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A little while ago Katie passed me this Traveling Moleskine. There are a fair few of them knocking around all with various themes, this one with the theme Crafty… So i set to work creating a special tweedy felt monster. He actually turned out quite nicely, and i’m thinking that technique might work really well on a bag or cushion or tshirt maybe ? Anyway, i’ve been meaning to blog this for ages. I’ll pop some images on flickr too so you can see the details. You can just see the reverse side there of Katie’s wonderful paper embroidery. Very nice! And i’m excited to see what the next recipient, my old mate Jaypeg, will do to her page :) You can read more about the project over at Culture Vulture. ANd you can peek inside some of the other moleskine’s here.

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Could it be you ? This is my lovely house that i own with my good buddy, and fellow creative Chris ( from Design Friendship ). We bought it a while back and did a ‘Phil and Kirsty’ on it, knocking out walls, laying walnut flooring and popping in glass panels. Now as you know i’m now living with the lovely Cookie, so in fact there’s half a house going spare and we need a new friend fill it. And that’s where you come in! Mail me at Nicky[at] or Tweet me on @NickyGibson if you’re up for moving in. For more details Download the Pdf here – Thank you friends :)

It has an 11 meter garden ( which is a sweet extra in London ). It’s really peaceful and over looks a park. Only the tweeting of birds to disturb you ;) A five minute walk to Hoxton and Shoreditch, and only a couple of mins from the ( soon to be ) new Hoxton Tube station.

Most awesomely though it’s just off of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market which is now stuffed with Vintage Clothes shops, Cafes, Cake shops, Retro Homewares, Art Galleries, and one of the best pubs in London, the ancient looking ( and cosy log fired ) Royal Oak.

It’s a pretty sweet deal! So get in touch for details like price and more photos etc. Ps. The Habitat walnut bed is there for you too ;)

A Brick Lane curry, Vintage shops and gig venues are 10 mins stroll away, as is Broadway Market, and Hackney Farm. Basically you get relaxing chilled home, within stumbling distance of all the creativity and party action that East London has to offer. Shoreditch also has it’s own proper music festival. ( Remind me.. Why am i living in Dalston again ? …. )

Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops, Nelly Duff Gallery, Royal Oak Pub, Jones Dairy, and illustrator Rob Ryan’s Shop to name a fraction.


Found this while i was searching for pictures of a dog in a chef’s outfit ( don’t ask ).
Brilliant pup costume. How good is that ? Now that’s what you call going the extra mile on an outfit.
You know, that if i ever had a dog he’d totally be getting his own range of bespoke attire for special occasions. I’m almost tempted to get a dog for that specific purpose ;) ( I feel sorry for him already ).


A beautifully simple idea from Vadim Kibardin. The most minimal of elements needed to form a clock – use purely the numbers. The clock’s four digits are made from 7 OLED‘s ( Organic Light Emitting Diodes ) each. Independently controlled. During the day, the letters appear dark. During the night, a light sensor triggers the switch over to white illumination. I’d absolutely love one of these :)


An amazing collection of Matchbox designs here. Grouped by colour, style, animal, and country. They’d make wonderful posters. Birds feature quite heavily, as do Stags. Cockerels and Tigers get a look in too. Flowers, cats and horses pop up also, but my personal favourite has to be the Smoking Monkeys. They look like they’re enjoying a good cigar. Check out the full on collection over at Bibi Grey Cat where there are pages and pages of them! All linking through to higher res versions on flickr. What a collection! – Thanks for the link Cookie.


One week, two weddings, several hangovers, and a biblical amount of rain. That’s a holiday in the UK for you :) Brilliant fun though. We managed to get all over ‘the North’ to a bunch of gorgeous places i’ve never been. The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Cumbria, Loch Lomond ( way up in Scotland ), and many a tiny village on route. Many village pubs, and pub lunches too – i think i managed fish and chips at least 3 times. Amazing ;) We tested local ales where ever we went. I quite like Cumberland Ale but the Cocker Hoop was also very much worth a tipple.

We made a wedding cake. Well, Cookie baked it ( his first cake! ) and we decorated it with tiny marzipan characters. A labour of love but well worth it. To see the making-of shots, more pics here.

Cookie and i visited the Wensleydale Cheese making place, watched the cheese being made, and stuffed ourselves with an enormous Ploughmans cheese selection! And then headed underground to the White Scar Cave ….

We stopped off at the Keswick Pencil museum – the village where the pencil was invented! Saw the longest pencil in the world… wooOOOoo … And went nuts in the shop buying one of every colour they had.

( Van Photo by Akrabat ) – It was raining of course!

Cookie became a conductor on a vintage bus, punching tickets of the happy wedding party.

We listened to bag pipes, we smuggled wine, went on a boat trip, ate Haggis for the first time, ( it tasted amazing by the way! ). Did traditional Scottish dancing … and a few ‘power slides’ on the dance floor for good measure.

And we made a few new friends along the way :) Here’s the blushing bride El with The Cake! More wedding photos here.