Hi there. Long time no Blog! :D It’s been a hectic summer at Poke towers working hard on something very special, coupled with preparations for a very exciting trek across New Zealand that will take us from October to May 2011, over almost 2000 miles. Hardcore!

More info to come soon … ;)

Above – surf at Kennack Sands in Cornwall. Popped home for a bit to say hi to Mum and Dad, and catch the last of the British sunny days :)

People sunbathing with tops off in October? Only in Cornwall! ;)

Gwendreath palm trees :)

WordPress on iPhone seems to be working well. Had to upgrade both my WordPress CMS, the app itself and my iPhone OS to v4.1, but all working now. Should be able to keep you all updated on my adventure as it unfolds … Flying on the 16th! Wish me luck :D

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