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Grand Designs House for rent

Available October 2010 to May 2011
( I rent this place and i wanna come back to it ideally when i come back from walking New Zealand  ;)  )

It’s in Dalston, East London.

If you or any of your mates wanna rent it let me know!
Thanks you lovely people x

Architects run down & info

Anybody wanna live there?


Ffffound 2010 Collection

So, in a lazy post stylie here’s a bunch of things i’ve been eyeballing recently. Some cute, some funny, some smart, some daft, some beautifully aligned, some handmade, but all brilliant in one way or another. The source or post reference for each: Space Woman, Chick Egg, Lego Smiley, Organ, Dog DJ, Rab in a Box, Spectrum Hair, Primary Vector Knives, Modernist Stripes, White Tree on Orange, Giant Foot, HUD, Oil Can, Architectural Robot Face, Squid Balaclava, Twin Yolk Rug, Imagination Vacation Sweater, Thank You Scene. Click them open in tabs to find some great blogs, and Ffffound collections :) Also – buckets more on my Ffffound page - ( Sorry i’ve not got any invites :( If i did you’d be the first to know :)  )


Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal ? Apparently so. Or at least if he’s not eaten first. I imagine if you are immortal, the chances of getting eaten at some point during eternity increase ;)

But yes, this cunning Turritopsis Nutricula, after getting through puberty can repeatedly transform back to it’s young, polyp state. Something like Doctor Who ;)

The key lies in a process called transdifferentiation, where one type of cell is transformed into another type of cell. Some animals can undergo limited transdifferentiation and regenerate organs, such as salamanders, which can regrow limbs. Turritopsi nutricula, on the other hand, can regenerate its entire body over and over again.” Read more on Yahoo Green.

Theoretically he can cycle indefinitely between mature and immature states, effectively making him immortal. Pretty cool huh?

But how long before he’s being ground up and sold to us as wrinkle cream…

- Amazing photo above by Peter Schuchert. Lots more alien looking sea creatures here.

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Giant Monster Snake
Woh! A Monster Snake – and his pet boy… Spotted here.


Shauna Richardson - Chrochetdermy

Some amazing crochet / taxidermy skills here from Shauna Richardson. I’ve tried to crochet before and i tell you what, this wouldn’t be easy! There’s some superior technical action and planning gone in to these. There are some wonderful shots on her site of the animals roaming free in urban darkness. Giving them a darker, much more sinister feel. See the full gallery here. Amazing work.


MWM Graphics

Matt W. Moore’s first solo-exhibition in Paris, all the works of which were created during his visit to the city. Have a look at the exhibition and the rest of the vibrant collection here. He actually uses spray paint to create almost digital looking canvases, which i was surprised at. The use of colour is extremely tasty, creating optical illusions and facets that remind you of crystal shards, glass buildings, and feel like bursts of excitement. Really interesting looking at the part made works in progress, his piles of stencil papers, and tables of paints. A very optimistic and inspiring feel that makes you want to go home and get your colours out.

His exhibition is still on until March 12th so if you fancy a trip over on the Eurostar be sure to take your camera.

Cubes And Cones

Continuing the theme of geometric shapes, and 3d forms this time, here’s a collection of work by Lenancker Romain. From Lyon this time, his works are a mixture of still life photography and scene creation. ( What’s the work for that ? ! ). Love the ominous ‘invasion’ feel of the black pyramids/cubes.

And finally the gaggle of white cones, cylinders and cubes was spotted over at Ffffound and is in facts a photomontage, enhanced with gouache, airbrush and papercut created in 1936! Titled ‘Metamorphosis’ the artist is  Herbert Bayer. You can find out more here.


