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“Stop it! I know you blogged. I get your RSS stupid.” Starting to hear this fairly often now. Stop with the spammy auto twittering already!  :)  Timely protest poster from Danny Jones. There’s a couple of people i might be getting this for ;)


I had to look at a couple of these before i realised what was going on. And then when i did, i realised there was a genius at work.

When Cookie clapped eyes on them he said … “ If spammers hired people to make their spam look like that. Then i’d quite happily subscribe to it! ”. Do you hear that spammers? It’s not the content we object to, it’s the graphic design :) I’m pretty sure that this is the only spam on planet earth that you wouldn’t mind having framed on your wall. ( And if you’ve got any other kind of spam framed up – then you’re probably not right. Get your dirty mits off my pages! )  The artworks are hand painted by Linze – see even more here, and her behance portfolio here, and her website filled with even more here! And if you still want more you can Buy the Prints Here ( and them hang them on your wall ) ;)


QuadCamera is officially awesome. These shots were taken with my iPhone. Honestly. *

Iain mailed around about this Lomo-a-like iPhone app and i couldn’t resist a play with it. Can you believe that only one of the shots above had it’s levels tweeked in photoshop ? It’s colour, contrast, and edge burning are just lush. I warn you, it’s very addictive once you get going. Download it with caution! More info on QuadCam here. My heart will always be with my Lomo, but this is a lot of fun. See more test shots on me Flickr.

* ( Although – the pic of Igor’s tshirt, taken by Mr.Lomo, is actually an iPhone picture of a Lomo ) ;)


Yes Please! More closeup shots here. That’s a guaranteed hit. What do designer’s love most, Moleskines or Helvetica ? That’s a tricky one. But it doesn’t matter. No you can have both at once. I think if i had one though i might be to scared to draw in it, in case i drew something awful on the crowning page! Destined forever to be minimally blank ;)

Update: Buy them here! at Moleskine Asia.


How To Behave by Me and Mister Jones

Absolutely love this calendar. Not just because of it’s colourful information design, or the clever use of charts as typography, but the fact that each chart is actually quite funny to read when you zoom in ;)

“Admitted average number of daily farts” compared against “Average # of days people wait before openly farting in the presence of their beloved”

Designed by Me And Mister Jones - a husband and wife creative duo, Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx. If you visit their portfolio you can see some of the details of the data :) Nice!


It’s Monster-Munch’s 1st birthday today! I’m pretty chuffed i’ve kept it going for a full circuit, and it’s mainly due to all the lovely comments you guys leave me. I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you, for popping in everyday, and making looking at my blog stats pretty exciting! Hope you’ll be popping over to see us just as much this year too : ) Here’s a round up of the year in numbers – Cheers you lot, Nicky. 

2008 Monster Munch Stats



Graphic Designer / Illustrator Anthony Burrill & sculptor Michael Marriott are in the midst of nailing together their exhibition in reception. It’s open on Thursday 15th in the Biscuit Building reception, Shoreditch. To come down for a peek, please RSVP, guestlist{at} Looking forward to seeing if there’s prints for sale. I’ll find out more and get back to you ;)

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Do One Thing Today

Streamline for 2009! Yes, that’s the way forward. If you only aim to get one thing done today – then you’ll probably complete your to-do list. Ah, that’s true satisfaction ;) Stationary available from Pretty Bitter.


Kremlin Matches

Not sure how authentic some of these designs are ;) Some nice old type and illustration – See more here.

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Apple Oh Open

Apple Oh, Open. Sweet idea :) By Jules Tardy of LCC, on FFF.

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Typographic World Map

Spotted on the fabulous SuperPunch! Typographic design by Vlad Studio. You can download it here. Lovely work.


Unusual Uses ForAnimals

What do guns, axes, grenades, eagles, otters and penguins have in common? Absolutely nothing til now. They’ve been montaged ( is that a word ? ) together to make this beautiful illustration above. Would look great as a textile print. I’ve not got much info on it – mail me if you do – but i found it mixed in with a bunch of crazy images here. Down a random rabbit hole on the web. Also, and very special it is too, is the proud fashion statement made by the lady above. Waste-not-want-not in these credit crunching times eh? Now, that’s fashion thrift.


Monsters On The Tube

… Apparently! How do they squeeze in there? It’s hard enough for humans! A great Lomo taken by artist, self-taught photographer and cyclist, Ed Scoble. Check out his Flickr, his LomoHome and his blog here. Reminds me of the classic MrLomo news snap, Asteroid.

Asteroid Newspaper

And while you’re there, absolutely don’t miss MrLomo‘s Sign Collection. It’s second to none! You’ll be rummaging around in there for hours.


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iPhone Font Browser

FontShufflea new App from the FontShop. A neat way of identifying fonts without knowing their name, or finding something fresh when you fancy a break from Helvetica ;)

“Hundreds of font families are sorted by visual similarity into a visual family tree… Just shake the device and six new options appear... Display your favourite font as a sample text, or test your font dynamically using your own words. Turn the screen to have a look at the glyph chart.”

Download it here.


Japanese Food Type

I’d like to know how closely these pictograms mimic the actual characters they represent. Are they still readable in Japanese ? ( Sachiko can you tell me ? ). A great way of helping you recognise and memorize foods if they are. Interested to know if it’s more for art than a practical tool ? The original Tamalog article in Japanese. Have a look and see what you think. It would make a lovely poster either way.

Update: Uriana Let me know that they are in fact Chinese characters.

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