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Sausage Dog Animation

Spotted on and traced back to here.


Giant Monster Snake
Woh! A Monster Snake – and his pet boy… Spotted here.


Shauna Richardson - Chrochetdermy

Some amazing crochet / taxidermy skills here from Shauna Richardson. I’ve tried to crochet before and i tell you what, this wouldn’t be easy! There’s some superior technical action and planning gone in to these. There are some wonderful shots on her site of the animals roaming free in urban darkness. Giving them a darker, much more sinister feel. See the full gallery here. Amazing work.



Been a busy bee lately. Lot’s happening in the day time at Poke. And lots of nice things to keep me busy in the evenings too. The above is a work in progress identity design for the lovely Elaine of Lainey’s Cakes. ( They are damn good by the way! The cakes i mean ;) ). A favour for a friend type-of-project. It’s been a great typography challenge so far. And hopefully when i’m done i’d like to share with you my creative process from sketch to finished printed items. ( This is just a photoshop mockup to show how a screen printed cake-box tag might look ). Let me know what you think, and if you have any cunning ideas i could incorporate in to Lainey’s wonderful world of cupcakes!



Chatroulette Anatomy
For the Junior Players there’s the inevitable anatomy lessons. For the Pro Players? They play to win :) Cheers to Dan N-S for tweeting the vid. Image above by St├ęphane Massa-Bidal.

How To Win At Chatroulette

Chatroulette Study By Casey Neistat

And for those of you still intrigued, but still wanting to keep your dinner down - a great mini study here by Casey Neistat who takes a humourous look at who’s doing what on Chatroulette…. or How To Be Sucessful On Chatroulette.


Bacon Scarf
Sunny enough for a walk. Chilly enough for a scarf. That’s how it is at the moment. So here’s a couple i happened across yesterday, to keep you warm on the walk to work. The Bacon Scarf is crying out for a fried Egg Head woolly hat no ? That’d be a sweet combo ;) And a topical one for the Poke peeps here, the Police Line scarf! Always handy to have on you should you come across a crime scene.

Police Line Scarf

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Totoro Gif

I must admit that the older i get, the more i love animated gifs. This Totoro one spotted here. I’ve been saving a few. At some point soon i’ll do an animated gif special ;) There’s something a bit cheeky about a gif. They are having a bit of a renaissance – and i’m enjoying it.