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4 Resolutions To Be Happier This Year

Christmas and New Year ask for a reflective text about the past year and what is to come. Every year I try to resist the cliché, but I never succeed! This year was really crazy for me and I end with learning (and new goals!) that are worth sharing here. Maybe I inspire more people to make big changes in their lives, just like me???

Have the courage to change what doesn’t make you happy

Thinking like this, in a very poetic way, my great learning experience in 2020 was this. Although I’ve always worked with a subject I love, which is travel, I’ve almost always worked in companies, creating content according to the wishes, demands and goals of others (boss, owners, editors). I’ve always had my personal projects on the side, but that was what they were: side projects that I played when there was time.

This year I changed that: I started to dedicate myself 100% to my personal projects, from my blog to my content production company. And it has worked very well! When we dictate our rules, our working hours, our suppliers and partners and our price, you can be sure that everything gets better. Even the works that I don’t love, I don’t write with passion, come out with much more quality because I produce HAPPILY, in my house, at the time I like to write, with my little dog sleeping at my feet. Better than that, folks, just being born a millionaire and not having to work at all . Haha ha!

If you are not happy with your profession, or in the company you are in, I suggest you rethink your life, your priorities and try to promote changes to be happier. In the beginning it can be difficult, you may have to lower your standard of living, but it is always – ALWAYS – worth chasing after what we love. And that’s the only way we have the necessary motivation and enthusiasm to be successful and become an admirable professional.

Don’t let small things weigh on your heart

I’ve seen myself many times in situations of many anguish that, when I stopped to reflect, were 90% of my mind. Anxiety about a job that, deep down, I know I can handle. Envy of a life I saw on Instagram that, deep down, I know isn’t real. Insecurity motivated by a comparison I invented that is not fair. rancorby the attitude of someone who hurt me, even when I know the person didn’t mean to. Life becomes lighter when we stop demanding so much, and also when we stop creating expectations in relation to others. I think it has a bit to do with anxiety that too, of always wanting to predict what will happen, what others will do, how they will react… And, invariably, get frustrated when life doesn’t follow its script.

I think the best way to get rid of these bad feelings, which weigh so heavily, is to focus on the good things. Always remember how good you are at certain things; how amazing some people you have in your life are; how the universe has positively surprised you so many times. Not having control over everything can create anxiety, but it can also be liberating! Accept the blessings that come and face the obstacles with serenity. That’s a good learning experience, which I practice every day little by little, because it’s not easy. But it’s worth the effort: when we exchange anguish with problems for gratitude for achievements, the world is transformed!

Have discipline and dedication to achieve your goals

This one is more for a goal than for learning, because I’m still bad at this discipline thing . But I’ve already learned that without it we can even advance, but much less than our potential! When I spoke in the previous topic for us not to charge ourselves so much, I was referring mainly to things that we cannot control, or that hurt our well-being (physical or mental). But don’t understand this as an excuse to allow yourself to do whatever you want, work when you feel like it, eat what you want… That’s not possible either!

Dedication is fundamental , and when we work with what we like, it’s much easier to find that motivation. But of course it’s still lazy! Of course I feel like hanging out on the duvet when it rains, spending the day on Netflix when the deadline is long, waking up late when I drank wine the night before. But the more “getaways” I allow myself, the easier it becomes to put off work, give up on the procrastination, leave the gym and so on. For me what works is creating rules, time to go to the gym, time to start and finish work, deadlines even for “personal” things, like blog posts or videos on YouTube. And writing these rules helps too! Now I’m using a planner ( this one), but I’ve already gone from the blackboard, the post it and the reminders app. Do what works best for you and follow the rules strictly, especially if you are your own boss. Demand from you what you would demand from an employee. That simple!

View every situation as a learning opportunity

This has to do with what I’ve already said, to face the obstacles with serenity, but it goes further. It’s not just the “failures” that teach us lessons, but the whole environment around us, the people we know, the places we frequent or discover, the conversations. It is also an exercise in humility , understanding that we have a lot, A LOT to learn about all subjects and about human nature. Being open to it makes all the difference!

This topic is challenging for me because I’m shy and I don’t find it so easy to talk to new people. And I’m also a little lazy, I confess, when I feel that the person doesn’t have the same interests and values ??as I do. But I’m trying to change that and get rid of my prejudices. It works: every time I let my guard down and allowed myself to get to know a person I thought was very different from me, I ended up discovering commonalities, inspiring qualities and even very rich opportunities for exchange!

These are some attitudes I’ve been learning and practicing this year that I want to take with everything to 2022! Changing is not easy, but writing helps and I’m sure I’ll come back in this post a few times so I don’t forget. And you, do you have any advice or goals to put into practice next year? Share!??


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