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Tavis Coburn's Orange Bafta Posters

Alex sent these round this week. Beautiful posters for this year’s Baftas illustrated by Tavis Coburn. I’ve blogged about Tavis’s work right back in the first days of Monster Munch with his mixture of collage and comic style – great richness of texture and colour. The Bafta’s are on on Saturday night in the UK, but you can join in on the banter, live online with comedian Peter Serefenowicz on the Orange Bafta Night Live site.


Spotted this Ghostly Monster fella over on Ffffound and i just had to show you. Traced it back to an article on the consistently excellent Kitsune Noir and here’s the link to the band in question’s site so you can have a little listen. I don’t know for sure but this looks a little like the work of Supermundane ? Had a rummage and indeed it is. Check out his other lovely stuff here. I think i’m quite liking that band too. What a nice double find.

And it’s at this point i break away to tell you about my new jumper. Yes! It’s all hot news down here at Monster-Munch ;) It’s cold and drizzly today and happily my jumper arrived bang in time from Lazy Oaf. There is a questionable fella wearing it in the demo shot so i have removed his head so as not to scare you off. It’s reversible, and suits two moods both joyous and grumpy, or sober vs drunk perhaps, or time for bed vs time to get up. Whatever suits you. Anyway. I am very much looking forward to utilizing this double sided messaging. Watch out for grumpy face – if you see it, a cup of tea wouldn’t go a miss ;)

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Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp straw – it’s Brock Davis‘s Office Party Ghost tshirt. In the daylight it’s a photocopier shooting out blank pages … but by night, the outline of a ghostly figure photocopying his arse appears! ( With little ghostly bum prints on the pages ;)  ) Lots more nice shirts by Brock here.


That’s more like it. Fair Trade tshirt here from People Tree. Vote for the best one over at Cadbury Fairtrade. Cheers for the link Asi!

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The brilliant movie graphics site Film The Blanks has been going from strength to strength the last few months. Competition is raging as to who’s the top movie poster buff. But you’ll have to be extremely quick off the mark. I’ve never managed to get any points! The best thing is that John’s set up a tshirt shop, so now not only can we enjoy them as screen prints but wear them too. Awesome! Visit the tshirt shop here or find out more info on the design and printing here. I love the Life of Brian one below.

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Bit of Clarkson for you this morning. Brilliant.


Fried Egg Tshirt

I love tshirts. And this is a good’en! If your New Years Resolution is to find some new t-shirt inspiration, then i have the perfect spot for you to cruise around for a while – ButThisTshirtNik’s Tshirt Blog. Ram packed with inspiration apparel ideas, it makes you want to take a screen printing course. ( I did actually ;) i’ll post about that once i’ve printed something, but don’t hold your breath! ). But if you do get a sudden surge of creative thoughts, and you’re in the East London area, i’d get yourself down to PrintClub London. A wicked studio up in Dalston where a jolly fellow named Freddy will walk you through the ins and outs of emulsion-ing and exposing a screen, and you’ll be rolling in no time. A great day out on a grim January Saturday. In the meantime – you can get this fried egg gem from Nixon. Yey.


Hello Maybe Tshirts

A couple of nice hand drawn ones over at Hello Maybe. Liking these colours especially, and the mixture of type styles. Sometimes using lots of fonts can be a great idea ( and i never thought i’d say that ). They’ve got a mixture of graphics, illustration, and street art bits and bobs to check out. Nice.

Hello Maybe Illustrations

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Grizzley Bear Tshirt

Wicked Tshirt over on This Will Be My Blog. A brand new blog on Fashion, Music, Design and Food. All the best things in life eh ?

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Spot the Car

Spot the car. Batmobile, Dukes of Hazard, A-Team, Wacky Races, Herbie, and one that looks like he might be Kit. Help me out with the rest!

Below, a tshirt from Threadless by Sara Lee.

A-Z Animal Tshirt


Mr T Chicken

Or Mr P judging by the jewelery. Brilliant. By Tim Lahan. – Yup, and as it’s been pointed out to me many times now, this chicken actually turns out to be ( very obviously ) a pigeon ;) I will get my eyes tested! Good job they’re not crucial to my job or anything …


Evan - CurseOfTheMulitples - Posters

Evan mailed me today to show me one of his monster posters. I ended up looking at every link on the site. Nice illustration, posters, nice ideas, t-shirts and graphics, Check it out! He’s moving to London from Montreal very soon, so if you’re looking for freelance skills get him in.

Evan- Curse Of The Mulitples - Tshirts.jpg

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Archigram Tshirts At Graniph

I was just rummaging about on the Graniph site when i spotted these gems. Graniph have been doing some special collaborations. There’s 3 double sided shirts from Archigram! – those famous 60′s conceptual architects. Masters of paper collage, all their work is visually rich, positive and inspiring.

“Archigram was a a group of the 6 English architects Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton, David Green, Ron Herron and Michael Webb. They founded their collective 1964 and instead of realising their ideas as buildings they published their concepts of utopic city plans in the magazine “Archigram”. They crossed the borders of pure architecture business and influenced the cultural movement strongly by expressing their individual thoughts through graphics, collages, poems and experimental media until 1974.”

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Design Is Honest

Shirts by Grand Buro & Ken Meier.

I always think of myself as being a designer, but really when you look at it, most of what i do could be considered some form of advertising. It’s a blurry line!



The yellow memo pad shirt is great :) Would be cool to get a few, and draw different doodles on there with a fabric pen. Maybe one with a shopping list. That’d be handy – i can never remember what i went to the shop for.

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