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OrangeUnlimited by Poke

OrangeUnlimited by Poke

I’ve missed a couple of posts this week. Mainly do to with having the Poke Plague + celebratory hangover combo! But on Tuesday night one of my projects was lucky enough to win a Commendation at the Design Week Awards – Whoop! So i’m well chuffed ; )

While i’m on the subject am i allowed to say ( ? ) that it’s also on display at the Design Museum at the moment as part of the Designs of the Year competition… stay tuned for the results on that one, but i’m not holding my breath as apparently we’re up against the Wii and the new Fiat. Which is pretty darn mental for a website about dancing monkeys, doodle machines, infinite birds, mutating monsters ( of course my favourite ) and much more ‘Unlimited Stuff’. Yeh!

I worked with literally swathes of people worked on pulling this mammoth together including the mighty Rex, Knotty, Julie, Roope, Dezza, Caroline, RichDee, Marrius, Alex, Karen, Will, Marc. It’s a Monster for sure …

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Something Fishy - Nickys Lomos

To see a couple more of my Lomos from Thailand, look here : )

Just to remind you that there’s no zoom on a Lomo – I really am that close to the Croc!

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Nicky's Veg Bag - Veg is Best!

I’ve been trying to be good recently and leave those plastic bags alone when i nip out and buy dinner. It’s remarkably hard to change the habit of a life-time and remember to take a bag out with you, especially for those spur of the moment drop-in’s to the corner shop. So i thought i’d encourage myself by making my own Veg Bag! And it nicely doubles up as a visual shopping list ;)

It’s the width of a supermarket bag but slightly shallower, and has the expandable flappy bits at the side, ( in case i fancy veg of the larger variety one evening ).

How To Make:
Simple really. Grab a plastic bag and carefully slice along the seams to let you open it out flat. Use as a template over your favorite fabric, ( be it camo or floral – i won’t judge … ) leaving enough extra space for the seams ( eg 1.5 cms ). Sew back together. Cut out veg and sew on. Easy!

If you make one i’d love to see it! send me a pic ;)


You can see a few more of my little creations over at Flickr. I need to add a few more chaps in there. But i’m thinking of treating myself to a camera that can actually focus first … So watch this space!

Nicky's Sock Monsters on Flickr

Ps. For all you Sock Monster fans, there are some great ‘spooky’ inspiration over here at Sock Monkey Drawer’s One of a Kind Primates

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Monster - Made by Monster Munch

I finally got round to sewing his face on last night, in between bouts of Medal of Honour. I’m crap at Medal of Honour, i think i should stick to the sewing!

This long awaited little geezer is for Julie, who i worked with on our Orange Unlimited project ( the never ending website ). As yet un-named, he’s so hot off the press.

NewsFlash: … May i introduce you to Jack!


Fish and Flowers

I’m back!

Thailand is lush. But you don’t need me to tell you that. There were fish and flowers to be seen pretty much everywhere. I took some Lomos and i’ll show you as soon as they’re developed. Retro eh ? A real film camera…!

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giant cardboard cigarette packet

Cookie’s been busy making me a fancy dress outfit for his Cardboard Party this weekend (while I’ve been sunning myself in Thailand), it isn’t finished yet but here’s the work in progress! I’ve somehow got to wear and dance in that…

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A little while before Christmas, Cookie and I started out on a set of paintings for our mate El to brighten up her studio and to match her new website ( designed and made by Cookie and Mattias ).

Cookie designed the original characters, and i helped to bring them alive on the canvas. Those outlines are fiddly! I’d forgotten how much i love painting.

See the finished pics here!

Squirrel, Chick, and Seed Boy

The colours are a bit crap as i took them on my camera phone. I need to sort out a new digital camera. Let me know if you love yours, i’d appreciate any good recommendations ;)


The best bit about making Sock Monkeys and monsters is putting the face on at the end. You can do quite a bit with a couple of buttons, but the mouth is where you get to choose if it’s evil or jolly. Here’s a before and after shot of a little angry monster. In some ways a quite like them blank too.

Gobbie the monster

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Cuthbert SockMonster Cat

I made this cheeky chap for my Dad at Christmas time. He’s got a good stunned expression i think. But i guess that’s not a hard look to pull off when you have buttons for eyes!

Cuthbert is now roaming free in the wilds of Cornwall.

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During the day i work with the lovely boys and girls at Poke. I’ve been there since the dawn of time, and in the misty time before that i spent my days virtually living in the studio at Deepend London.I thought i’d show you some of my Graphics. This is something i did for Kate Moss to promote her Topshop collections. I like this one because of it’s ad-hoc layout and layering of textures. But of course you can’t really go far wrong with images of a supermodel as content! Check out the flash collection pages as you can get right right down to the detail of the fabrics. Also, we just launched the new Topshop Video Podcast Library. So if you feel the urge for a fashion fix it’s all there.

Big thanks to Mattias for his super shit hot coding! And also to Dom for his pen and ink skills.

KateMoss Topshop

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Nicky's Fflickr SockMonsters

I’ve been making SockMonkeys and Monsters for a year or so and finally got around to putting some up on Flickr. Also in there are some Felt Creatures of various shapes and sizes, and a couple of large Plushies. A lot of them have been given away for birthdays and things, but i still have a few kicking around.

Cookie and were asked to customise some outfits from OhBabyLondon to create something to go in their shop window. Gormless the convict sailor was mine, and Cookie’s was rather good moustachioed punk!

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