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3 Accessories That Will Simplify Your Laundry And Ironing Tasks

Do you also dream of a laundry area in your house? A room where you can wash, dry and iron your clothes.

However, the reality is that many times due to lack of space, we use different areas for each task . We have an area for dirty clothes, another for washing, another for hanging and another for ironing.

Whatever space you have for your laundry and ironing, we have some accessories that can make your laundry and ironing tasks easier.

Do not miss them!

Dirty laundry basket

Leave out the typical bulky laundry basket that takes up a lot of space and put a removable basket in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinet.

With this removable laundry basket you can keep your clothes stored without creating a mess until the moment you wash them.

It is available in two sizes , depending on the exterior width of your furniture.

The basket designed for a cabinet with an external width of 450mm , is composed of a 50L basket with an admissible load of 30Kg. While the basket designed for an external cabinet width of 600mm , is made up of two 40L baskets each and a total allowable load of 30Kg.

Both measures incorporate a completely extraction Grass guide , with automatic opening and soft closing that is placed on the sides of the furniture.

Both the model that only carries one basket, and the one that carries two, is portable. What will facilitate the collection of clothes and their transfer to the washing machine.

In addition, it is very easy to install.

Removable shelf for cleaning products

Are you going to wash and never find the fabric softener? If you have cleaning products cluttered in a closet or dancing around the house, you need this accessory badly.

This removable shelf is the ideal complement to neatly store all your cleaning products.
Perfect for storing fabric softener, soap … in the cabinet next to the washing machine . This way you can comfortably access all the products you need to do the laundry.

In addition, by having all the products organized , you will optimize the space much better.

It is designed for furniture with a minimum exterior width of 300mm and a minimum interior depth of 491mm.

Ironing board

Is ironing a tough task for you? We have an accessory that can make this task a lot easier for you !

This folding ironing board is perfect if you’re short on space.

It is perfect for fixing to the wall, inside a kitchen cabinet or in a laundry room or laundry room.

It folds over itself in half and folds vertically, being parallel to the wall. Once opened and stretched, you can turn it up to 180ยบ to place it in the most comfortable position for ironing.


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