. If you find anything that’s broken let me know ;) Cheers, Nicky

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Tebe Interesno Monster

Keep watching … he does blink ; ) I came across this chap’s blog the other day. He has a bumper collection of Monster artists to browse through. Well worth a scroll along. The shame is though that all the artist references are in Russian. If you know of any of these artists can you please let me know ? Cheers you!

Update: Dimitri Maksimov is the artist/photographer. Fantastic stuff.

Tebe Interesno Monsters

A gorgeous collection of monster art. Some Studio Ghibli-esque, and some feel like their shot with lomo and painted into. Very nice.


Bodily Functions

This is beautiful. The white shape reminds me of a murder outline ;) It’s so nice to see old furniture rejuvenated like this. A friend of mine went on an upholstery course. Would be pretty cool to make some illustrated graphic furniture wouldn’t it ? I’ve officially put it on the to-do list for 09! The chair is by Aksel Creations. The also do a lovely line in kidney and intestine cushions. Sweet! Cheers for the link Dan. Check his blog, Yo What’s Kicking? here.

Guts For Cusions


Their epic adventure walking across America over, Cookie has put together the highlights, and best bits into a Top 20 Experiences post. It’s well worth a read as it gives you surprising insights into daily life, and makes you appreciate the amount of determination it takes to complete a journey like this on foot. Also, for other mountain addicts out there you can watch the full movie, sliced into states, and highlight compilations over at Cookie’s dedicated CDT Trail Documentary site. The video editing alone was epic, never mind the walk! DVD available soon ;) I just wanted to say Congratulations and well done Cookie and Paul. Pretty awe inspiring effort all round.

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How To Behave by Me and Mister Jones

Absolutely love this calendar. Not just because of it’s colourful information design, or the clever use of charts as typography, but the fact that each chart is actually quite funny to read when you zoom in ;)

“Admitted average number of daily farts” compared against “Average # of days people wait before openly farting in the presence of their beloved”

Designed by Me And Mister Jones - a husband and wife creative duo, Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx. If you visit their portfolio you can see some of the details of the data :) Nice!


Wrist Watch Phone

Once Upon A Time … people used to tell the time by looking at their wrists. Then mobiles came along. And now whenever you ask someone for the time, more often than not they delve around in their pocket. You notice that, less and less people wear anything on their wrists these days. Then i saw this prototype – a phone bracelet! ( Over on Fubiz – great blog btw. ) And a few minutes later happened upon this LG touch screen WristPhoneWatch. Is this a shape of things to come ? I don’t know – they’re nice but … i’m still liking the iPhone ;)

LG Wrist Watch Phone


Moustache Mug

I’ve been feeling fairly under the weather today, so the moustachioed man in my life has been coaxing me back to life with cups of tea – Thanks Cookie! Hence the mug ;)  Cheers for the link Emma! You can buy the mug on Suryasajnani’s Etsy here.

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Facets Of Yellow Man

Something across the room has caught the attention of the yellow man with the low polygon count… Maybe it’s the noughties’ frozen Han Solo… He looks like a 3D Cubist painting – which has always confused me … why isn’t it Trianglist rather than Cubist? No squares there. I need glasses, this is what people in the distance are starting to look like for me. An eye upgrade, that’s what i need. So if you’re approaching me from a distance and i look confused, remember – i am. I’m wondering who you are ;)  I’ve had these eyes since the 1970′s. ‘Bout time for some new ones eh ?


Smile Your Coffee Loves You

Photo entitled “Smile, Your Coffee Loves You” by Crazy For Bingo.


Tony Hart

Inspiration to a generation of creative people, today i learned the sad news that Tony Hart has passed away. Hours spent in front of the telle watching Take Hart as a kid no doubt fueled my desire to design and make things throughout my life. I had a giant bag of paper, card, glue and string that kept me happy for rainy day after rainy day. Genuinely sad to hear Tony’s gone. Rex of Little Big Planet sums it up very well in his tribute here.

Co stars Morph and Chaz above – of course created by Aardman Animations.

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