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Nicky and Cookie leaving for New Zealand!

Come on down! Everyone welcome, we’d love to say goodbye to everyone before we head to the big New Zealand adventure :D

Follow me on Twitter @nickygibson and i’ll let you know where we’ll be. ( Thursday 3oth September ).

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Grand Designs House for rent

Available October 2010 to May 2011
( I rent this place and i wanna come back to it ideally when i come back from walking New Zealand  ;)  )

It’s in Dalston, East London.

If you or any of your mates wanna rent it let me know!
Thanks you lovely people x

Architects run down & info

Anybody wanna live there?


70s Watches

Something i’ve noticed since i’ve been mobile phoneless, is that i have no idea what the time is. I actually had to ask someone the other day… I’m being re-phoned soon but happily it’s made me notice these retro watches that popped up on my radar recently. The above giant, numbered, 70′s affairs are from a collection of retro watches through the ages. You can buy them too! Whatever your decade there’s something in there for you. There are some pretty crazy ones, and some pretty ugly specimens! All worth looking at. But my favourite is the awesome Nixie filament clock. I’m sure you’ve seen it before.

Below is the vintage looking Nixon. Love the type and the chunky yellow dial. Might be too large for me, but i love it anyway. Images below shot by Rick Schofield, from his collection of ‘Things’.

Nixon Watch
Nixon Watch


Barbie Is Older Than You Think

Saw this pic and wondered .. she probably is getting on a bit eh? Had a google – turns out she was actually 52 in March. Well i never. Does that make you feel old, or young ?

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Dark Side Company Car


Bacon Scarf
Sunny enough for a walk. Chilly enough for a scarf. That’s how it is at the moment. So here’s a couple i happened across yesterday, to keep you warm on the walk to work. The Bacon Scarf is crying out for a fried Egg Head woolly hat no ? That’d be a sweet combo ;) And a topical one for the Poke peeps here, the Police Line scarf! Always handy to have on you should you come across a crime scene.

Police Line Scarf

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Tavis Coburn's Orange Bafta Posters

Alex sent these round this week. Beautiful posters for this year’s Baftas illustrated by Tavis Coburn. I’ve blogged about Tavis’s work right back in the first days of Monster Munch with his mixture of collage and comic style – great richness of texture and colour. The Bafta’s are on on Saturday night in the UK, but you can join in on the banter, live online with comedian Peter Serefenowicz on the Orange Bafta Night Live site.


Wooden Sunglasses By Shwood

Cheers @nikroope! Love these wooden sunnies from Schwood. Made from East Indian Rosewood colours vary from “very dark brown to black with fine, closely spaced dark veins and white lines”. I really need to get some new glasses, maybe i can fit proper lenses into these ? Very nice.


Nest Egg Money Boxes

And in a similar vein these Nest Egg money boxes by Mud Puppy. Lovely! Although a  shame to smash em’ ;) So tempting to draw eyes on them no ?

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Piggy Bank

No need to smash this little fella when the time comes. Just pop the cap out’ his ass – well ‘face’ actually, but ass sounded better ; ) – and you’re in the money. Is it ok to buy something when you’re saving up if it helps you save up ? It is isn’t it, yeh…. ;)

Piggy will soon be available at Gorrinucha. Mini review spotted over on Grass Roots Modern.

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Hello Necklace

Sold out right now at Joanna Rutter’s Etsy shop but i wanted to show you anyway. Incredibly fiddly to make but very sweet result. Hope she makes some more soon.

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jolly bottleopeners

Bottle opener family featuring “Uuuuh?” “Waaaaa!” and “Yeeeeeey” responses, depending on what you think of the beer. Simple and cute. From Poketo spotted over at HoveringCat. Cool tshirt here too.

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Cute vs Dark. La Boite A Monstres makes both fantastic jewelry and sweet plushies. Her lollies, cupcakes, and mushrooms are full of warmth and character. In contrast below there’s the Jack The Ripper pendants, and Pirate Jewels. Both are gorgeous! She makes an huge amount of original and unique necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks. Flick through pages of great stuff over at her Flickr and check out the latest pieces on her Blog. I am SO tempted by the Pirate bracelet! I hope it’s still for sale.


Here’s the magic moment when Cookie asked me to Marry Him! I said yes of course. I would have even without the absolutely phenomenal engagement bribe that is the 1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan. But wow, what an amazing day! Beats a ring anyday. See the story told frame by frame here on Cookie’s flickr.


Could it be you ? This is my lovely house that i own with my good buddy, and fellow creative Chris ( from Design Friendship ). We bought it a while back and did a ‘Phil and Kirsty’ on it, knocking out walls, laying walnut flooring and popping in glass panels. Now as you know i’m now living with the lovely Cookie, so in fact there’s half a house going spare and we need a new friend fill it. And that’s where you come in! Mail me at Nicky[at] or Tweet me on @NickyGibson if you’re up for moving in. For more details Download the Pdf here – Thank you friends :)

It has an 11 meter garden ( which is a sweet extra in London ). It’s really peaceful and over looks a park. Only the tweeting of birds to disturb you ;) A five minute walk to Hoxton and Shoreditch, and only a couple of mins from the ( soon to be ) new Hoxton Tube station.

Most awesomely though it’s just off of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market which is now stuffed with Vintage Clothes shops, Cafes, Cake shops, Retro Homewares, Art Galleries, and one of the best pubs in London, the ancient looking ( and cosy log fired ) Royal Oak.

It’s a pretty sweet deal! So get in touch for details like price and more photos etc. Ps. The Habitat walnut bed is there for you too ;)

A Brick Lane curry, Vintage shops and gig venues are 10 mins stroll away, as is Broadway Market, and Hackney Farm. Basically you get relaxing chilled home, within stumbling distance of all the creativity and party action that East London has to offer. Shoreditch also has it’s own proper music festival. ( Remind me.. Why am i living in Dalston again ? …. )

Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops, Nelly Duff Gallery, Royal Oak Pub, Jones Dairy, and illustrator Rob Ryan’s Shop to name a fraction.

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