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Ffffound 2010 Collection

So, in a lazy post stylie here’s a bunch of things i’ve been eyeballing recently. Some cute, some funny, some smart, some daft, some beautifully aligned, some handmade, but all brilliant in one way or another. The source or post reference for each: Space Woman, Chick Egg, Lego Smiley, Organ, Dog DJ, Rab in a Box, Spectrum Hair, Primary Vector Knives, Modernist Stripes, White Tree on Orange, Giant Foot, HUD, Oil Can, Architectural Robot Face, Squid Balaclava, Twin Yolk Rug, Imagination Vacation Sweater, Thank You Scene. Click them open in tabs to find some great blogs, and Ffffound collections :) Also – buckets more on my Ffffound page - ( Sorry i’ve not got any invites :( If i did you’d be the first to know :)  )


MWM Graphics

Matt W. Moore’s first solo-exhibition in Paris, all the works of which were created during his visit to the city. Have a look at the exhibition and the rest of the vibrant collection here. He actually uses spray paint to create almost digital looking canvases, which i was surprised at. The use of colour is extremely tasty, creating optical illusions and facets that remind you of crystal shards, glass buildings, and feel like bursts of excitement. Really interesting looking at the part made works in progress, his piles of stencil papers, and tables of paints. A very optimistic and inspiring feel that makes you want to go home and get your colours out.

His exhibition is still on until March 12th so if you fancy a trip over on the Eurostar be sure to take your camera.

Cubes And Cones

Continuing the theme of geometric shapes, and 3d forms this time, here’s a collection of work by Lenancker Romain. From Lyon this time, his works are a mixture of still life photography and scene creation. ( What’s the work for that ? ! ). Love the ominous ‘invasion’ feel of the black pyramids/cubes.

And finally the gaggle of white cones, cylinders and cubes was spotted over at Ffffound and is in facts a photomontage, enhanced with gouache, airbrush and papercut created in 1936! Titled ‘Metamorphosis’ the artist is  Herbert Bayer. You can find out more here.


Zwicky the cat by Donald Brun
I was in Amsterdam the other weekend with Cookie. We wondered the streets looking in shop windows and stopping for beer and steaks. The occasional snowflake added to the atmosphere. But my favourite find was a hot tip off from @whatkatiedoesThe Cat Museum! There are real live cats in there. I counted 4 but there may be more…. Filled with vintage posters and painting of cats, cat sculptures, and toys. And a shop of prints to take home.

My favourite by far was the discovery of Zwicky! A charismatic cat drawn by artist Donald Brun. There were several more works by Donald i hope to buy prints of. I’ll let you know when i find them ;)

Posters from the Cat Museum Amsterdam

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Tavis Coburn's Orange Bafta Posters

Alex sent these round this week. Beautiful posters for this year’s Baftas illustrated by Tavis Coburn. I’ve blogged about Tavis’s work right back in the first days of Monster Munch with his mixture of collage and comic style – great richness of texture and colour. The Bafta’s are on on Saturday night in the UK, but you can join in on the banter, live online with comedian Peter Serefenowicz on the Orange Bafta Night Live site.


sarahillen berger

A mixture of interesting work on Sarah’s site including wonderfully stylised, food and household objects. Vibrant colour, and unusual combinations of objects and textures show up throughout her work, as well as diagrammatic shots of everyday objects – But all with the same sense of curiosity and imagination about them. Lots to look through here on her portfolio site.


A Collection A Day

Lisa Congdon is going to show us a collection a day for the whole of 2010. Nice stuff emerging already as she picks from her vaults of items she’s been collecting across her lifetime. She’s an artist and illustrator from San Francisco and will be drawing and painting some of the objects form time to time too. Love these vintage erasers. Some retro packaging on the site too. Keep your eyes on this one. It’ll make a lovely book at some point.

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Giant Pencils Grow Wild!

Wonderful sculpture by Jonna Pohjalainen. Pencils growing wild jutting out into the sky. More images of the pencils being erected into the field here, here and here. You can read more about the background to the project over at EnvironmentalArt where there’s more imaginative outdoor sculpture to been seen.  Spotted over at crafty blog 10Marifet.


Mate Steinforth Monster

I want to hug him and run away screaming all at the same time.

What a fine example of a proper old school City Rampaging monster. Big teeth and wide eyes – he’s a beauty! This cute, yet fangy, furry friend is the creation of Mate Steinforth – designer, illustration, animator, and creative director. He was due to pop into Poke today to do a little talk, but hopefully he can make it in another day. I’m excited to get the lowdown on the 3D modeling work below, and see what else he has up his sleeve. I will report back if i hear more …

Mate Steinforth Monster Creation


Kid Acne shot by Mr.Lomo

Some gorgeous shots taken by Mr.Lomo ( with his Lomo of course ) of some street art by Sheffield rapper Kid Acne. He’s sniffed out a whole bunch here around the streets of East London, against a variety of lush colours and roughed up textures. Our heroine swordsman seems to be a little accident prone, as she’s featured many a time with a plaster-cast arm, a few drips of blood, and the occasional gimp mask ( as you do ). You can buy a shirt featuring one of Kid Acne’s ‘Stabby Women’ over at Concrete Hermit.

