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Phwaar Nice! More shots, tech specs and details from the turntable here. And more on the Operator 1 synth and controller here. To be totally honest – i just like them because they’re beautiful. I quite like the design of the site too. It has something of the personality of the products in the layout and use of colour. Love the simplicity of the turntable. Why does everything have to have to be black, reflective and have curvy corners these days? Why not orange and white eh. Teenage Engineering are based in Stockholm, Sweden. See also their singing Arduino toys.


Well i think most of you know that i’m always on the look out for the ultimate sock. And these certainly don’t disappoint. I think my favourite would be the notepad sock, but then again the meat socks – neatly packed in celephane and tray – are pretty funny. For the designer i’d recommend the pencil sock ( looks slightly odd from that angle, but end on works ). I don’t think i could chop these up for sock monsters though. They’re too good as they are. ( Although ‘Meat Monster’ is rather tempting … ).

Socks available at Ashi Dashi.


Cities are so often drawn that it rare that you come across a stand-out piece that feels it’s worth a good look. Borja Bonaque‘s cityscapes are the exception. The simple reduction of the shapes and minimal palette combined with sharp edges, distressed with texture give these illustrations, oddly, both a retro and modern feel. I’m drawnin looking at them. Would make a great textile pattern or animation maybe. Spotted Via Ffffound and NotCot ( but too good not to mention ).

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The colours in this are absolutely amazing.  I love it. It’s hard to tell from a low res version like this how much of it is photography or even if it might be completely painted. ( Maybe it’s a photo of a painting? ) Either way this and the rest of the series of Mark’s work are gorgeous. Definitely one for the wall. Would look good above a roaring fire wouldn’t it? Appreciate it at a larger size and see the rest of the set here.


This is pretty impressive!

“No effects or sampling was used. What you see is what you hear (does that even make sense?) Atari 800XL was used for the lead piano/organ sound, Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as lead guitar, 8 Inch Floppy Disk as Bass, 3.5 inch Harddrive as the gong, HP ScanJet 3C was used for all vocals. Please note I had to record the HP scanner 4 separate times for each voice.” Piece by bd594. Source code, demo, and info on how to create something similar here :)


I was sweeping the yard yesterday and i spotted this little fella grubbing around under the deck chair. I could never quite figure out how you’d go about moving if you only had one foot, so i drew closer and had a gander. Suddenly i remembered i have a timelapse function on my camera. He seemed agreeable to a photoshoot, and so here he is in all his breakdancing glory – May i present … Snail! ( Extended version here ). I was thinking Benny Hill for music – whatdya think ?

Snail Stop Frame from Nicky Gibson on Vimeo.


He may have a yellow belly, but don’t call him “chicken”! Or he’ll go proper mental. Mr.Yellow has a short fuse and a big mouth – the Jo Peche of the sock monster world lets say. Stay well back or you’ll feel the rip of steel zippy teeth ripping through your ankles… He’s a mean little bugger.

A relatively new addition to the household, i’ve just gotten around to taking his picture. If he went on the BBC series “Who do you think you are?” i wouldn’t be surprised to find a certain zip faced loud mouth, and a boy made of sack in his lineage ;)

Yellow Belly is made from American Apparel thigh length socks ( for extra big head-ness).


Well not quite everywhere – but i’ve collected a couple about on Ffffound recently. These were my favourites and they’re by Danish fellows NR2154 ( for Nordisk Film ). You can check out the rest of their typography skills and identity work here. Minimal and sharp.

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Diseases have never been nicer to have. And i never thought i’d say that i’d actually quite like to get hold of some herpes – But there we go… My personal favourites are Brain Cell, Chicken Pox, Flesh Eating, Penicillin, Typhoid Fever, Salmonella, and Scum! Whole catalogue of evil nasties and giaint cells here. Brilliant :)


Some very lovely stuff indeed here from designer, illustrator, and hand drawn typographer Jessica Hische. Gorgeous work throughout. Loads of imagination and love have gone into the details. Makes me want to get my sketchbook and paper textures out :)


“Stop it! I know you blogged. I get your RSS stupid.” Starting to hear this fairly often now. Stop with the spammy auto twittering already!  :)  Timely protest poster from Danny Jones. There’s a couple of people i might be getting this for ;)


3D Crochet tree and clouds. Love this. Looks a pretty technical form to make though. A giant one of these to pin things on would look good in my lounge ;) The plant that never needs watering. Klas also has some great illustrations that are worth a look. Similar curved stylised feel.

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Not sure what’s happening here. But it looks like it’d make for thoroughly memorable afternoon. Loose theories on a postcard please!

Ps – Got you there, RSS readers! ;)


These inky squid monsters are spiraling out of control. I can’t tell if they’re being flushed away or if they’re swarming out to get us, but i like their creepy cute personality either way. You can do a lot with a simple bold black and white. Spotted over on Anton Tramm’s blog sent in by Kevin Crepin. Cheers Kev! Nice find.

Been a bit lean on the postage recently as i’ve been hanging out with Cookie in Amsterdam. It’s very nice, if you’ve never been – but perhaps a touch too relaxing lets say! ;)

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Needed to look at something soothing and nice today after a renagade weekend away with the Pokers. Broken i am! Not sure we can show our faces in Devon again. Anyway, so here’s a little something from ljudbilden with some jolly faced monsters to take the pain away.

Minilogue – Animals from ljudbilden on Vimeo.

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