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Nicky and Cookie finish the 3000km Te Araroa trail in Bluff NZ

Old news now ;) But in case you missed it – We did it!

Did what ? Walked 3000km on foot across New Zealand along the Te Araroa trail.
It a loooong story. But if you’re interested, and not bored to tears of hearing about it, you can follow the whole journey start to finish ( Oct 2010 – April 2011 and onwards ) over on our combined Nicky and Cookie blog!

I can shut up about it all now ;)

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Nicky and Cookie about to set off

Hi everyone! If you’ve not heard from me in a long while there’s a very good reason! I’m hiking New Zealand – the full length in fact … Or that’s the hope / plan. Cookie and I are just starting out on section 3 of the walk, over the in the Bay of Islands on the east coast. We’ve made it this far down from the far North at Cape Reinga, and we’ve been blogging all the way over at our new combined blog Nicky And Cookie .com ! So head over there for the latest news and photography from our foot busting kiwi expedition :D

Nicky and Cookie's New Blog ... exciting!

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Essential kit:


So it’s the middle of the afternoon on day one in Auckland and we’ve already had an awesome fry up, some local pilsner, local lime larger, and I’m currently enjoying a Monteith’s crushed apple cider. Not bad, you might say – but then we decided to add some cracking Fash and Chups ( the best in town apparently ). Not to mention, and quicker than expected, we buckled and bought an iPad! Sweet! :D Very exciting. So hopefully we’ll be blogging away happy as Larry!

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We’re ‘ere! Bloody hell it’s a long way. I’ve been held captive on an aeroplane shaped time machine for a couple of days, but I’ve woken up to find myself in a comfy bed with a crazy Futurama style building outside. Time to go check out what a Kiwi fryup is like and then set to work on this holiday business.

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Hi there. Long time no Blog! :D It’s been a hectic summer at Poke towers working hard on something very special, coupled with preparations for a very exciting trek across New Zealand that will take us from October to May 2011, over almost 2000 miles. Hardcore!

More info to come soon … ;)

Above – surf at Kennack Sands in Cornwall. Popped home for a bit to say hi to Mum and Dad, and catch the last of the British sunny days :)

People sunbathing with tops off in October? Only in Cornwall! ;)

Gwendreath palm trees :)

WordPress on iPhone seems to be working well. Had to upgrade both my WordPress CMS, the app itself and my iPhone OS to v4.1, but all working now. Should be able to keep you all updated on my adventure as it unfolds … Flying on the 16th! Wish me luck :D

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Nicky and Cookie leaving for New Zealand!

Come on down! Everyone welcome, we’d love to say goodbye to everyone before we head to the big New Zealand adventure :D

Follow me on Twitter @nickygibson and i’ll let you know where we’ll be. ( Thursday 3oth September ).

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Help Monster-Munch make a movie

I know. At first glance that seems kind of coo coo. And maybe it is, but, how much fun would that be ? Cookie and i have a dream to make a documentary about New Zealand. And to do it we’re going to walk from the nothern tip aaaaaaaall the way down to the southern tip. Mental eh ? Yes! We are hoping to do it in about a years time. To help us save up the funds to get there and pay for equipment, and porridge to eat on the road we looking for people to sponsor us. It’s a bit of a challenge! We’ll be camping wild so there’d be no luxuries on this trip. But every penny counts when it comes to making the DVD’s etc as when we get back we’ll be penniless :)

It’s a pretty special trip as the route won’t officially open til next year so ( if it all comes together ) we’ll be some of the very first people to do it. Proper adventurer stuff!

SO! If you’d like to see the documentary of a boy and girl struggling against the elements ( and their will power ) to quite literally walk to Mordor in a Frodo stylie then your luck is in! If you’d like a DVD or want to help us then read all about it here and you can Donate a small amount if you wish towards to costs of the film. Thanks so much Monster-Munch followers! And if we raise the monies you will of course hear all about the trip live here on Monster-Munch :D

Help Monster-Munch and Cookie make a film about New Zealand

Help us :)

Kickstarter are kindly helping us with a donations page – but we only get paid if we raise the whole amount! So we have only less than 90 days to see if we can…. You know we love you! ;) xx  Nicky & Cookie

Get cool stuff made by us

Kind sponsors will receive a selection of things designed and made my me and Cookie ( of ) including the DVD, Specially designed A2 Posters, route planners and the right to give us very special challenges to complete on route! Read all about the Pledge Prizes here.

As some of you know, the other special thing about this trip for me is that i’m not, lets say, the most athletic person in the world ;) So this is going to be a mission and a half to say the least! And more than a mountain to climb. In fact you might know that a little while back a was rather ill, and to even dream of something like this would have been unimaginable. So in a way, that’s something that’s spurring me on to try and confront and conquer the impossible :) It might be a bit crazy but i’m damn well going to give it my best! Thanks for listening Monster-Munchers. x


Monster-Munch is going ‘off piste’ for a while. Cookie is walking me across the Swiss alps for a couple of weeks. Cookie has the lowdown here. I’m set up with the Shozu app for my iPhone so you may be treated to some random shots of goats and cheese ;)

My little backpack is packed and ready to go. ( I’ve found a pair of socks that have not yet been made into a monster ). And just to prove i’m not making any of this up – here’s a shot of my survival kit!


Tidy little radio design by Valentin Vodev from Pix Studio. Speaker on the top, and cheeky aerial poking like a cig from his mouth. Just shows how much character you can get into something using only simple functional forms, but jigging them in an imaginative way. Via Design Spotter. Reminds me of a salt and paper shaker for some reason.


These strange hairy aliens come in all shapes and sizes – each with his own unique, tailor made, hand blown glass space helmet. Standing at around 20 – 30 cms tall, a member of the cactus squadron would make the perfect desk buddy. The Domsai are made by Matteo Cibic in Bassano del Grappa, Nove, Italy. Grab one from the Monotono shop here.


From classic family portrait shots to action re-enactments, Mike Stimpson has created some bold and stylish shots of these iconic Star Wars figures. Visit his flickr to view the full set. Several of these shots are available to buy at RedBubble. My favourite is the Chewey Big Foot shot. Those trees take me back!

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