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What Motivates Us by Dan Pink

Great talk by Dan Pink, about what drives us, and how people are, and aren’t, motivated. Some surprising tests. Some initially counter intuitive results actually come to seem pretty obvious in hindsight, and so highlight some overlooked points about peoples perceived reward and satisfaction at work ( and in life generally). He talks about the effectiveness of using different types of rewards – Money versus the combination of challenge, freedom and purpose. Shows how using creativity is particularly relevant no matter what you do. Anyway, tis interesting ;)

Watch it below:

Thanks to the super talented Mattias from Breakfast NY for sharing.


Ffffound 2010 Collection

So, in a lazy post stylie here’s a bunch of things i’ve been eyeballing recently. Some cute, some funny, some smart, some daft, some beautifully aligned, some handmade, but all brilliant in one way or another. The source or post reference for each: Space Woman, Chick Egg, Lego Smiley, Organ, Dog DJ, Rab in a Box, Spectrum Hair, Primary Vector Knives, Modernist Stripes, White Tree on Orange, Giant Foot, HUD, Oil Can, Architectural Robot Face, Squid Balaclava, Twin Yolk Rug, Imagination Vacation Sweater, Thank You Scene. Click them open in tabs to find some great blogs, and Ffffound collections :) Also – buckets more on my Ffffound page - ( Sorry i’ve not got any invites :( If i did you’d be the first to know :)  )


Sausage Dog Animation

Spotted on and traced back to here.


Totoro Gif

I must admit that the older i get, the more i love animated gifs. This Totoro one spotted here. I’ve been saving a few. At some point soon i’ll do an animated gif special ;) There’s something a bit cheeky about a gif. They are having a bit of a renaissance – and i’m enjoying it.


MWM Graphics

Matt W. Moore’s first solo-exhibition in Paris, all the works of which were created during his visit to the city. Have a look at the exhibition and the rest of the vibrant collection here. He actually uses spray paint to create almost digital looking canvases, which i was surprised at. The use of colour is extremely tasty, creating optical illusions and facets that remind you of crystal shards, glass buildings, and feel like bursts of excitement. Really interesting looking at the part made works in progress, his piles of stencil papers, and tables of paints. A very optimistic and inspiring feel that makes you want to go home and get your colours out.

His exhibition is still on until March 12th so if you fancy a trip over on the Eurostar be sure to take your camera.

Cubes And Cones

Continuing the theme of geometric shapes, and 3d forms this time, here’s a collection of work by Lenancker Romain. From Lyon this time, his works are a mixture of still life photography and scene creation. ( What’s the work for that ? ! ). Love the ominous ‘invasion’ feel of the black pyramids/cubes.

And finally the gaggle of white cones, cylinders and cubes was spotted over at Ffffound and is in facts a photomontage, enhanced with gouache, airbrush and papercut created in 1936! Titled ‘Metamorphosis’ the artist is  Herbert Bayer. You can find out more here.


Zwicky the cat by Donald Brun
I was in Amsterdam the other weekend with Cookie. We wondered the streets looking in shop windows and stopping for beer and steaks. The occasional snowflake added to the atmosphere. But my favourite find was a hot tip off from @whatkatiedoesThe Cat Museum! There are real live cats in there. I counted 4 but there may be more…. Filled with vintage posters and painting of cats, cat sculptures, and toys. And a shop of prints to take home.

My favourite by far was the discovery of Zwicky! A charismatic cat drawn by artist Donald Brun. There were several more works by Donald i hope to buy prints of. I’ll let you know when i find them ;)

Posters from the Cat Museum Amsterdam

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Tavis Coburn's Orange Bafta Posters

Alex sent these round this week. Beautiful posters for this year’s Baftas illustrated by Tavis Coburn. I’ve blogged about Tavis’s work right back in the first days of Monster Munch with his mixture of collage and comic style – great richness of texture and colour. The Bafta’s are on on Saturday night in the UK, but you can join in on the banter, live online with comedian Peter Serefenowicz on the Orange Bafta Night Live site.


sarahillen berger

A mixture of interesting work on Sarah’s site including wonderfully stylised, food and household objects. Vibrant colour, and unusual combinations of objects and textures show up throughout her work, as well as diagrammatic shots of everyday objects – But all with the same sense of curiosity and imagination about them. Lots to look through here on her portfolio site.


Old Telephone ?

Technical hitches here at Monster-Munch! The internet has decided not to play ball. Apparently to fix it i need an old fashioned ‘land line’ telephone to test the line. Wha ? Who has one of those for gods sake! :) Well, i’ve dug one up ( thanks to Chris ), and we should be back online soon. Till then, i’ll try and pop you up some juicy bits at lunchtimes ;)

PS – I broke my email too – sorry all yous i’ve not got back to yet. I’m coming!

Image above – Manipulador del sistema Breguet, nuevo modelo – from a great gallery of vintage etchings of chaps, ancient science and technology diagrams, illuminated letters, and more.

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Lots more great finds, articles, thoughts and commentary over at Nathan’s Rubbish Corp. Always a good read.

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Hand Drawn Type and Illustration Micah Lidberg

Detailed line work and sweeping curves create the rich texture in Micah’s work. With a strong eye for form, type, and pattern, there’s some great hand drawn lettering in his portfolio. There’s a few jungle pieces that have a touch of Where The Wild Things Are ( the book ), which i love. Definitely worth spending a few minutes going through as you never know what to expect on the next page. Look out for monsters, dinosaursforest, more forest, ghosts, and lots more hidden behind the trees. Also – here’s a quick vid of some sketches he drew for his friends of their favourite things.

Micah Lidberg Type


Screen printed limited edition stocking designs

Nice! Lovely illustration and sweet ideas on this range of hand screen printed limited edition stockings. Loving them! I’ve never seen designs like these on legs before. I didn’t even know you could screen print on tights. There’s bunches on there – the rain drops are a favourite, as are the bloody veins at the top here. Reminds me very much of the Blood and Guts chairs and cushions by Akel Creations. Anyway, the range is Les Queues De Sardines, by M + O, and are available from Fortnum and Mason ( and lots of places in France and Europe ). Check out the rest here!


Yannle Coroller

Getting in the Christmas spirit here in Monster Munch watching Yann le Coroller’s Xmas Monster Animation. You can watch the video here and check out the rest of his fantastic monster illustration here.

Update: Yann got in contact and apparently you can get hold of this little fella in ticklable iPhone App format! He does a bit of shouting and screaming when you accost him. Lovely :)

Talking Carl iPhone App

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That's a Cappuccino

It’s our very first Hack Day here at Poke. And we have 24hrs to come up with an idea and build it into a real ‘something’ on the interweb.

It’s a touch challenge. And i hope that Team #1 can live up to it’s name. We battle valiantly against some of the best in the industry today. The theme has been set: FOOD…… read the rules etc here :)

Our thoughts turn to the ( very disturbing ) slippage of standards, of Cappuccino making we been experiencing recently! We will stand no more for these ropey Lattes passing themselves off as Cappuccinos. What’s with all the milk ?? It’s diluting the caffeine! An overly milky coffee plainly isn’t good enough to keep our hard working brains afloat. It’s simply a dangerous predicament. So we’re standing up and shouting about it.

Introducing “That’s a Cappuccino”. The campaign to seek out and highlight the best and the worst of the offenders who shun ‘The Golden Rule’ of 1:1:1 Espresso to steamed milk, to froth. We will expect no more, no less. And we will be coming to a coffee shop near you very soon ……


inside the head

X-Ray vs the Little People. Both fascinating thoughts :)

Xray Mouth

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