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Monster Mushroom

Wowee he’s a monster! I opened the curtains to the balcony today and found this guy lurking…. ! What is he? How did he get so big so fast? Can i eat him ? …. I’ve been looking into it and i *think* he’s an Oyster Mushroom. Or he may just be some kind of horrible fungus. But i’m not certain yet so i’ll be holding off on the mushroom omelet until i’m sure he won’t kill me ;) Very ‘woodland’ for Dalston. Maybe i should get a gnome to go with it…


Diseases have never been nicer to have. And i never thought i’d say that i’d actually quite like to get hold of some herpes – But there we go… My personal favourites are Brain Cell, Chicken Pox, Flesh Eating, Penicillin, Typhoid Fever, Salmonella, and Scum! Whole catalogue of evil nasties and giaint cells here. Brilliant :)


Some of the most talented and likable people i’ve ever met have spent time at HyperIsland, with many passing through the Poke doors over the years. If you get a chance to grab one in the future, tie them to a chair and don’t let them leave ;) Over the past 7 years Poke Hypers include designers and coders – Simon K, Nico, Hanky, Isak, Mattias G, Dan, Patrik, Johan, & our current Interactive Art Director intern, Stina.

HyperIsland, the swedish hot bed of young digital talent, are now recruiting for their Diploma Programs. They’ve very kindly asked me to take part in the call for new students. This is part 3 of ten video interviews they’ve made with lectures, students, and professionals about their experiences with interactive design and the Hyper Island School. The other 9 parts are scattered among other designs blogs across the web ….

This video ( scroll down ) features a young chap ( Mattias Lindberg ) who’s pretty niffty with the tween function in Flash ;) He introduces himself as “Fake Pilot – One of the best designer’s in the world”… “at your humble service” which is a little of an oxymoron, but bare with it ( and the darth vader bit ), he’s actually a pretty good animator.

There’s a bit of an interview where he talks about what originally got him excited about flash animation back in the day, his thoughts on the future, and a bit on his working process and the craft of animation. Also – Video No.1 and No.2

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