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MWM Graphics

Matt W. Moore’s first solo-exhibition in Paris, all the works of which were created during his visit to the city. Have a look at the exhibition and the rest of the vibrant collection here. He actually uses spray paint to create almost digital looking canvases, which i was surprised at. The use of colour is extremely tasty, creating optical illusions and facets that remind you of crystal shards, glass buildings, and feel like bursts of excitement. Really interesting looking at the part made works in progress, his piles of stencil papers, and tables of paints. A very optimistic and inspiring feel that makes you want to go home and get your colours out.

His exhibition is still on until March 12th so if you fancy a trip over on the Eurostar be sure to take your camera.

Cubes And Cones

Continuing the theme of geometric shapes, and 3d forms this time, here’s a collection of work by Lenancker Romain. From Lyon this time, his works are a mixture of still life photography and scene creation. ( What’s the work for that ? ! ). Love the ominous ‘invasion’ feel of the black pyramids/cubes.

And finally the gaggle of white cones, cylinders and cubes was spotted over at Ffffound and is in facts a photomontage, enhanced with gouache, airbrush and papercut created in 1936! Titled ‘Metamorphosis’ the artist is  Herbert Bayer. You can find out more here.


I have no idea how i’ve managed to go all these years without coming across the gob smacking work of Charley Harper. It was a post on Emma’s Blog about a needle point canvas kit ( cross-stitch type thing ) featuring some beautiful graphic birds that caught my eye. I’d assumed that the abstracted angular shapes were from a modern illustrator, and by that i mean drawn digitally. It looks so current. It’s only when i click through to the craft site Purl Bee and through to the artist’s site that i’m amazed to find that the work is several decades old! I was so surprised and excited to see the enormous amount of work Charley had created over many years. And the fact this very modern looking illustration style had come from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s. I urge you to head in and flick through the pages and pages of wonderful work. Amazing colours and forms. Hugely inspiring!

Charley was born in 1922, and sadly passed away 2 years ago. But i’m sure his work will be enjoyed for generations.


This – Via my new favourite blog Make Do And Mend. Fantastic stencil / marker-pen-style portraits, but created by gluing down strips of cassette tape. Blimey. I’m admiring the artist’s patience! Brilliant though. Artist is Iri5. Check out the full set on his Flickr.


German digital artist and tinkerer Quasimondo has been noodling with the idea of encoding images within a single tweet. The results above show how the image is geometrically reconstructed. It looks abstracted but you can see that the idea could be pretty interesting!

“Preliminary result of a little competition with the goal to write an image encoder/decoder that allows to send an image in a tweet. The image on the left is what I currently manage to send in 140 characters via twitter.”

I’ve not tested it but, apparently this is the tweet for the image:
圑嘌婂搒孵怤實恄幖戰怴搝愩娻屗奊唀唭嚟帧啜徠山峔巰喜圂嗊埯廇嗕患嚵幇墥彫壛嶂壋悟声喿墰廚埽崙嫖嘵奰恛嬂啷婕媸姴嚥娐嗪嫤圣峈嬻尤囮愰啴屽嶍屽嶰寂喿 嶐唥帑尸庠啞彐啯廂喪帄嗆怠嗙开唅恰唦慼啥憛幮悐喆悠喚忐嗳惐唔戠啹媊婼捐啸抃岖嗅怲幀嗈拀唹坭嵄彠喺悠單囏庰抂唋岰媮岬夣宐彋媀恦啼彐壔姩宔嬀

( Update: Didn’t work for me but let me know if it does for you. I may be missing something )

You can read a full rundown of his ideas and coding methodology on his flickr. You can see more of his Algorithmically Generated imagery here.

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Each crayon is hand cast and slotted into place. Part painting, part sculpture these pieces by Christian Faur can be admired for their indivual parts close up or for the emerging image as you stand back. I really like the side angle view. I think if i owned one i wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of rubbing a huge sheet of paper over it though! The close-up detail of this reminds me of the Boex twin’s Pencil Bench. Very tactile. Be great to see games characters done like this. Via Gizmodo.


The colours on this are gorgeous. Very subtle. I’ve been meaning to post it for a while, and now i can’t remember where i found it! If you spot it somewhere let me know so i can credit the artist – ta : ) I wonder what he’s doing out of the water, that deflated octopus…


Big Bears, giant rabbits, owls, stags and squirrels – all from the Stealthy Rabbit. Made completely from recycled card, paper, boxes and magazines, each is unique. How wicked would they look on the wall at home?


Tebe Interesno Monster

Keep watching … he does blink ; ) I came across this chap’s blog the other day. He has a bumper collection of Monster artists to browse through. Well worth a scroll along. The shame is though that all the artist references are in Russian. If you know of any of these artists can you please let me know ? Cheers you!

Update: Dimitri Maksimov is the artist/photographer. Fantastic stuff.

Tebe Interesno Monsters

A gorgeous collection of monster art. Some Studio Ghibli-esque, and some feel like their shot with lomo and painted into. Very nice.


Bob Dylan by Hellovon

Hellovon is an amazing illustrator/artist that just keeps cropping up. He has a wonderful way of capturing only what’s necessary to convey the essence of character. When you look, all you can see are simple shapes, flat planes of tone. But somehow these simple, loose, free shapes come together to create an extremely accurate and often vividly real representation of the subject. His images manage to be both soft and sharp at once. Extremely talented. And in this era of fashionable ‘can’t draw’ style, here’s a very welcome example of modern, yet exceptional drawing / painting skill. I wish i could draw like this. Don’t miss the Hellovon Shop.

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Olivier Tallec

That’s the kind of weird shit that ends up in my inbox these days. These these sinister Snoopys are conjured up by Parisian illustrator and artist, Olivier Tallec. I love the sculpture to the left, and the casual manner in which he’s folding the severed legs down to the kitchen bin ;) How would you read it if the knife weren’t there ? Thank you Olivier for sending me your lovely work.

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Cookie Portfolio

Good News! International super star designer and illustrator Cookie ( of Made-In-England ) is up for grabs! Back from a brief 3,000 mile walk, a cup of tea, and a biscuit, his portfolio is up and he’s out on the mean streets of London. If you’re in need of a freelance touch of graphical magic, or indeed some in house talent, give Cookie a buzz. Loving the Monster City rampage at the top. Track him down here: Cookie{at}

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Stags In The Forest

I came across this rich patterned illustration by Joe, commissioned for Topshop.  See the details here in higher-res. Check out pics of Joe painting some giant murals, including a green toucan made of leaves, on the walls at the big Topshop shop. I’d love to get some tiling patterns done soon, as i’ve signed myself up for an intro to screen printing in Dalston on saturday… Very exciting. ( I hope i’m feeling a bit better by then – i’ve been a bit under the weather! ).

Xmas Idea? Make your own christmas wrapping paper this year by screen printing tiling designs on any old papers / calenders / pads you’ve got lying around the house. Your presents will look so much more exciting!


Big Black Cloud

Illustrator/painter Joshua Gorchov mailed me his work the other day, and i spotted these two gorgous bird paintings. His work includes abstracted people walking in the woodland, and the characters they meet on the way. Prints of his work are for sale over at Esty.

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I found this fellow, Joshua Petker, being interviewed over at Fecal face. His work with neon colours, dry brush black over washed out shades give these paintings both a sense of grittiness and glamour. Sexy and comicbook-like, they could equally be taken from movie concept drawings. His use of colour is amazing. Looks like he has some fashion work coming out soon.


Two Godzillas

A set of beautiful paintings from Moira Hahn. Water colour Double Trouble II above, and Heaven and Hell II below.

Heaven And Hell - Moira Hahn

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