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Spotted this Ghostly Monster fella over on Ffffound and i just had to show you. Traced it back to an article on the consistently excellent Kitsune Noir and here’s the link to the band in question’s site so you can have a little listen. I don’t know for sure but this looks a little like the work of Supermundane ? Had a rummage and indeed it is. Check out his other lovely stuff here. I think i’m quite liking that band too. What a nice double find.

And it’s at this point i break away to tell you about my new jumper. Yes! It’s all hot news down here at Monster-Munch ;) It’s cold and drizzly today and happily my jumper arrived bang in time from Lazy Oaf. There is a questionable fella wearing it in the demo shot so i have removed his head so as not to scare you off. It’s reversible, and suits two moods both joyous and grumpy, or sober vs drunk perhaps, or time for bed vs time to get up. Whatever suits you. Anyway. I am very much looking forward to utilizing this double sided messaging. Watch out for grumpy face – if you see it, a cup of tea wouldn’t go a miss ;)

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I have no idea how i’ve managed to go all these years without coming across the gob smacking work of Charley Harper. It was a post on Emma’s Blog about a needle point canvas kit ( cross-stitch type thing ) featuring some beautiful graphic birds that caught my eye. I’d assumed that the abstracted angular shapes were from a modern illustrator, and by that i mean drawn digitally. It looks so current. It’s only when i click through to the craft site Purl Bee and through to the artist’s site that i’m amazed to find that the work is several decades old! I was so surprised and excited to see the enormous amount of work Charley had created over many years. And the fact this very modern looking illustration style had come from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s. I urge you to head in and flick through the pages and pages of wonderful work. Amazing colours and forms. Hugely inspiring!

Charley was born in 1922, and sadly passed away 2 years ago. But i’m sure his work will be enjoyed for generations.


A little while ago Katie passed me this Traveling Moleskine. There are a fair few of them knocking around all with various themes, this one with the theme Crafty… So i set to work creating a special tweedy felt monster. He actually turned out quite nicely, and i’m thinking that technique might work really well on a bag or cushion or tshirt maybe ? Anyway, i’ve been meaning to blog this for ages. I’ll pop some images on flickr too so you can see the details. You can just see the reverse side there of Katie’s wonderful paper embroidery. Very nice! And i’m excited to see what the next recipient, my old mate Jaypeg, will do to her page :) You can read more about the project over at Culture Vulture. ANd you can peek inside some of the other moleskine’s here.

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Could it be you ? This is my lovely house that i own with my good buddy, and fellow creative Chris ( from Design Friendship ). We bought it a while back and did a ‘Phil and Kirsty’ on it, knocking out walls, laying walnut flooring and popping in glass panels. Now as you know i’m now living with the lovely Cookie, so in fact there’s half a house going spare and we need a new friend fill it. And that’s where you come in! Mail me at Nicky[at] or Tweet me on @NickyGibson if you’re up for moving in. For more details Download the Pdf here – Thank you friends :)

It has an 11 meter garden ( which is a sweet extra in London ). It’s really peaceful and over looks a park. Only the tweeting of birds to disturb you ;) A five minute walk to Hoxton and Shoreditch, and only a couple of mins from the ( soon to be ) new Hoxton Tube station.

Most awesomely though it’s just off of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market which is now stuffed with Vintage Clothes shops, Cafes, Cake shops, Retro Homewares, Art Galleries, and one of the best pubs in London, the ancient looking ( and cosy log fired ) Royal Oak.

It’s a pretty sweet deal! So get in touch for details like price and more photos etc. Ps. The Habitat walnut bed is there for you too ;)

A Brick Lane curry, Vintage shops and gig venues are 10 mins stroll away, as is Broadway Market, and Hackney Farm. Basically you get relaxing chilled home, within stumbling distance of all the creativity and party action that East London has to offer. Shoreditch also has it’s own proper music festival. ( Remind me.. Why am i living in Dalston again ? …. )

Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops, Nelly Duff Gallery, Royal Oak Pub, Jones Dairy, and illustrator Rob Ryan’s Shop to name a fraction.


Found this while i was searching for pictures of a dog in a chef’s outfit ( don’t ask ).
Brilliant pup costume. How good is that ? Now that’s what you call going the extra mile on an outfit.
You know, that if i ever had a dog he’d totally be getting his own range of bespoke attire for special occasions. I’m almost tempted to get a dog for that specific purpose ;) ( I feel sorry for him already ).


A beautifully simple idea from Vadim Kibardin. The most minimal of elements needed to form a clock – use purely the numbers. The clock’s four digits are made from 7 OLED‘s ( Organic Light Emitting Diodes ) each. Independently controlled. During the day, the letters appear dark. During the night, a light sensor triggers the switch over to white illumination. I’d absolutely love one of these :)

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