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We’re pretty much moved into the new place now – and loving it! Nice bit of fast internet from O2. Still some funny firewall email issues to figure out, but it’s so nice to have the internet back! ( We’ve been on the Ebays getting over excited ). Finally out of the dark ages :) You can see a couple more pics of the place in dissarray and also some shots of Sunday’s Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race over at Cookie’s blog.


Cut & Paste come to London on the 4th April. Various categories of designers battle it out live in front of an audience. Sounds like pressure!

“2D, 3D and Motion design contests against the clock, at 16 spectator events around the world.”

More on the format, rules and prizes here. If you’re about next Saturday, it’s down at The Coronet Theatre SE1. Lovely poster here by the super talented Chris at Design Friendship

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Boxes boxes boxes boxes… and more boxes. Cookie will tell you more ;) It’s amazing!

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Lovable Kiwi character has a mission on the go… Brings a tear to the eye ;’) He’s got a lotta personality for an ‘armless little bird. Spotted over on my new favoutire blog Vecchio Bipede – years and years of good stuff to see. Not often that you sit and go through page after page of a blog but this is a rare exception! A fair sprinkling of monsters too.


I had to look at a couple of these before i realised what was going on. And then when i did, i realised there was a genius at work.

When Cookie clapped eyes on them he said … “ If spammers hired people to make their spam look like that. Then i’d quite happily subscribe to it! ”. Do you hear that spammers? It’s not the content we object to, it’s the graphic design :) I’m pretty sure that this is the only spam on planet earth that you wouldn’t mind having framed on your wall. ( And if you’ve got any other kind of spam framed up – then you’re probably not right. Get your dirty mits off my pages! )  The artworks are hand painted by Linze – see even more here, and her behance portfolio here, and her website filled with even more here! And if you still want more you can Buy the Prints Here ( and them hang them on your wall ) ;)


Happy feet, mine would be, if they were dressed like this… Red trainers from here. Gold ones customized by Noah here. Now where did those old Forest Hills go …

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A miniture herb garden shaped like a crazy owl and a wonky yellow chair are just two of the great ideas to see over at Danish design store Normann Copenhagen. Lots of kids things including an amazing wonkey go-kart called Play. ( I’d deep link to it but it’s a flash site – but a beautifully elegant one though ). Normann’s go-kart design was featured on MoCo Loco a great product, furniture and interior design blog i just stumbled across. Worth a little look see.

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John’s been into movies for as long as i can remember. He has an amazing memory for the details – an almost Stephen-Fry-like encyclopedic brain but for movies especially ( as long as they’re decent ones! ). I’ve seen these beautiful images floating about the web for a while now and i had no idea that he was behind them until he dropped me a mail – doh! His adapted and abstracted classic movie posters will be available soon to buy as hand screen prints, with a very special limited edition range up-for-grabs only to the most cunning of movie buffs. You can win one by guessing correctly the movies being depicted and getting up there with the high scorers. Think you know your stuff ? Have a go over at his site Film The Blanks. The cryptic and graphic clues aren’t easy! But lots of fun google detecting. Nice work Mr.T!