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Monster Mushroom

Wowee he’s a monster! I opened the curtains to the balcony today and found this guy lurking…. ! What is he? How did he get so big so fast? Can i eat him ? …. I’ve been looking into it and i *think* he’s an Oyster Mushroom. Or he may just be some kind of horrible fungus. But i’m not certain yet so i’ll be holding off on the mushroom omelet until i’m sure he won’t kill me ;) Very ‘woodland’ for Dalston. Maybe i should get a gnome to go with it…


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Or so it says in the book.. The last thing you expect to find in a small Swiss town is a Sherlock Holmes museum! And then just out of town the waterfall of his demise. ( Now connected to a hydro electric power station just out of shot ). Not sure what will happen to the Swiss power supply once the glaciers are gone : / No more typefaces for us!

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The mean looking beaver-like beast stood guard by the till of our chosen rain refuge on Day Three, as we made our way out of Engleberg, over Jochpass and down the valley. Much less snow there than we expected. Phew!

Marmot count is 1¹( including the stuffed one ).

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After a shaky start the weather finally arrived. ( This picture above is Day Two )

Day One was rain, wind, and thick fog obscuring most things around us. Quite creepy when you’re heading up an empty unfamilar mountain. Not knowing precisly where you are, ( Cookie pretty much knew) or how far there is to go, and the uncertainty of any challenges or dangers ahead, can make you feel pretty uneasy. Especially when you’re up a slippy slope a few thousand metres up in the snow and it’s a complete white out! It’s been all excitment so far.

Then we heard the Avalanche.

If you’ve never heard the sound of a (very) nearby mountain collapsing – let me tell you, it sure puts the underwear at risk of a good wash. Especially when you’re looking up into the biblically terrifying, unseen sound coming out of the white foggy space ahead. I was clinging on to a snow slope like … like I’m not sure what – Someone who’s absolutely shitting it!

But it all turned out well in the end. We turned back and had an emergency beer on the grassey ridge below. Then went to the pub and drank! .. And drank some more.

Heard 14 more Avalanches. Before we got to the bottom.

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Woa! Check out the size of this beast.


Tonight at the Bodhi Gallery in Brick Lane. Detailed infos here.

Steve is one of 40 artist’s who’s screen prints are on show – “7pm till late at Bodhi Art Gallery on Brick Lane (opposite the bagel shops). All of the prints are being sold for £20 – we can only accept cash so bring a few notes with you! The show runs until the 27th of May 2009”. Their Vimeo channel shows stop frame animations of work in progress and a Flickr set of action shots of everyone hard at work in the Dalston studio. I’ve actually been along to a beginners Screen Printing day at Print Club London and it was a wicked day out. All i need now is to know out some designs of my own ;)

Show organised by Fred of Print Club London and James of Cure Studio.


Well not quite everywhere – but i’ve collected a couple about on Ffffound recently. These were my favourites and they’re by Danish fellows NR2154 ( for Nordisk Film ). You can check out the rest of their typography skills and identity work here. Minimal and sharp.

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Cool isn’t he ? Looks absolutely petrified with his back to the wall there. He’s obviously not liking the look of the giant ivy forest he’s beamed into ( or maybe it’s the earthling cameraman that’s giving him the willies ? ).

Alien construction by Wilkie from Turnip Creations. More please!

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Boxes boxes boxes boxes… and more boxes. Cookie will tell you more ;) It’s amazing!

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Woh he’s a big bugger! Spotted over on KarmaPanda.


Transmission will resume shortly – once i’ve figured out how to use these jelly fingers on this new fangled keyboard thing …  ;) No computers for 2 weeks does funny things to you!

Happy New Year 2009

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Spoon Flower

SpoonFlower lets you do that. You’ve seen custom business cards and flyers with Moo cards, but now you can take your crafty personalisation to a new level by creating your own textile designs. Make bags, clothing, uniforms or upholsterer furniture in your own custom design. Maybe a duvet cover with a big picture of your face on it ;) (Actually that would be awful! ) Anything you like, for what ever you need it for. I might make some Monster-Munch and Poke cushions ;) How fantastic is that! Your own products completely hand made and designed by you. There’s no minimum order either. I’m sure there’s some christmas ideas you could pull off with this. Pretty cool if you’re an illustrator or artist. Find out more here. Cheers for the link Pete!

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Bruno 9Li Ink Mysticism

Brazillian street artist Bruno 9Li‘s hand sketched elaborate graphic patterns, include monsters, animals, and people. Each highly detailed – monochrome with a touch of red, blue, orange, or green. You can look at them for ages. Look here for more pieces, in an interview with Bruno in Ping Mag. Lots more to see at Bruno’s personal site, and see him in action at his US exhibition Mysterium Tremendum on Flickr.

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