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10 Simple Attitudes To Lift The Mood

Are you in post carnival depression? Or, worse, are you in carnival depression? Hahahaha we’re together, friend! I’ve put together a list of 10 simple attitudes to lift the mood on those days when everything seems to go wrong.

For me, just by writing this list, my mood has already lifted as there are simple and delicious things in this life Below are my suggestions for you to remember that the world is beautiful:

1 – Go for a walk outdoors – in a park, square or beach

I put on my cutest gym clothes, put on some mascara (I’m going to pamper myself, ok) and go to the park for a really light workout, more concerned with enjoying the scenery than keeping my heart rate high. But if I get carried away, I turn it into a corridoor, because endorphins are good and we like it!

But the truth is, it’s great to do an exercise without commitment, goals and pressure. We already pressure ourselves so much in this life, right? If you feel like running, run. If you feel like sitting down and drinking an overpriced coconut water, do that too. And sit a few minutes, cool, not thinking about anything. Meditating works even for those who are not in the habit of meditating, ok? Then you come back renewed!

2 – Take a shower listening to your favorite playlist

If you’re sad, forget about the neighbors, play a nice playlist at the top volume and get in the shower. It’s refreshing! If you don’t have a favorite playlist, you can listen to Spotify’s suggestions or start creating your own. Playlist for mood emergencies. Haha ha! Mine has from Rita Lee to Spice Girls (hahahaha), the goal is songs I like to sing along to. Because singing in the bath is wonderful! For me it cures any PMS.

3 – Try a new recipe in the kitchen

Eating out is good, but eating something you made yourself, with all the spices you love, made with love… It’s too good! For me, who like to eat healthy, there is also the plus of me knowing exactly what is in my food, being able to create with ingredients that I know are good for me and avoiding that guilt after a heavy meal. I am VERY happy when I invent a truly delicious dish using healthy flours, vegetables, good foods. Like a buffalo mozzarella pizza with cauliflower dough. Yum! But OK, I know this is very personal, so it’s not a rule. If you love nutella, try creating a nest milk brigadeiro with nutella and be happy!

4 – Swap Instagram ostentation for something inspiring

I’ve seen a survey that said Instagram is the social network that most causes depression in young people. Also, it could right! It’s disheartening for anyone to see those stories of happy, popular, perfect people, having a beautiful day while you’re stuck at home with no company to go out. But look, it happens to everyone, ok? Speaking with the authority of someone who has a perfect life-style Instagram, I can say: it’s never perfect and, like all lives, it has its moments of insecurity and loneliness. If you’re in this moment, kind of down, leave Instagram NOW and do something that inspires you on the Internet.

For me, it’s inspiring to create new folders on Pinterest and research ideas for decor, fashion, photography, travel and food. I get super excited (as you can see here on my boards )! If you’re not a Pinterest fan or don’t feel like it, try searching something else, watching YouTube videos on topics that interest you, looking for songs on that playlist. But do something useful, that will give you ideas or that you can refer to later. Wasting time watching other people’s lives or useless video will only make you more discouraged, I guarantee it! If you help, here on the blog there are several good vibes texts in the Inspiration category .

5 – Watch Friends on Netflix

Okay, this one is pretty specific, but let me explain: Netflix isn’t always going to be the solution to your sad moment, especially if you choose a drama to watch. There, my friend, it’s a bottomless pit of depression, see. Been there !

Friends, on the other hand, is a show I’ve seen 300 times but which ALWAYS makes me laugh. If you’re between 25 and 35, you’re likely to love the show as much as I do. In fact, I’m reviewing everything now at 28 years old (when I first saw it as a teenager) and I’ve identified myself much more! And I always end a Friends session happier than I started.??

6 – Create! It can be writing, drawing, playing the guitar…

Writing has always been my escape valve, which is why I started this post. And, look, in the sixth item I’m already happier! It’s great to create something new, whether it’s reflective text, music, a drawing or anything else you like to do.

Is a beautiful light coming into the house? Why don’t you try taking photos with books, coffee or cute objects you have there? Then you can play editing in cool apps like VSCO or even Lightroom, and I want to see if you won’t be happy with the result! This idea even inspired me for the next item on the list.

7 – Make a hot drink

Just by writing “coffee” in the previous item, I was already thinking how nice it would be to have a cup of coffee now. I love! When I’m a little discouraged or I plan to spend the day working, I leave the Nespresso aside and prepare a small bottle of strained coffee, to drink it little by little while I do my things. In addition to liking the taste, I love the feeling of the warmth going down my throat, you know?

If you don’t like coffee, that’s fine: make tea or a fancy hot chocolate, the kind with marshmallows and all! Don’t forget the photo, because it looks beautiful! Haha ha! And if it’s hot, that’s fine too: make a smoothie or a tasty shake, with lots of ice. If you don’t have anything at home, run to the market quickly and buy some açaí pulp, frozen strawberry, anything good. It will be worth it!

8 – Tidy up your bedroom – or the living room, the closet…

Have a job to feel happier? Hey? Hahaha sounds kind of weird, but I swear the feeling of accomplishment is a great morale booster! It can be a simple task, like making the bed and watering the plants, or an elaborate task, like tidying the closet and sorting out clothes to donate. Do what you feel the most energy to do! Fixing a closet for me is always a task that demands a lot of disposition, but that makes me happy and proud. Not to mention that it’s an effect that lasts – you’ll spend days enjoying your beautiful, clean closet with easy-to-find clothes! Until you mess it up again, of course. But tidying up can be very rewarding, I swear!

9 – Do something for the one you love

Making someone happy is something that moves a lot with our hearts. Buying flowers, writing a letter, editing a little video on your cell phone or even preparing a treat are acts of love that require little work and can make someone you love very happy! It could be a boyfriend/daughter, but it could also be your mother, or that friend you haven’t seen for a while, or the sister who has that big problem at work. You can be sure that an unexpected act of affection can transform someone’s day. And it will do you so well! It will transform their day. With love. Is not it beautiful?!

10 – Create a list like this!

My list might inspire you (I hope!), but the truth is, this is very personal. You definitely have other things you love to do, little mood animators, that you can list to put into practice in times of need. Just thinking and writing will make you feel great, I bet! Create your list of simple attitudes to lift the mood; it can be in a notebook, on a blackboard, wherever, and leave it in an easy place, which you can easily reread whenever you want. And then share with me, that I will love to be inspired too!


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