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4 Resolutions To Be Happier This Year

The beginning of a new year is one of the most beautiful moments because we are full of enthusiasm and joy with resolutions that we make to achieve what we want so much. Our intention should be to seek to be happier people, therefore, this year, I want to invite you to incorporate one more resolution, that of your happiness.

This is an area that we sometimes misunderstand, and it is natural, the world leads us to yearn for happiness, achieving this or that good or status. But, in fact, this area is transversal and covers different aspects of your life.

Cultivating our spirit with virtues and positive emotions, learning to be aware of our actions or knowing the true power of our thoughts is what gives us much more happiness, health and well-being. You shine, you and the people around you notice it and thus, you totally change the concept of what it is to feel regal.

Studies after studies corroborate this and that is why, in our first article of the year, I want to share with you 4 resolutions that will help you to be happier.

Tip #1 – Spend more time with your friends.

Countless studies show that we tend to be happier when we feel connected to our friends. Doesn’t it happen to you that after being with them you feel super good? What is happening in you is called oxytocin, the hormone of love and it does super good for your health. Loneliness does the exact opposite. Therefore, this year connect and appreciate the moments with your friends.

Tip #2 – Every day, find a way to give

A compliment, a smile, help with something simple, offer to do something for someone. A small act of kindness is a big step towards your happiness. Kindness gives you joy, joy gives you well-being.

Tip #3 – View every situation as a learning opportunity

This has to do with what I’ve already said, to face the obstacles with serenity, but it goes further. It’s not just the “failures” that teach us lessons, but the whole environment around us, the people we know, the places we frequent or discover, the conversations. It is also an exercise in humility , understanding that we have a lot, A LOT to learn about all subjects and about human nature. Being open to it makes all the difference!

Tip #4 – Practice self-reflection

Self reflection is to look at how you are behaving, the thoughts you have, and the reality you are creating.

We usually do this by meditating and over time, it becomes the proactive and conscious way to do what is healthiest for our lives.

Yoga is another way to achieve internal reflection, moving and learning to feel your breath and your body. You don’t need to be flexible, in fact, that’s the least important. In both cases, always choose a guide or teacher to accompany you, solve your doubts and encourage you in your progress.

You can also spend moments in nature, in a park or on the beach, for example, simply by observing. Spend at least 15 minutes a week and you will be sowing a seed that will never stop germinating.

These last two are the resolutions that I like the most because it is when you define the time that it will be for you and the more you respect it, the moment will come when it will be an essential part of your life.

And of all the resolutions, I know that the last one is the most difficult, because when we talk about meditation many ideas come up such as: “It is not possible for me”, “It is not so easy to stay still”, “I do not know how to blank my mind. “, “How boring”.

I understand you because it has happened to me too. It will depend on the technique you use, mindfulness, for example, does not ask you for a blank mind, in fact, it is just the opposite. Mindfulness is like looking at what is inside a portfolio (your mind) and taking out, one by one, the things (thoughts) that are inside. Or, feel your breath go in and out of your body, and in the process, you lose yourself in your thoughts. You do this without judging whether it is bad, good, pretty or ugly, just looking kindly. The first few times it will seem like a disaster, but then, you will find calm, you will see who you are and you will understand many of your actions.

I hope that this year, you feel much happier and that these resolutions help you to be so. In the next article I will share suggestions on how to put your intentions in motion and do not remain alone in that.


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