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Farnhill's Shakey Leg Ale

I’ve been hiding for ages. ‘Recovery’ you might say ;) But i have very good reason. And it’s this lot’s fault :D

Meet Poke, the bunch of talented mentalists i ‘work’ with. What happens when you lock 50 creatives in a house for the weekend? An impromptu improvised, spur of the moment Wedding…. Home brew… Falling in lakes…. and not to mention a Sexy Disco Volcano. Full-on laser-rave. I can’t really explain any of that. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Suffice to say, the bits i can remember, will not easily be forgotten!

Above is my label for Mike’s tasty custom brewed Ale. Paying homage to Nick Farnhill’s infamous shak(e)y leg… er … the Ole English spelling ….. ahem (!)

Team Awesome

Above: Team Awesome, trying to maintain the illusion of respectability for as long as possible.

Mike proudly presents the Brew!

Mike proudly presents ‘The Brew’ … then we swiftly slide downhill into …

Carnage ensues at Sexy Disco Volcano

Sexy Disco Volcano! Carnage ensues …. and the monumental unveiling of Will’s ‘very fitted’ shiny gold hot-pants – Crikey!

Three shots above by the Marc Davies – aka Mr.Lomo! The Poke Wedding photographer of choice.

Thanks everyone for an unbelievable weekend! Love you all :D xx

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Dark Side Company Car


Giant Monster Snake
Woh! A Monster Snake – and his pet boy… Spotted here.


Shauna Richardson - Chrochetdermy

Some amazing crochet / taxidermy skills here from Shauna Richardson. I’ve tried to crochet before and i tell you what, this wouldn’t be easy! There’s some superior technical action and planning gone in to these. There are some wonderful shots on her site of the animals roaming free in urban darkness. Giving them a darker, much more sinister feel. See the full gallery here. Amazing work.


Chatroulette Anatomy
For the Junior Players there’s the inevitable anatomy lessons. For the Pro Players? They play to win :) Cheers to Dan N-S for tweeting the vid. Image above by St├ęphane Massa-Bidal.

How To Win At Chatroulette

Chatroulette Study By Casey Neistat

And for those of you still intrigued, but still wanting to keep your dinner down - a great mini study here by Casey Neistat who takes a humourous look at who’s doing what on Chatroulette…. or How To Be Sucessful On Chatroulette.


Totoro Gif

I must admit that the older i get, the more i love animated gifs. This Totoro one spotted here. I’ve been saving a few. At some point soon i’ll do an animated gif special ;) There’s something a bit cheeky about a gif. They are having a bit of a renaissance – and i’m enjoying it.


Tavis Coburn's Orange Bafta Posters

Alex sent these round this week. Beautiful posters for this year’s Baftas illustrated by Tavis Coburn. I’ve blogged about Tavis’s work right back in the first days of Monster Munch with his mixture of collage and comic style – great richness of texture and colour. The Bafta’s are on on Saturday night in the UK, but you can join in on the banter, live online with comedian Peter Serefenowicz on the Orange Bafta Night Live site.


Lots more great finds, articles, thoughts and commentary over at Nathan’s Rubbish Corp. Always a good read.

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New FireFox logo ?

Handy place to carry your cat…. There’s definitely a gag here that i’m not gonna make! There’s kids watching ;) The source link seems to be down, but here it is on ffffound.

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Pink and Blue Monsters

We got a new juicer through today as an advance birthday present for Cookie from Cookie Snr. And it’s amazing! We’ve been down to the market and stuffed a rucksack full to the brim of fruit and veg, and been madly whazzing it through the machine all day. Turns out grapefruit goes with just about everything.

If you have kids i would imagine a juicer being a great way of getting them to eat carrots and beetroot. So much fun ramming carrots in the tube of doom to be loudly grated to death… Monsters above spotted on Ffffound :)

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Monster Cat

Oh no wait, it’s just a cat. Here he is here.


Sharks with human teeth!

Dare they say they even look cute? Certainly like they’re fairly jolly fellows at any rate! I’m imagining Creature Comforts type voices on them :) Thanks to Meachin for sending this one over. Love it. If you know who’s responsible then drop me a line.


Yannle Coroller

Getting in the Christmas spirit here in Monster Munch watching Yann le Coroller’s Xmas Monster Animation. You can watch the video here and check out the rest of his fantastic monster illustration here.

Update: Yann got in contact and apparently you can get hold of this little fella in ticklable iPhone App format! He does a bit of shouting and screaming when you accost him. Lovely :)

Talking Carl iPhone App

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That's a Cappuccino

It’s our very first Hack Day here at Poke. And we have 24hrs to come up with an idea and build it into a real ‘something’ on the interweb.

It’s a touch challenge. And i hope that Team #1 can live up to it’s name. We battle valiantly against some of the best in the industry today. The theme has been set: FOOD…… read the rules etc here :)

Our thoughts turn to the ( very disturbing ) slippage of standards, of Cappuccino making we been experiencing recently! We will stand no more for these ropey Lattes passing themselves off as Cappuccinos. What’s with all the milk ?? It’s diluting the caffeine! An overly milky coffee plainly isn’t good enough to keep our hard working brains afloat. It’s simply a dangerous predicament. So we’re standing up and shouting about it.

Introducing “That’s a Cappuccino”. The campaign to seek out and highlight the best and the worst of the offenders who shun ‘The Golden Rule’ of 1:1:1 Espresso to steamed milk, to froth. We will expect no more, no less. And we will be coming to a coffee shop near you very soon ……


Chop Stick Kitty

I’ve been watching too many horror movies this weekend with scenes of expected gruesomeness, and unexpected violent limb removal. So i’ve been trying to balance out the dark with some cute for the sake of getting to sleep tonight ;) So here’s a vid from Yewknee ( thanks for the link Cookie! ) of an impossibly cute squashed face kitten eating his dinner from chop sticks. There’s something of the Gizmo about him. And maybe a touch of Ewok?

More Aaaaaaaaaah and less Aarrrrggghhh! – that’s what you need on a sunday night.

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