Art In Industry Flyer

I’m having an exhibition! Come down and oggle the monsters.

The creatures have been gathered from miles around, preparations are being made… and here they are tucked up in my suitcase ready for the big day out. An exciting trip to Art in Industry!

Come down and get your hands dirty – along with the chaps from Making Things Club we’re doing a Sock Monster Workshop. So don’t miss it! Wednesday 16th 6pm onwards, at SHUNT – a bar, club, theatre space in some creepy creeeepy catacombs.

Artists’s on their day off….
It is a week showcasing the art of professionals in the creative media industries. Participating are over 25 artists from the worlds of video games, web design, film and tv, illustration, motion graphics and design. The only stipulation for the artists was to contribute pieces not created in their day to day work. The work presented ranges from fine art to nu media; images and sound; analogue and digital: presented on amongst other things canvas, screen and your body.

Showing are creatives from Poke, Framestore, Iris, Sony, Kuju London and loads more. And of course the highlight – Rex will be revealing for the first time his top secret animation series for MTV – Nice one! Here’s a video of the space, it’s reminiscent of the Titty Twister bar from From Dusk til Dawn ( but with less vampires ). I’m quite excited.

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