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Farnhill's Shakey Leg Ale

I’ve been hiding for ages. ‘Recovery’ you might say ;) But i have very good reason. And it’s this lot’s fault :D

Meet Poke, the bunch of talented mentalists i ‘work’ with. What happens when you lock 50 creatives in a house for the weekend? An impromptu improvised, spur of the moment Wedding…. Home brew… Falling in lakes…. and not to mention a Sexy Disco Volcano. Full-on laser-rave. I can’t really explain any of that. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Suffice to say, the bits i can remember, will not easily be forgotten!

Above is my label for Mike’s tasty custom brewed Ale. Paying homage to Nick Farnhill’s infamous shak(e)y leg… er … the Ole English spelling ….. ahem (!)

Team Awesome

Above: Team Awesome, trying to maintain the illusion of respectability for as long as possible.

Mike proudly presents the Brew!

Mike proudly presents ‘The Brew’ … then we swiftly slide downhill into …

Carnage ensues at Sexy Disco Volcano

Sexy Disco Volcano! Carnage ensues …. and the monumental unveiling of Will’s ‘very fitted’ shiny gold hot-pants – Crikey!

Three shots above by the Marc Davies – aka Mr.Lomo! The Poke Wedding photographer of choice.

Thanks everyone for an unbelievable weekend! Love you all :D xx

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One week, two weddings, several hangovers, and a biblical amount of rain. That’s a holiday in the UK for you :) Brilliant fun though. We managed to get all over ‘the North’ to a bunch of gorgeous places i’ve never been. The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Cumbria, Loch Lomond ( way up in Scotland ), and many a tiny village on route. Many village pubs, and pub lunches too – i think i managed fish and chips at least 3 times. Amazing ;) We tested local ales where ever we went. I quite like Cumberland Ale but the Cocker Hoop was also very much worth a tipple.

We made a wedding cake. Well, Cookie baked it ( his first cake! ) and we decorated it with tiny marzipan characters. A labour of love but well worth it. To see the making-of shots, more pics here.

Cookie and i visited the Wensleydale Cheese making place, watched the cheese being made, and stuffed ourselves with an enormous Ploughmans cheese selection! And then headed underground to the White Scar Cave ….

We stopped off at the Keswick Pencil museum – the village where the pencil was invented! Saw the longest pencil in the world… wooOOOoo … And went nuts in the shop buying one of every colour they had.

( Van Photo by Akrabat ) – It was raining of course!

Cookie became a conductor on a vintage bus, punching tickets of the happy wedding party.

We listened to bag pipes, we smuggled wine, went on a boat trip, ate Haggis for the first time, ( it tasted amazing by the way! ). Did traditional Scottish dancing … and a few ‘power slides’ on the dance floor for good measure.

And we made a few new friends along the way :) Here’s the blushing bride El with The Cake! More wedding photos here.



Photos above taken by the Flippers!

I think it’s fair to say we were quite badly behaved.
Highlights were:

‘Elf n safety
- We can have plastic gun’s right ? It’s a cowboy duel.
- No guns… There’ll be children present. Not with the current climate.
- Well, we’ll use bananas in our holsters instead ?
- No, you can’t use bananas, people might be allergic to bananas
- …….  ?

The contraband booze boxes wrapped up in brown paper and marked “Hat Box”, “Box of Moustaches”, “Pony food” etc ;)

A lot of people not realising the ‘cold tea’ was in fact Jack Daniels despite it being in a Jack Daniels bottle.

Being allowed to legitimately shout out disgusting swear words at the top of your voice through a loud speaker at a baying crowd ( Adult’s night )

Lots of parents forcing their kids to play repeatedly, to get as many 50p shots in as possible before home time. ( Family day )

Mr(s) Simon Waterfall in a corset and yellow high heels.

Chris being helped into his chaps by two twin cowboys.

‘Slut in a bin’ incident – Our saloon whore getting carried away in the role. She made 20 quid for ‘services rendered’ and lost it down her cleavage.

Will Dogg’s five year old nemesis who kept coming back and whopping him at pictionary

The dubious and controversial drawing of ‘Berlin’.

People queuing up thinking we were the actual bar.

Branding a bare arse.

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An amazing couple of days was had at this, the final ever V&A Village Fete. Our Saloon was in place in all it’s glory. Punters were rounded up by the posse. We were ready. And as the crowd gathered, the cowboys dueled it out in the hot sun, to crys of “Sausage!”  “Godzilla!” “Gary Glitter!” “Jumping The Shark!”, followed by slightly less savory things later in the evening… ( they were skull and crossbones pack ). It was brilliant fun, all fueled by many shots of “cold tea”. A storming success with some hilarious moments. Excellent work team StuffClub! You can see the proud posse above. Five cowboys, one bar tender, one little Apache (me), and two saloon whores for decoration. ( One was a bit hairier than the other ).

Photos above, and a bunch more great shots taken by Stuff Club’s own Katie Marcus. Check them out here.

Thanks to everyone involved, everyone who came down and made it such a great couple of days, and also a massive thanks to Poke for sponsoring StuffClub for the materials, the big ol’ van and the booze! And also for letting us take the afternoon off to run around in silly outfiits ;)

Update: Wrote up the highlights for the Poke blog today ;) Check them out here.


I think the main thing we made was a mess! But the nice chaps in there were very nice to us, and let us take over the back part of the pub with our chopped up socks and piles of felt. A few shadies were had, and a couple of characters brought to life. Rex was constructing a 3D effigy of his famous Grip Wrench (Hollywood Hardman) character, complete with awesome stuffed quiff. Cookie was sketching away doodling ideas for a tshirt range. And Jay was creating an athletic looking striped monster. A good night was had by all!

