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Each crayon is hand cast and slotted into place. Part painting, part sculpture these pieces by Christian Faur can be admired for their indivual parts close up or for the emerging image as you stand back. I really like the side angle view. I think if i owned one i wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of rubbing a huge sheet of paper over it though! The close-up detail of this reminds me of the Boex twin’s Pencil Bench. Very tactile. Be great to see games characters done like this. Via Gizmodo.


QuadCamera is officially awesome. These shots were taken with my iPhone. Honestly. *

Iain mailed around about this Lomo-a-like iPhone app and i couldn’t resist a play with it. Can you believe that only one of the shots above had it’s levels tweeked in photoshop ? It’s colour, contrast, and edge burning are just lush. I warn you, it’s very addictive once you get going. Download it with caution! More info on QuadCam here. My heart will always be with my Lomo, but this is a lot of fun. See more test shots on me Flickr.

* ( Although – the pic of Igor’s tshirt, taken by Mr.Lomo, is actually an iPhone picture of a Lomo ) ;)


The colours on this are gorgeous. Very subtle. I’ve been meaning to post it for a while, and now i can’t remember where i found it! If you spot it somewhere let me know so i can credit the artist – ta : ) I wonder what he’s doing out of the water, that deflated octopus…


We arrived at Poke this morning to be greeted by a Giant Lomo Wall of colour. World Champion Lomographer Mr.Lomo and his lomo compadre Peek London ( aka Marc and Greg ) were here into the wee hours the past few nights concockting a huge colourscape of prints that spans the whole entrance wall. It’s flippin awesome. It features a lot of the Poke fellas and ladies from across the years, a wealth of London street art, and signage from around the world. Not to mention a fair few pics of Cookie and I in various states of fancy dress. Rummage in their treasure troves of images on Flickr – Mr.Lomo & Peek London.


Siftables are an experiment into physical interfaces in the form of intelligent blocks. Each block is aware of it’s location, orientation and proximity to it’s neighbours. Each is fitted with a screen on the face, and wifi connection. They act as a single interface, with surprising applications. Watch the vid. You can start to imagine all sorts of applications. Find out more about Siftables and their inventors here. Cheers for the link Matthew!


Woh he’s a big bugger! Spotted over on KarmaPanda.


Desk and armchair all in one - or two armchairs if a friend comes round ;). Simple and smart all in one. The Also Chair is by designer Akin Bacioglu. Great for small flats eh. Visit Akin’s portfolio here.

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I didn’t realise that Nasa have this amazing site where you can see a range of their satellite images from across the globe. Image of the Day has some awesome shots in there, including volcanoes erupting, ice sheets breaking apart, and shots of civilization from above. Some recent shots too of course of the terrible bush fires in Australia, and thermal imaging of the preceding heatwave. Interesting stuff. Shots reaching back to 1999, including the Larsen B Ice shelf disintegration in 2002. ( Scary to think how far back that is in history already! )

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Sackboy’s been keeping out the London snow chills with this fetching orange hat. This is by far the best fan-made Sackboy i’ve seen. So cute! He’s really got personality. I hope the ‘real’ Sackboy is available soon, or i’m going to have to upgrade my knitting skills somewhat! Homage to Sackboy, is handmade by Em-En. You can read more about her love of Little Big Planet on her blog – I Like Lemons.


This one’s for you Cookie ;)  x

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This sleeping bag is definately going to fox those mountains bears when you’re out hiking. Uncertain whether it would keep you from being a bear snack, or provoke a more amorous response. Not sure which is worse! Either way, what a cosy way to sleep. Really well made. Check the details. For more pictures, installations, and textiles visit the artist, Eiko Ishizawa‘s site.


Analogue primates ;) There’s a couple more monkeys to see here. Pics By R▲▲S. Whilst rummaging about in his flickr ( he has all kinds of interesting things buried in there ) i came across his awesome circuit board shots, taken from parts of his tv and computer. The top one reminds me of a city train network.


Yes Please! More closeup shots here. That’s a guaranteed hit. What do designer’s love most, Moleskines or Helvetica ? That’s a tricky one. But it doesn’t matter. No you can have both at once. I think if i had one though i might be to scared to draw in it, in case i drew something awful on the crowning page! Destined forever to be minimally blank ;)

Update: Buy them here! at Moleskine Asia.


A sweet gift for the robot lovin’ lady in your life this Valentines Day… ? But i guess if she really loves robots, she might want a robot instead. Robo Bag design by Sirena con Jersey over at the Supermarket HQ.

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Big Bears, giant rabbits, owls, stags and squirrels – all from the Stealthy Rabbit. Made completely from recycled card, paper, boxes and magazines, each is unique. How wicked would they look on the wall at home?

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