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Where The Wild Things Are Amigurumi

Brilliantly made mini Where The Wild Things Are characters here. Made in the japanese character crochet style, Amigurumi. Very technical stuff! And impressive likenesses. Big thanks to the Beddard who sent me this. You can see more details and buy the patterns on CraftyisCool’s Etsy here. Can’t wait to see this Monster movie!


Chop Stick Kitty

I’ve been watching too many horror movies this weekend with scenes of expected gruesomeness, and unexpected violent limb removal. So i’ve been trying to balance out the dark with some cute for the sake of getting to sleep tonight ;) So here’s a vid from Yewknee ( thanks for the link Cookie! ) of an impossibly cute squashed face kitten eating his dinner from chop sticks. There’s something of the Gizmo about him. And maybe a touch of Ewok?

More Aaaaaaaaaah and less Aarrrrggghhh! – that’s what you need on a sunday night.


Love this :) – Spotted on the Audrey Hepburn Complex tumblr.


Vans Neon Orange

Oh yes! These will be mine ;) Only available in Japan at the moment as far as i can see. Hope they head to Europe soon. These very tasty vans come in a few neon colours. All good.


Giant Pencils Grow Wild!

Wonderful sculpture by Jonna Pohjalainen. Pencils growing wild jutting out into the sky. More images of the pencils being erected into the field here, here and here. You can read more about the background to the project over at EnvironmentalArt where there’s more imaginative outdoor sculpture to been seen.  Spotted over at crafty blog 10Marifet.


inside the head

X-Ray vs the Little People. Both fascinating thoughts :)

Xray Mouth


Hello Necklace

Sold out right now at Joanna Rutter’s Etsy shop but i wanted to show you anyway. Incredibly fiddly to make but very sweet result. Hope she makes some more soon.

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jolly bottleopeners

Bottle opener family featuring “Uuuuh?” “Waaaaa!” and “Yeeeeeey” responses, depending on what you think of the beer. Simple and cute. From Poketo spotted over at HoveringCat. Cool tshirt here too.

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