Monster Mushroom

Wowee he’s a monster! I opened the curtains to the balcony today and found this guy lurking…. ! What is he? How did he get so big so fast? Can i eat him ? …. I’ve been looking into it and i *think* he’s an Oyster Mushroom. Or he may just be some kind of horrible fungus. But i’m not certain yet so i’ll be holding off on the mushroom omelet until i’m sure he won’t kill me ;) Very ‘woodland’ for Dalston. Maybe i should get a gnome to go with it…


A Collection A Day

Lisa Congdon is going to show us a collection a day for the whole of 2010. Nice stuff emerging already as she picks from her vaults of items she’s been collecting across her lifetime. She’s an artist and illustrator from San Francisco and will be drawing and painting some of the objects form time to time too. Love these vintage erasers. Some retro packaging on the site too. Keep your eyes on this one. It’ll make a lovely book at some point.

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Monster-Munch is 2yrs old today :)

Well. That went quick didn’t it! Meat Monster and Bob ( above ) say hi. And promise to keep up the posting, bringing you interesting things, nice ideas, visual goodness, and handmade stuff they spot as they rummage through the internets.

A massive thank you to you ( Yes you! ) for coming and reading the blog. It’s always a pleasure to have you! It’s been fascinating to chat to you all in the comments bit, and hear your thoughts and ideas. And many thanks to everyone who thinks of me when they see something cool, or has something wicked to they’ve made, and shoots a mail over. You’re all awesome ;)

I’m thinking of giving Monster-Munch a make over. If you have anything you want to see more of, less of, or have any cunning plans you think i should get involved in then please get in touch :D @nickygibson on Twitter is the best way.

So – cheers you wonderful bunch, and nighty night … for now :)

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Uk covered in snow

An extraordinary image here of the UK completely covered in snow today. Pretty surprising! Even the very lower tip of the south west has snow, which is pretty rare. The most southerly tip of Cornwall gets snow maybe only once or twice a decade. I can only really remember seeing ‘proper snow’ there twice or so in my life. So there’ll be some chilly surfers and frosty palm trees at the beach i think :)


inside the head

X-Ray vs the Little People. Both fascinating thoughts :)

Xray Mouth


Kid Acne shot by Mr.Lomo

Some gorgeous shots taken by Mr.Lomo ( with his Lomo of course ) of some street art by Sheffield rapper Kid Acne. He’s sniffed out a whole bunch here around the streets of East London, against a variety of lush colours and roughed up textures. Our heroine swordsman seems to be a little accident prone, as she’s featured many a time with a plaster-cast arm, a few drips of blood, and the occasional gimp mask ( as you do ). You can buy a shirt featuring one of Kid Acne’s ‘Stabby Women’ over at Concrete Hermit.

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Alexandra Verschueren has designed this angular yet soft, concertina textured cloak. It looks perhaps like it’s made from felt, and carefully creased like origami to create an expanding, and stretchy, but delicate structure. It makes you want to touch it. I love the effect. I’d like to see how it looks in motion. reminds me of those stratchy paper things apples used to come packed in. If i saw it in reality it’d be all too tempting to grab it and ‘test it’s strength’ – like bubble wrap, irresistible ;) Reckon the paper dress underneath might be a bit chilly ;) Inspired by Origami, and the photography work of Thomas Demand.


A couple of things i’ve added to my Ffffound page recently. Great colours and line work in the Ant Eater illustration by Jörn Kaspuhl. Love the screen print offset, and the slight green tint to the ink rather than a darker black. And the second astonishing image of what looks like a Victorian era fella up to his chest in squirming crocodiles! Is this some kind of circus or crocodile transportation ? Is he taking them out or putting them in ? NO idea. It’s hard to tell what he’s trying to do. But after being quite close to a crocodile myself once, i have to say he’s got balls. For more oddness, captured moments, and cartoons pop over to HeyOkay.


HelloB Posted his work in the comments section and i love ‘em! Great collection of ‘Faces In Places’ here over at his Flickr. One screaming metal face, one mortified, one snoozey-happy one … and Chewbacca … Lots to inspire you to keep your camera within reach at all times.

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