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Been making Monsters! Well, i’ve had a batch on the go for a while – but here’s a sneak preview… I’ve been mega busy at work recently, so as soon as i’ve had a second to myself i’ve been busying away on a new collection. These ones are going to be very special as they’re all based on a bunch of fantastically imaginative socks from Ashi Dashi. Check out their wares here. I love them! High res images of Meat Monster and friends on Flickr.

Meat Monster is going to be one of my all time favourites i think. The packaging the socks come in is brilliant. A plastic wrapped meat tray.

The Pencil Sock is also looking great. I’ve got some little arms and things for him yet so look out for developments ;) I put a little bit of stitching detail around the eraser on the end to plump it out a bit. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions! Next – the Wooden Socks ….! Watch this space.


HelloB Posted his work in the comments section and i love ‘em! Great collection of ‘Faces In Places’ here over at his Flickr. One screaming metal face, one mortified, one snoozey-happy one … and Chewbacca … Lots to inspire you to keep your camera within reach at all times.


Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp straw – it’s Brock Davis‘s Office Party Ghost tshirt. In the daylight it’s a photocopier shooting out blank pages … but by night, the outline of a ghostly figure photocopying his arse appears! ( With little ghostly bum prints on the pages ;)  ) Lots more nice shirts by Brock here.


That’s more like it. Fair Trade tshirt here from People Tree. Vote for the best one over at Cadbury Fairtrade. Cheers for the link Asi!

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Lovely site here from ex-Poker Supermarket Sarah. She’s set up a little shop of weird and wonderful things in hre house near Portobello Market. She’s selling some really sweet little nick-nacks, but if you can’t get down to west London fear not as she’s made a really great little site. Quite simply it’s the shop window. Want that dress? Just click and buy it. Lovely idea and gorgeous trinkets. Follow her blog to find out when she’s making cake. Mmmmm.


I used to have a cat, and whether you love them or hate them, these are so perfectly observed! They’ve been around a while, but if you’ve missed out on Simon’s cat, you should definately have a quick look at this mini cartoon. Via DoobyBrain


This – Via my new favourite blog Make Do And Mend. Fantastic stencil / marker-pen-style portraits, but created by gluing down strips of cassette tape. Blimey. I’m admiring the artist’s patience! Brilliant though. Artist is Iri5. Check out the full set on his Flickr.


I really want to have a play with this! Perhaps we could borrow it for a week ?  ;) Would love to hook this up so the final designs could be printed out and framed. Or flipped up to a site somewhere for everyone to see. Lots of detail on the software and hardware here….. What would you draw ?

Spotted on McCandless’s tweets again ( @mccandelish ). Interesting finds from him. The 3D Etch-A-Sketch itself is made by Andrew Sliwinski. Check out his - This And Again. Ps- Can someone make me one! ? !

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Amazing crochet food packaging. By Kate Jenkins from Brighton. Great details – and so much work!

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To Dry For – Tea Towels need never be dull again.

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This weekend i’ve been mostly getting sticky fingers, in the jam making process. These are my first ever pots of jam! Pink Grapefruit, Ginger, Lemon and Lime Marmalade. And if i don’t mind saying so myself, it’s flippin’ awesome.

Cookie helped me make it ( he’s a jam pro ). Then Sunday my sister came round and we made some pretty wicked Plum Jam too. It’s pretty satisfying. Both to make and consume. MMmmmmmm.

There wasn’t a special recipe as such, we just went freestyle. So if i get a chance i’ll write out the details : ) Right – off to eat toast!


Ace. You’re going to win with that one in a water fight ( so long as you don’t run too far from the tap ). And if peace has broken out, then it’s a more entertaining way to water the garden.

Water Pistol by Design Reaktor in Berlin. Spotted on Pan-Dan.


All your Beefy needs are catered for here. For all the meat lovers out there, i found this lovely info graphic detailing out what goes where in a cow-jigsaw. ( Although i’m still not sure where the Filet Mignon lives – are they the petite tender medallions ? Help me out ). To see the close up detail click here.


Couple of Robo-Reblogs here. I love robots. Maybe once i’m old, i can be slowly be made into one…

Spotted on Love Handles McCandless’ twitter ( @mccandelish )

This next one via Nathan at RubishCorp ( @rubbishcorp )
This Robot can catch way better than me and he’s only got 2 fingers.

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