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What Motivates Us by Dan Pink

Great talk by Dan Pink, about what drives us, and how people are, and aren’t, motivated. Some surprising tests. Some initially counter intuitive results actually come to seem pretty obvious in hindsight, and so highlight some overlooked points about peoples perceived reward and satisfaction at work ( and in life generally). He talks about the effectiveness of using different types of rewards – Money versus the combination of challenge, freedom and purpose. Shows how using creativity is particularly relevant no matter what you do. Anyway, tis interesting ;)

Watch it below:

Thanks to the super talented Mattias from Breakfast NY for sharing.


Sausage Dog Animation

Spotted on and traced back to here.


Totoro Gif

I must admit that the older i get, the more i love animated gifs. This Totoro one spotted here. I’ve been saving a few. At some point soon i’ll do an animated gif special ;) There’s something a bit cheeky about a gif. They are having a bit of a renaissance – and i’m enjoying it.


Lots more great finds, articles, thoughts and commentary over at Nathan’s Rubbish Corp. Always a good read.

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Pink and Blue Monsters

We got a new juicer through today as an advance birthday present for Cookie from Cookie Snr. And it’s amazing! We’ve been down to the market and stuffed a rucksack full to the brim of fruit and veg, and been madly whazzing it through the machine all day. Turns out grapefruit goes with just about everything.

If you have kids i would imagine a juicer being a great way of getting them to eat carrots and beetroot. So much fun ramming carrots in the tube of doom to be loudly grated to death… Monsters above spotted on Ffffound :)

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Yannle Coroller

Getting in the Christmas spirit here in Monster Munch watching Yann le Coroller’s Xmas Monster Animation. You can watch the video here and check out the rest of his fantastic monster illustration here.

Update: Yann got in contact and apparently you can get hold of this little fella in ticklable iPhone App format! He does a bit of shouting and screaming when you accost him. Lovely :)

Talking Carl iPhone App

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inside the head

X-Ray vs the Little People. Both fascinating thoughts :)

Xray Mouth


I used to have a cat, and whether you love them or hate them, these are so perfectly observed! They’ve been around a while, but if you’ve missed out on Simon’s cat, you should definately have a quick look at this mini cartoon. Via DoobyBrain



The mascot from Ilustrenos

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I was sweeping the yard yesterday and i spotted this little fella grubbing around under the deck chair. I could never quite figure out how you’d go about moving if you only had one foot, so i drew closer and had a gander. Suddenly i remembered i have a timelapse function on my camera. He seemed agreeable to a photoshoot, and so here he is in all his breakdancing glory – May i present … Snail! ( Extended version here ). I was thinking Benny Hill for music – whatdya think ?

Snail Stop Frame from Nicky Gibson on Vimeo.


Needed to look at something soothing and nice today after a renagade weekend away with the Pokers. Broken i am! Not sure we can show our faces in Devon again. Anyway, so here’s a little something from ljudbilden with some jolly faced monsters to take the pain away.

Minilogue – Animals from ljudbilden on Vimeo.


Lovable Kiwi character has a mission on the go… Brings a tear to the eye ;’) He’s got a lotta personality for an ‘armless little bird. Spotted over on my new favoutire blog Vecchio Bipede – years and years of good stuff to see. Not often that you sit and go through page after page of a blog but this is a rare exception! A fair sprinkling of monsters too.


Tony Hart

Inspiration to a generation of creative people, today i learned the sad news that Tony Hart has passed away. Hours spent in front of the telle watching Take Hart as a kid no doubt fueled my desire to design and make things throughout my life. I had a giant bag of paper, card, glue and string that kept me happy for rainy day after rainy day. Genuinely sad to hear Tony’s gone. Rex of Little Big Planet sums it up very well in his tribute here.

Co stars Morph and Chaz above – of course created by Aardman Animations.



Cheers for the link Tom! Update: See the outtakes  ;)  Ad by Superfad.


“A love triangle between common kitchen utensils yields an epic tale of life and death. Told through the magical world of stop go animation, created by Jason Rosenberg and Jon Barth.” Visit Behind Closed Drawers and Jason’s blog.

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