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Barbie Is Older Than You Think

Saw this pic and wondered .. she probably is getting on a bit eh? Had a google – turns out she was actually 52 in March. Well i never. Does that make you feel old, or young ?

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Bacon Scarf
Sunny enough for a walk. Chilly enough for a scarf. That’s how it is at the moment. So here’s a couple i happened across yesterday, to keep you warm on the walk to work. The Bacon Scarf is crying out for a fried Egg Head woolly hat no ? That’d be a sweet combo ;) And a topical one for the Poke peeps here, the Police Line scarf! Always handy to have on you should you come across a crime scene.

Police Line Scarf

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Screen printed limited edition stocking designs

Nice! Lovely illustration and sweet ideas on this range of hand screen printed limited edition stockings. Loving them! I’ve never seen designs like these on legs before. I didn’t even know you could screen print on tights. There’s bunches on there – the rain drops are a favourite, as are the bloody veins at the top here. Reminds me very much of the Blood and Guts chairs and cushions by Akel Creations. Anyway, the range is Les Queues De Sardines, by M + O, and are available from Fortnum and Mason ( and lots of places in France and Europe ). Check out the rest here!



Come and visit us at That’s A Cappuccino! And add your best and worst coffee shops to the map :) You can read all about what makes the perfect Cappuccino from the experts here. Our Mission is detailed here spelling out what we stand for and how you can assert your right to a proper coffee ;)

Special thanks to the rest of the very awesome Team#1 who managed to get this from idea to working website in under 24hrs. Impressive! Super work Iain, Gav, Meachin, Chris R, Aina, & Kate.

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Vans Neon Orange

Oh yes! These will be mine ;) Only available in Japan at the moment as far as i can see. Hope they head to Europe soon. These very tasty vans come in a few neon colours. All good.


Hello Necklace

Sold out right now at Joanna Rutter’s Etsy shop but i wanted to show you anyway. Incredibly fiddly to make but very sweet result. Hope she makes some more soon.

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For the lover of the WaterMelon Shoes, here come the Meat Feet! Also – don’t miss the Meat Man-Bag, the Cheese Bag, and Bacon Briefcase plus the Bacon Wallet. You could probably get a whole outfit … but you might look like some kind of crazy butcher. Via Allee Willis.


Alexandra Verschueren has designed this angular yet soft, concertina textured cloak. It looks perhaps like it’s made from felt, and carefully creased like origami to create an expanding, and stretchy, but delicate structure. It makes you want to touch it. I love the effect. I’d like to see how it looks in motion. reminds me of those stratchy paper things apples used to come packed in. If i saw it in reality it’d be all too tempting to grab it and ‘test it’s strength’ – like bubble wrap, irresistible ;) Reckon the paper dress underneath might be a bit chilly ;) Inspired by Origami, and the photography work of Thomas Demand.


Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp straw – it’s Brock Davis‘s Office Party Ghost tshirt. In the daylight it’s a photocopier shooting out blank pages … but by night, the outline of a ghostly figure photocopying his arse appears! ( With little ghostly bum prints on the pages ;)  ) Lots more nice shirts by Brock here.


That’s more like it. Fair Trade tshirt here from People Tree. Vote for the best one over at Cadbury Fairtrade. Cheers for the link Asi!

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Lovely site here from ex-Poker Supermarket Sarah. She’s set up a little shop of weird and wonderful things in hre house near Portobello Market. She’s selling some really sweet little nick-nacks, but if you can’t get down to west London fear not as she’s made a really great little site. Quite simply it’s the shop window. Want that dress? Just click and buy it. Lovely idea and gorgeous trinkets. Follow her blog to find out when she’s making cake. Mmmmm.


The brilliant movie graphics site Film The Blanks has been going from strength to strength the last few months. Competition is raging as to who’s the top movie poster buff. But you’ll have to be extremely quick off the mark. I’ve never managed to get any points! The best thing is that John’s set up a tshirt shop, so now not only can we enjoy them as screen prints but wear them too. Awesome! Visit the tshirt shop here or find out more info on the design and printing here. I love the Life of Brian one below.

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Not sure what’s happening here. But it looks like it’d make for thoroughly memorable afternoon. Loose theories on a postcard please!

Ps – Got you there, RSS readers! ;)


Cut & Paste come to London on the 4th April. Various categories of designers battle it out live in front of an audience. Sounds like pressure!

“2D, 3D and Motion design contests against the clock, at 16 spectator events around the world.”

More on the format, rules and prizes here. If you’re about next Saturday, it’s down at The Coronet Theatre SE1. Lovely poster here by the super talented Chris at Design Friendship

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Happy feet, mine would be, if they were dressed like this… Red trainers from here. Gold ones customized by Noah here. Now where did those old Forest Hills go …

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