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Trainer Boxes

Pin Badges

I’ve had these in my ‘To Blog’ folder for so long i can’t remember where i spotted them! But i wanted to share them anyway. I thought the colour palette and typography on these two were great. Some of them are so retro they look super modern. I wasn’t sure if the trainer boxes were toothpaste, or cigarette packaging at first. Oh! – found it the top one is from MoonStar the lower one from Laboratorium, the sam guys that created the Never Ending Tape Calendar. Lots of stuff to see there.

Update: The badges are in fact Yugoslavian ( Croatian ). My apologies to Marko.


Calendar Tape

What a wicked idea. Two rolls of tape, and you get a calendar that works for any year, forever. Well… for as long at the roll lasts ;) Awesome. You can stick it any where – in your sketch book, on your kitchen wall, in your office. Lovely looking type too. Spotted on Reuben Miller’s packing tape review. ( Shit, how geeky does that sound! ). Design/Concept by the typographically skilled chaps at Laboratorium in Croatia. I want it!

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Lovely book cover! ‘Batman’ looks so much cooler in Japanese. All the letter forms have bat ears ;) I’d love a giant screen print of this. And what’s that behind Batman!! Some sort of Mummy ?


Vintage Bus Tickets

It’s always heart warming to see how much thought and effort’s gone into the design of simple, throw away objects in the past. These bus tickets are a lovely example, each with its individually planned layout, colours, and choice of type, and yet each still very clearly belonging to a beautiful family. You don’t get that level of attention paid to the mundane anymore. You can see the slower pace of life written all over the page. Wonderful.

See more eclectic stuff over at Estupipedia.

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Thank You! And congratulations.


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Thunder And Lightening

Illustration, Graphic Design, Tshirts, Characters, Identity Design, Posters, Books and Typography by Fwis. Filter their portfolio by Greyscale, use of DIN, which ones scored them babes, which ones they fought over, or whether their mum understands it. Nice system you got there!

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Yes No Stamps

A good one from Threadless By Erika Gonzalez. Available both as a tshirt and screen print. Sweet. Love the rubber stamp effect. Which reminds me, i’ve been meaning to have some custom stamps made for ages. I’ll get back to you on that ;)

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Polish Film Posters

Do you remember those classic 80′s movies Critters and War Games ? I don’t remember the covers looking like this when i got them from the video shop! How cool are these? Andrew Lindstrom has collected together a whole bunch of Polish Film posters. Some are really beautiful. The Empire Strikes Back one has the feel of very recent stencil graffiti. Also, if you’re a fan of Weekend At Bernies, ( Chris check it out ) it’s quite a weird one …

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Righhanded Lefthanded NoteBooks

Left-handed, and Right-handed notebooks from Jeeyun Michaella Chung. Via Kithkin. What a great idea! I’d like to have a go on one and see if it feels more natural to write in.


Stitched Type

Greetings in thread. Love the stenciled stitching above. I’d never thought of doing that. Neat idea. I bet you could do some amazing embroidered stencil art. I might give Banksy a call see if he wants anything ;) These clever pieces of typography are by Smart Emma. Check out her graphics here. ( Nice identity job for Sew Sew about half way down the project list ).


Hello Maybe Tshirts

A couple of nice hand drawn ones over at Hello Maybe. Liking these colours especially, and the mixture of type styles. Sometimes using lots of fonts can be a great idea ( and i never thought i’d say that ). They’ve got a mixture of graphics, illustration, and street art bits and bobs to check out. Nice.

Hello Maybe Illustrations

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Rss News Knitter

One off designs created from RSS data feeds of the day’s news and statistics. Brilliant idea, and they look pretty cool too. A product of Mahir M. Yavuz and Ebru Kurbak, students at Kunstuniversität Linz. Cheers Knotty for the link!

“News Knitter converts information gathered from the daily political news into clothing. Live news feed from the Internet that is broadcasted within 24 hours or a particular period is analyzed, filtered and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater. The system consists of two different types of software: whereas one receives the content from live feeds the other converts it into visual patterns, and a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output. Each product, sweater of News Knitter is an evidence/result of a specific day or period.”


Fire Poi Letters
Nicely done but with flame instead of the usual torch – By Nir Tober.

“ It took about 15 hours, in 2 sessions, and every letter had about 30-50 takes until i got i right (and lot’s of gasoline!).”




A couple of images i love from my Ffffound Page. These two were scavenged from the SpaceCollective website. Many fascinating and beautiful things on there, ranging from Physics, and developments in AI, to Illustration and Philosophy.

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Judge A Man By The Work Of His Hands

I thought this was really nice even before i realised each fiddly piece has been cut out of paper by hand. Nice work Alex Bec! Keeps making me think of the Red Hand Gang :)

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