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The Natural And Homemade Fertilizer That Your Plants Will Love

Since the rise in interest in plants, natural fertilizer has been a necessity. Most people own at least one plant. Plants need to be well-watered and given optimal light. They must be cleaned, pruned, and know how to spot pests, so you can fertilize them.

The most important factor is fertilization. Each plant requires specific nutrients, so some plants need to be fertilized more often. You must get to know your plant so that it can identify its needs. But, don’t worry! This homemade and natural fertilizer will work for your plant. It will keep your plants healthy and strong.

Fertilizers are vital

All types of fertilizers contain a significant amount of nutrients from nature that are necessary for the growth of plants. Although fertilizers are largely made from nutrients that come directly from nature, they can be used to ensure your plants have access to them. This is why fertilizers are essential for crops to thrive and improve their quality.

The perfect fertilizer

There are many fertilizers that you can buy at your local plant shop. While they may seem miraculous, some are expensive and contain chemicals. This can cause damage to your plants over time and make it impossible to use them in edible and aromatic plants. There are thousands of ways to make homemade fertilizers, including how to use leftover coffee in the plant substrate or banana peel water. However, these do not provide a balanced amount of nutrients. This recipe is able to supply all the nutrients your plants need and is also anti-pest.


A garlic clove.

Three cloves

2 liters water


Preparing your fertilizer is much easier than you might think. To make fertilizer easier to use, you simply need to blend all ingredients.

Fertilization process:

You can spray the fertilizer once a month on any plants that have a less delicate pest. However, it is best to identify the pest so you know what treatment you need. To nourish your plants and prevent future pest problems, you can spray the rest once per month.

This fertilizer is your best friend when it comes to taking good care of your plants. It will not only provide nutrients but also keep them healthy and free from pests.


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