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Screen printed limited edition stocking designs

Nice! Lovely illustration and sweet ideas on this range of hand screen printed limited edition stockings. Loving them! I’ve never seen designs like these on legs before. I didn’t even know you could screen print on tights. There’s bunches on there – the rain drops are a favourite, as are the bloody veins at the top here. Reminds me very much of the Blood and Guts chairs and cushions by Akel Creations. Anyway, the range is Les Queues De Sardines, by M + O, and are available from Fortnum and Mason ( and lots of places in France and Europe ). Check out the rest here!


Monster Mushroom

Wowee he’s a monster! I opened the curtains to the balcony today and found this guy lurking…. ! What is he? How did he get so big so fast? Can i eat him ? …. I’ve been looking into it and i *think* he’s an Oyster Mushroom. Or he may just be some kind of horrible fungus. But i’m not certain yet so i’ll be holding off on the mushroom omelet until i’m sure he won’t kill me ;) Very ‘woodland’ for Dalston. Maybe i should get a gnome to go with it…


New FireFox logo ?

Handy place to carry your cat…. There’s definitely a gag here that i’m not gonna make! There’s kids watching ;) The source link seems to be down, but here it is on ffffound.

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A Collection A Day

Lisa Congdon is going to show us a collection a day for the whole of 2010. Nice stuff emerging already as she picks from her vaults of items she’s been collecting across her lifetime. She’s an artist and illustrator from San Francisco and will be drawing and painting some of the objects form time to time too. Love these vintage erasers. Some retro packaging on the site too. Keep your eyes on this one. It’ll make a lovely book at some point.

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Wooden Sunglasses By Shwood

Cheers @nikroope! Love these wooden sunnies from Schwood. Made from East Indian Rosewood colours vary from “very dark brown to black with fine, closely spaced dark veins and white lines”. I really need to get some new glasses, maybe i can fit proper lenses into these ? Very nice.


Monster-Munch is 2yrs old today :)

Well. That went quick didn’t it! Meat Monster and Bob ( above ) say hi. And promise to keep up the posting, bringing you interesting things, nice ideas, visual goodness, and handmade stuff they spot as they rummage through the internets.

A massive thank you to you ( Yes you! ) for coming and reading the blog. It’s always a pleasure to have you! It’s been fascinating to chat to you all in the comments bit, and hear your thoughts and ideas. And many thanks to everyone who thinks of me when they see something cool, or has something wicked to they’ve made, and shoots a mail over. You’re all awesome ;)

I’m thinking of giving Monster-Munch a make over. If you have anything you want to see more of, less of, or have any cunning plans you think i should get involved in then please get in touch :D @nickygibson on Twitter is the best way.

So – cheers you wonderful bunch, and nighty night … for now :)

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Pink and Blue Monsters

We got a new juicer through today as an advance birthday present for Cookie from Cookie Snr. And it’s amazing! We’ve been down to the market and stuffed a rucksack full to the brim of fruit and veg, and been madly whazzing it through the machine all day. Turns out grapefruit goes with just about everything.

If you have kids i would imagine a juicer being a great way of getting them to eat carrots and beetroot. So much fun ramming carrots in the tube of doom to be loudly grated to death… Monsters above spotted on Ffffound :)

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Nest Egg Money Boxes

And in a similar vein these Nest Egg money boxes by Mud Puppy. Lovely! Although a  shame to smash em’ ;) So tempting to draw eyes on them no ?

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Piggy Bank

No need to smash this little fella when the time comes. Just pop the cap out’ his ass – well ‘face’ actually, but ass sounded better ; ) – and you’re in the money. Is it ok to buy something when you’re saving up if it helps you save up ? It is isn’t it, yeh…. ;)

Piggy will soon be available at Gorrinucha. Mini review spotted over on Grass Roots Modern.

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Uk covered in snow

An extraordinary image here of the UK completely covered in snow today. Pretty surprising! Even the very lower tip of the south west has snow, which is pretty rare. The most southerly tip of Cornwall gets snow maybe only once or twice a decade. I can only really remember seeing ‘proper snow’ there twice or so in my life. So there’ll be some chilly surfers and frosty palm trees at the beach i think :)


A little while before Christmas i came across the beautiful jewelry made by Cecile – aka La Bôite a Monstres. We struck a deal to swap a moustachioed monster for a bracelet and we set to work on our creations. My pirate bracelet arrived the other day. Very exciting! It features as it’s hero a full working compass, along side a functioning locket pendant, and pirate portrait also. I absolutely love it, and salute you Cecile on you marvelous handiwork. Thank you so much :)

Pirate Bracelet By La Boite A Monstres

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