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Baker Tweet is here! After several weeks of noodling, soldering, tweeking, twiddling, posting and polishing, mad scientist Zolty from Poke has unveiled his mouth-watering machine. The ingenious contraption harnesses the power of the internets to deliver up-to-the-minute baking news flashes from across the road in the Albion kitchen. And so, as the era of the cold roll is banished forever, we usher in the glorious age of warm juicey cupcakes.

If you’re in the Shoreditch area and you want the latest cake update, checkout the @AlbionsOven Baker Tweet feed. To read the back story ( and upcoming tutorial on the very exciting make-it-yourself Arduino technology used ) visit the Poke site. Also – lots of pics here. And a glimpse of the back end here.

Ps. I chipped in the little birdie logo… Mattia’s cooked up the site, Nik Roope took the snaps, and the Flippers made the movie.


A miniture herb garden shaped like a crazy owl and a wonky yellow chair are just two of the great ideas to see over at Danish design store Normann Copenhagen. Lots of kids things including an amazing wonkey go-kart called Play. ( I’d deep link to it but it’s a flash site – but a beautifully elegant one though ). Normann’s go-kart design was featured on MoCo Loco a great product, furniture and interior design blog i just stumbled across. Worth a little look see.

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Siftables are an experiment into physical interfaces in the form of intelligent blocks. Each block is aware of it’s location, orientation and proximity to it’s neighbours. Each is fitted with a screen on the face, and wifi connection. They act as a single interface, with surprising applications. Watch the vid. You can start to imagine all sorts of applications. Find out more about Siftables and their inventors here. Cheers for the link Matthew!


Desk and armchair all in one - or two armchairs if a friend comes round ;). Simple and smart all in one. The Also Chair is by designer Akin Bacioglu. Great for small flats eh. Visit Akin’s portfolio here.

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Yes Please! More closeup shots here. That’s a guaranteed hit. What do designer’s love most, Moleskines or Helvetica ? That’s a tricky one. But it doesn’t matter. No you can have both at once. I think if i had one though i might be to scared to draw in it, in case i drew something awful on the crowning page! Destined forever to be minimally blank ;)

Update: Buy them here! at Moleskine Asia.


Nice way to plan your day :) Check out the Mr.Jones watch here. I like the optimistic looking ‘resting’ section between work and the pub. Not sure what that would entail!

I’d love a digital version of this. A pixel powered analogue representation of the day – editable and plannable. One you could customise and have little dots for meetings and such.  Old Casio watches managed to cram in a fair few functions with just a few buttons. I could imagine a nice little interface. Also i’d be nice to compare what you actually did with what you’d planned to do with your time. Maybe editable colours for Work, Fun, Social etc. Set what you’re going to track. A time based stats counter that plugs into Daytum would be neat… Screw it – it might as well be a phone as well. Come on Apple! Where’s my wrist phone ?

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I was about to make a bad joke involving a waiter and a fly ;) But instead, in the immortal words of Chief Brody, i’ll simply shout …. SHARK!! … This man-eating soup bowl is by Greek designer Apostolos Porsanidis and available at the Italian shop, Industreal. Tasty.


Bodily Functions

This is beautiful. The white shape reminds me of a murder outline ;) It’s so nice to see old furniture rejuvenated like this. A friend of mine went on an upholstery course. Would be pretty cool to make some illustrated graphic furniture wouldn’t it ? I’ve officially put it on the to-do list for 09! The chair is by Aksel Creations. The also do a lovely line in kidney and intestine cushions. Sweet! Cheers for the link Dan. Check his blog, Yo What’s Kicking? here.

Guts For Cusions


Wrist Watch Phone

Once Upon A Time … people used to tell the time by looking at their wrists. Then mobiles came along. And now whenever you ask someone for the time, more often than not they delve around in their pocket. You notice that, less and less people wear anything on their wrists these days. Then i saw this prototype – a phone bracelet! ( Over on Fubiz – great blog btw. ) And a few minutes later happened upon this LG touch screen WristPhoneWatch. Is this a shape of things to come ? I don’t know – they’re nice but … i’m still liking the iPhone ;)

LG Wrist Watch Phone


Moustache Mug

I’ve been feeling fairly under the weather today, so the moustachioed man in my life has been coaxing me back to life with cups of tea – Thanks Cookie! Hence the mug ;)  Cheers for the link Emma! You can buy the mug on Suryasajnani’s Etsy here.

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Anatomy Socks

With these skinless socks by Estonian design Anton Reppone. Can you get a t-shirt as well ? Would be amazing to see the whole body done like this. Thanks to Estupipedia for the link :) Read Anton’s blog here.

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Burger Bed

Slip in between those lettuce leaves to become the midnight snack of Homer Simpson’s dreams. Love all the little details inside. Cheers Eran for pointing me to Walyou. Check it out for more comedy, gadgets and geekery :)


Watermelon Shoes

Tasty Vans – Via Hypebeast. More info here.

Update: If you fancy a pair you can buy them here


Engrave Your Book New Range

I was really happy to see this when it plopped into my inbox. Joe used to make some amazing engraved moleskins. Turns out that laser engraving the surface, although it looked fantastic, produced fairly toxic gases! So Joe’s been cooking up a new plan – customizable leather moleskin slip covers. Which are of course reusable, and age beautifully. Choose from a selection of hot illustrator’s designs or upload your own. ( Very excited about getting a Monster-Munch one! ) See the range of artists here. Details of the covers, their materials, and neat features here. Go on, treat yourself ;)

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A new documentary film about product design ( industrial design ), what makes a designer a designer, and what makes us obsessed with form, and discussion on how these products really affect us. Directed by the same fella who created the Helvetica movie, Gary Hustwit. I’m interested to see it. More detail on the Objectified movie website here

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