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Otter and Fish Dancin

Hello! I’m finally back in the UK. Woo! But Cookie and i are in a bit of a pickle as we’ve not got a place to stay. Oh noes!

We’re looking for a home for 4 weeks in July. Somewhere in London Town. Do you know of a spare room we could rent ? Maybe a flatmate has just moved out ? Or maybe you have a spare room that could be earning some cash ? Either way – any hot tips appreciated!

Tweet me on @NickyGibson or mail me at Nicky{at}

Muchos muchos Gracias. Bonus Link: Amazing Otter dancing skills

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Nicky and Cookie finish the 3000km Te Araroa trail in Bluff NZ

Old news now ;) But in case you missed it – We did it!

Did what ? Walked 3000km on foot across New Zealand along the Te Araroa trail.
It a loooong story. But if you’re interested, and not bored to tears of hearing about it, you can follow the whole journey start to finish ( Oct 2010 – April 2011 and onwards ) over on our combined Nicky and Cookie blog!

I can shut up about it all now ;)

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