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The mascot from Ilustrenos

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Photos above taken by the Flippers!

I think it’s fair to say we were quite badly behaved.
Highlights were:

‘Elf n safety
- We can have plastic gun’s right ? It’s a cowboy duel.
- No guns… There’ll be children present. Not with the current climate.
- Well, we’ll use bananas in our holsters instead ?
- No, you can’t use bananas, people might be allergic to bananas
- …….  ?

The contraband booze boxes wrapped up in brown paper and marked “Hat Box”, “Box of Moustaches”, “Pony food” etc ;)

A lot of people not realising the ‘cold tea’ was in fact Jack Daniels despite it being in a Jack Daniels bottle.

Being allowed to legitimately shout out disgusting swear words at the top of your voice through a loud speaker at a baying crowd ( Adult’s night )

Lots of parents forcing their kids to play repeatedly, to get as many 50p shots in as possible before home time. ( Family day )

Mr(s) Simon Waterfall in a corset and yellow high heels.

Chris being helped into his chaps by two twin cowboys.

‘Slut in a bin’ incident – Our saloon whore getting carried away in the role. She made 20 quid for ‘services rendered’ and lost it down her cleavage.

Will Dogg’s five year old nemesis who kept coming back and whopping him at pictionary

The dubious and controversial drawing of ‘Berlin’.

People queuing up thinking we were the actual bar.

Branding a bare arse.

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Lovely type from Toko Design in Sydney – Via Nitzan

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Who needs a lampshade when just the bulb will do? By Kyouei Design.

LED’s and balloons make great clouds of berry-like lighting clusters. ( Found these a while back too and i’ve lost track of the link to the lighting – if you know who it’s by please drop me a line and let me know : )  )


Ok, so i know this one’s well old now, but it was too good to go un-mentioned. It’s been tweeted and posted all over the place, but rightly so because they’re brilliant. I wonder who bought them in the end. Here’s the shop for more detail.

Meant to blog this before my holiday, but hey – here it is to enjoy in case you missed it ;)


An amazing couple of days was had at this, the final ever V&A Village Fete. Our Saloon was in place in all it’s glory. Punters were rounded up by the posse. We were ready. And as the crowd gathered, the cowboys dueled it out in the hot sun, to crys of “Sausage!”  “Godzilla!” “Gary Glitter!” “Jumping The Shark!”, followed by slightly less savory things later in the evening… ( they were skull and crossbones pack ). It was brilliant fun, all fueled by many shots of “cold tea”. A storming success with some hilarious moments. Excellent work team StuffClub! You can see the proud posse above. Five cowboys, one bar tender, one little Apache (me), and two saloon whores for decoration. ( One was a bit hairier than the other ).

Photos above, and a bunch more great shots taken by Stuff Club’s own Katie Marcus. Check them out here.

Thanks to everyone involved, everyone who came down and made it such a great couple of days, and also a massive thanks to Poke for sponsoring StuffClub for the materials, the big ol’ van and the booze! And also for letting us take the afternoon off to run around in silly outfiits ;)

Update: Wrote up the highlights for the Poke blog today ;) Check them out here.


It’s Giant Pictionary! In a Wild West stylie.

Yes, Stuff Club from Poke have been beavering away in the evenings constructing the Quick Draw Saloon – the setting for a duel of the marker pens. A few work in progress sketches above….

The game works like this: The barman gives out the cards. It’s markerpens in holsters at noon. The Sheriff’s decision is final. Winners get deputised. Losers get branded on the arse. Should be brilliant fun – or at least loud fun. If you fancy joining in, come down on Friday night for the boozy opening, or Saturday daytime for the Kids and Family day, at the Victoria & Albert Museum Village Fete.


Crikey. Do you think if it’s important they’ll just mail me back?  ;) Back from an amazing trip around the Swiss Alps. Fun, hard work, scary at times, but brilliant – beautiful scenery too. Sitting at a computer all day is going to be hard after that! A smack in the face from reality.


Beef Club in Zürich. God it was good! Amazing steak on fire with Cognac, followed by Crêpe Suzette. An awesome conclusion to the holiday. I fully recommend it to Meat Club as an away day trip :)

Nice review by Cookie here.

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Playing at the water park and thermal pools in Brigerbad near Brig ( Switzerland ). Cookie can’t wait for the slides to be open. This is his childhood campsite so we thought we’d see if it’s changed. Apparently it’s “a lot smaller than it used to be” ;) I think maybe Cookie has grown.

They do a wicked salad here. Check out the watermelon portion!

Cookie almost drowned himself earlier by busting into the circuit current pool before it was fully filled and getting a face full of a giant water jet. Very funny.

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More rowing action. Today was awesome. Could hang out on this lake for days and still be impressed. Waterfalls, mountainscape, snow, glaciers, campfires, beach, and pub all within sight. Pretty cool I reckon.

Today Cookie and I popped on a train to Brig – a town near the Italian border with a campsite he visited as a child. Apparently it has a wicked doughnut river ride. Can’t wait!

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It’s harder than it looks honestly! Cookie was an awesome navigator today as a bounced from shore to shore missing shore fishing lines by inches! But we made it back to camp all crew in tact.

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A casual row across the lake.

Cookie and I smuggled some of last night’s bacon out on the boat along with a survival tin fishing kit ( from when Cookie and Knotty went on a special Poke trip ).

The water was beautiful. Absolutely clear and turquoise glacier melt. Surprisingly not too freezing to the touch.

I rowed us out, and most of the way in, while dangling my bacony goodness off the back. No biters sadly. But the Blue Pearl did Captain Cook and I well for some welcome sunbathing.

Shame tho. I was looking forward to the fish fry up on a beach campfire. Oh yes.

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A bunch of dried fox skins were hanging up under the roof of the cafe with the post cards. They were super soft to touch. Poor fellas.

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