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Giant Pencils Grow Wild!

Wonderful sculpture by Jonna Pohjalainen. Pencils growing wild jutting out into the sky. More images of the pencils being erected into the field here, here and here. You can read more about the background to the project over at EnvironmentalArt where there’s more imaginative outdoor sculpture to been seen.  Spotted over at crafty blog 10Marifet.


Kid Acne shot by Mr.Lomo

Some gorgeous shots taken by Mr.Lomo ( with his Lomo of course ) of some street art by Sheffield rapper Kid Acne. He’s sniffed out a whole bunch here around the streets of East London, against a variety of lush colours and roughed up textures. Our heroine swordsman seems to be a little accident prone, as she’s featured many a time with a plaster-cast arm, a few drips of blood, and the occasional gimp mask ( as you do ). You can buy a shirt featuring one of Kid Acne’s ‘Stabby Women’ over at Concrete Hermit.

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I was browsing through Hylton Warburton’s latest flickr uploads when i spotted this piece of brilliance. I shall be customising my mac forthwith!


Could it be you ? This is my lovely house that i own with my good buddy, and fellow creative Chris ( from Design Friendship ). We bought it a while back and did a ‘Phil and Kirsty’ on it, knocking out walls, laying walnut flooring and popping in glass panels. Now as you know i’m now living with the lovely Cookie, so in fact there’s half a house going spare and we need a new friend fill it. And that’s where you come in! Mail me at Nicky[at] or Tweet me on @NickyGibson if you’re up for moving in. For more details Download the Pdf here – Thank you friends :)

It has an 11 meter garden ( which is a sweet extra in London ). It’s really peaceful and over looks a park. Only the tweeting of birds to disturb you ;) A five minute walk to Hoxton and Shoreditch, and only a couple of mins from the ( soon to be ) new Hoxton Tube station.

Most awesomely though it’s just off of the famous Columbia Road Flower Market which is now stuffed with Vintage Clothes shops, Cafes, Cake shops, Retro Homewares, Art Galleries, and one of the best pubs in London, the ancient looking ( and cosy log fired ) Royal Oak.

It’s a pretty sweet deal! So get in touch for details like price and more photos etc. Ps. The Habitat walnut bed is there for you too ;)

A Brick Lane curry, Vintage shops and gig venues are 10 mins stroll away, as is Broadway Market, and Hackney Farm. Basically you get relaxing chilled home, within stumbling distance of all the creativity and party action that East London has to offer. Shoreditch also has it’s own proper music festival. ( Remind me.. Why am i living in Dalston again ? …. )

Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops, Nelly Duff Gallery, Royal Oak Pub, Jones Dairy, and illustrator Rob Ryan’s Shop to name a fraction.



Photos above taken by the Flippers!

I think it’s fair to say we were quite badly behaved.
Highlights were:

‘Elf n safety
- We can have plastic gun’s right ? It’s a cowboy duel.
- No guns… There’ll be children present. Not with the current climate.
- Well, we’ll use bananas in our holsters instead ?
- No, you can’t use bananas, people might be allergic to bananas
- …….  ?

The contraband booze boxes wrapped up in brown paper and marked “Hat Box”, “Box of Moustaches”, “Pony food” etc ;)

A lot of people not realising the ‘cold tea’ was in fact Jack Daniels despite it being in a Jack Daniels bottle.

Being allowed to legitimately shout out disgusting swear words at the top of your voice through a loud speaker at a baying crowd ( Adult’s night )

Lots of parents forcing their kids to play repeatedly, to get as many 50p shots in as possible before home time. ( Family day )

Mr(s) Simon Waterfall in a corset and yellow high heels.

Chris being helped into his chaps by two twin cowboys.

‘Slut in a bin’ incident – Our saloon whore getting carried away in the role. She made 20 quid for ‘services rendered’ and lost it down her cleavage.

Will Dogg’s five year old nemesis who kept coming back and whopping him at pictionary

The dubious and controversial drawing of ‘Berlin’.

People queuing up thinking we were the actual bar.

Branding a bare arse.

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An amazing couple of days was had at this, the final ever V&A Village Fete. Our Saloon was in place in all it’s glory. Punters were rounded up by the posse. We were ready. And as the crowd gathered, the cowboys dueled it out in the hot sun, to crys of “Sausage!”  “Godzilla!” “Gary Glitter!” “Jumping The Shark!”, followed by slightly less savory things later in the evening… ( they were skull and crossbones pack ). It was brilliant fun, all fueled by many shots of “cold tea”. A storming success with some hilarious moments. Excellent work team StuffClub! You can see the proud posse above. Five cowboys, one bar tender, one little Apache (me), and two saloon whores for decoration. ( One was a bit hairier than the other ).

Photos above, and a bunch more great shots taken by Stuff Club’s own Katie Marcus. Check them out here.

Thanks to everyone involved, everyone who came down and made it such a great couple of days, and also a massive thanks to Poke for sponsoring StuffClub for the materials, the big ol’ van and the booze! And also for letting us take the afternoon off to run around in silly outfiits ;)

Update: Wrote up the highlights for the Poke blog today ;) Check them out here.


Yey it’s snowing! Can’t remember the last time i saw this much snow. Totoro Snowman above spotted over on Gemma’s blog. Cheers Gemma!


I’ve seen this little project brewing for a while, and the other day, this intriguing package turned up… It’s one of a family of mystery cameras who are traveling the world capturing memories, and returning to base to be flickerized. You can follow each camera’s progress on Twitter, Google maps and the family blog. This little fellow kick-started his tour with lunch in a table football café, and got then himself on a plane to Thailand. I’m envious of him already, and he’s only on stage one of his journey! Keep your eyes peeled - there maybe one appearing on a park bench near you… Disposable Memories ( and lots of other projects ) are brought to you by the curious Mr Matthew Knight.

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Smile Your Coffee Loves You

Photo entitled “Smile, Your Coffee Loves You” by Crazy For Bingo.



Spotted on Such a good picture!


Have A Break Have A KitKat

Might get a bit sticky ?


Monsters On The Tube

… Apparently! How do they squeeze in there? It’s hard enough for humans! A great Lomo taken by artist, self-taught photographer and cyclist, Ed Scoble. Check out his Flickr, his LomoHome and his blog here. Reminds me of the classic MrLomo news snap, Asteroid.

Asteroid Newspaper

And while you’re there, absolutely don’t miss MrLomo‘s Sign Collection. It’s second to none! You’ll be rummaging around in there for hours.


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Octopus Curtain Road

IT’s there right now! Get down to Shoreditch this lunchtime and grab some snaps. He apparently wafts quite nicely in the wind making him feel alive and look as if he’s grappling the building. I love this kind of thing.


Obama Fan Art

Apparently by French artist Mr.Brainwash on Lafayette and Bond Street NY. I wish we got a chance to vote for the President of the World. Spotted on InNewYork.


Remed Monsters

I love this guys work. Hand drawn type and great characters throughout. Really manic feel to it and so much detail. Quite dark humour in places too, a touch of Chris Ware. This is what happens at 3am, if you’re a graphic designer and you eat cheese before you go to bed. Check out the track on his Myspace page too – Fefe Represent ft Streotyp by Lil Monsta. Link found Via Paul Underwood’s ffffound.

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