Photos are talented photographer Jaypeg


Cut & Paste come to London on the 4th April. Various categories of designers battle it out live in front of an audience. Sounds like pressure!

“2D, 3D and Motion design contests against the clock, at 16 spectator events around the world.”

More on the format, rules and prizes here. If you’re about next Saturday, it’s down at The Coronet Theatre SE1. Lovely poster here by the super talented Chris at Design Friendship

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Follow The Pink Rabbit

These were my first customers the other day, a lovely bunch of Irish fellas. They got well into it and started the ball rolling for fellow chap monster makers to join in. We had mostly boys on the second night, about 30 people in the end. And some wild and crazy creations were flowing out of the Shunt bunker. Cheers to Lee ( top left ) for snapping these, who gets the Thursday night award for most sinister monster, Legless the Rabbit. I hope your sister wasn’t too freaked out by it when she unwrapped it for her birthday! The nappy accessorization took off in a big way, inspiring a plethora of bloody weird outfits, as competitive sewing began to ripple around the room.

Drop me a mail here at Monster-Munch if you fancy coming down to the next Making Things Club : ) Thanks everyone who had a go. It was brilliant fun, and really nice to meet you all.

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MakingThingsClub Marc's Photos

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MakingThingsClub5 Jay's Photos

Our big day out was recorded in style by our very own Making Things Club JayPeg. More tonight! And we’ll leave the kit out for you on Friday and Saturday night if you wanna get stuck in ;) Some Rex Felt Tip Tattoo action above too.

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Art In Industry Flyer

I’m having an exhibition! Come down and oggle the monsters.

The creatures have been gathered from miles around, preparations are being made… and here they are tucked up in my suitcase ready for the big day out. An exciting trip to Art in Industry!

Come down and get your hands dirty – along with the chaps from Making Things Club we’re doing a Sock Monster Workshop. So don’t miss it! Wednesday 16th 6pm onwards, at SHUNT – a bar, club, theatre space in some creepy creeeepy catacombs.

Artists’s on their day off….
It is a week showcasing the art of professionals in the creative media industries. Participating are over 25 artists from the worlds of video games, web design, film and tv, illustration, motion graphics and design. The only stipulation for the artists was to contribute pieces not created in their day to day work. The work presented ranges from fine art to nu media; images and sound; analogue and digital: presented on amongst other things canvas, screen and your body.

Showing are creatives from Poke, Framestore, Iris, Sony, Kuju London and loads more. And of course the highlight – Rex will be revealing for the first time his top secret animation series for MTV – Nice one! Here’s a video of the space, it’s reminiscent of the Titty Twister bar from From Dusk til Dawn ( but with less vampires ). I’m quite excited.


ClubPub Rocks One Last Time

ClubPub Rocking one last time…. it doesn’t get better than this :) In fact it was so good it’s taken me nearly a week to get over it! Crank are the best band in the world without a shadow of a doubt. I totally lost my voice from screaming. Absolutely unbelievable. My guitar didn’t survive the mosh pit, but as long as i made it out alive that’s all i care about! And yes, that really is stage diving on a Wednesday night after work ;) haha. Not to mention the swathes of underwear on the stage. Brilliant. Thanks to every person there for making it one of the best nights ever. More, more, more, more, more ……..

Awesome photographic talent featured above by Jaypeg and Mr.Lomo


ClubPub is Tonight !!!!!


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MakingThingsClub Flying V Action!

Now, you might be thinking that it’s quite a weird thing to be doing… And yes in a way you’re probably right! But in fact it’s all action here at Poke Towers, where some of the team have gathered from Making Things Club to prepare for the party of the year next Wednesday. If you fancy popping down to join us, it’s the last ever ClubPub party, and it’s fancy dress, Acid Rock theme! Awesome. It doesn’t get better than that for a theme does it. You’ve got everything from Glam Rock, to Punk Rock, Grunge to Marilyn Manson, Kiss to Ziggy Stardust, Europe and Van Halen to the White Stripes… its endless – oh and with a dash of 90′s Rave thrown in for good measure. Our good mates CRANK will be playing their first ever gig. Extremely excited about that. I saw them rehearsing at the Premises the other day, and they literally are the loudest band in Britain ;) So if you’re up for experiencing amps that go well past 11, come down to On The Rocks in Shoreditch on Wednesday night….


JoeDoucet's 3D Pixel Sofa

I really like the idea of a piece of furniture you can manipulate to suit you. It looks very cool, but not sure how comfy it’d be until i get to sit on one ;) Love that it looks like a gaming environment. Each cushion block, coming in 5 heights, is removable allowing you to create divisions, arm rests etc where ever you like. The Scape Modular Seating System is designed by Joe Doucet at Bond NY, who’ve got their launch party tonight! So if you get to sit on it – let me know what you reckon! :)

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Kates Monster

How awesome is this fella! ? He has a super flappy interactive mouth ;) And a brilliantly deranged set of eyes. He looks as though he’s having a right moan! heh. He’s the first sock monster creation of Kate ( MrsKnotty ), and very monstery he is too. It was Making Things Club last night – and make things we certainly did : ) Nat cranked out an unbelievable Nu-Rave chicken with bling gold eyes and fluro pink mohekan ( send me a picture! ) truly ground breaking stuff going on here i can tell you. Keep ‘em coming monster makers!

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