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6 Types Of Gamers Which One Are You

To the outside world, gamers should appear to be a uniform group: people who play video games fit comfortably under the same threshold as gamers. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! If only it were that easy to categorize players, but we are a diverse group of people.

I can test this by introducing the 6 different types of players.

Now this list doesn’t necessarily mean that a player can’t fit into other categories; most of the time they get mixed up. Here we go!

1. The Hardcore Gamer

This is the ultimate player. This type of player has no prisoners, including themselves.

One night I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with my friend John. He was a hardcore gamer; spending hours and hours trying to reach all levels of prestige and master the game. He would get involved in the game; got mad at others and would learn multiplayer maps in depth so that he could take advantage of all the most beneficial locations.

As the night wore on, I got tired and retired for the night. He wasn’t very interested in Call of Duty. For me, it was just fun with friends. The next morning, I texted John to see how his night of improving his death-to-death ratio was. “I never went to bed,” he replied. I was shocked.

I mean, I’m no stranger to staying up late playing games, but this was almost too much to understand. Not all hardcore gamers are like my friend John, but when I think of “hardcore” I think of someone who is deeply involved in getting through the game, no matter the challenge or consequence.

Some more well-known hardcore players would be professional players found in the Esports league. These players train almost every day, trying to beat other players in the games they choose, as well as their high scores and personal records.

Being a hardcore gamer can be extremely profitable, if you can prove yourself and rise to the top of the heap. For example, Fornite’s recent earnings on Esports alone were a pool of nearly $ 15 million.

The downside of extreme games over esports is that you spend a large part of your time and life playing the game of your choice. If you agree with that, go ahead!

2. The Casual Gamer

Well, I know there may be a negative connotation regarding the term “casual”. In fact, it has been thrown at me as an insult in some online games like Call of Duty and Dark Souls. The latter specifically in relation to my low dexterity. “Get Gud, casual” was the chorus.

Casual gamers make up a large part of the player population.

Those who play for the story of a game, who go at their own leisurely pace, are players who enjoy the scenery as much as they can, making it a full-fledged atmospheric experience. Casual players do not have to be “newbies” or “new”, but rather have the attitude that the outcome of the game is not the main reason they play.

Perhaps when you imagine a casual gamer, you think of someone playing Sudoku or completing crosswords. Not!

A casual player can be someone who simply plays on a lower difficulty than others. Where the hardcore gamer plays The Witcher III on the highest difficulty, trying to complete the game 100%, the casual gamer spends his time collecting herbs, slaying the occasional beasts on his way, and experiencing the rich open world and incredible story.

To the hardcore gamer who threw “casual” insults my way: you’re right, I am! I no longer feel embarrassed when choosing the lowest difficulties in games, so I don’t get frustrated and can experience some great story-based games.

Single-player RPGs are my specialty, and experiencing the world for hours should be fun, not difficult or frustrating.

3. The Mobile Gamer

Once again, preconceived notions of mobile gamers conjure up images of people’s mothers playing Bejeweled Diner Dash and Tetris.

Are we going to speak ill of Tetris? Not on my shift.

While that may be true, the mobile gaming market generates billions of dollars. It is a huge evolving market within games that impresses year after year.

Recently, Stardew Valley was released for mobile devices. This is a pretty deep game that is packed with content; basically, the polar opposite of Bejeweled.

I have played some great and addicting games on mobile devices, and I can recognize the incredible potential that these platforms have. I challenge you to download Piffle and don’t instantly get hooked on its tight and impressive gameplay. In it, you must break blocks using a limited number of projectiles.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, there are a lot of levels and they can get pretty unforgiving. What should be emphasized is that many of these little gems that you can download are sometimes completely free.

Think Word with Friends from mobile phone gaming giant Zynga. I was hooked on the digital variant of Scrabble for YEARS.

People eventually stopped playing games with me because I kept sending them reminders and then quickly destroyed them through my meticulous letter placement.

Some mobile games have given me great gaming memories, and that’s what makes them memorable and in a category of their own.

4. The Online Gamer

We all know the online gamer. Someone who plays games like World of WarCraft or Overwatch for hours. These players pride themselves on their gaming expertise, and often bring their skills to the rest of the world through player versus environment and player versus player forms of play.

My friend Chris was an avid Dark Age of Camelot player in the early 2000s. He took up a foul; had several characters leveled almost to the level cap. He knew all the mechanics of the game and the ins and outs of the different servers. He no longer needed to use a map as he knew the terrain of the virtual world as his environment.

It’s also easy to classify Chris as a hardcore gamer.

RuneScape is another great example of a game that encouraged the gamer online. RuneScape offered a free, comprehensive and casual online role-playing experience.

Online gamers love entering a gaming world populated by other players, either by fighting them or teaming up to defeat an incredibly difficult boss that they couldn’t defeat on their own.

5. The Observer

The observer is a player who loves to see others play. This is a storied tradition for anyone who had older siblings or friends who were perfect at games. I remember watching my friend play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis because I knew I would be too scared to play myself. This has become an explosive phenomenon lately.

Game streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube has become a common aspect of the internet. I love settling in with dinner, getting cozy, and watching someone play a great game based on a story. This allows gamers and viewers to see the games that they might be interested in getting. This is the perfect opportunity to see aspects of the games and judge for yourself if you want.

6. The Armchair General

These players are emerging strategists and players who dream of glory. Games like the Total War franchise, Europa Universalis, Civilization and Crusader Kings II are the bread and butter of the Armchair General.

These players blast their way across the global stage, attempting to use their cunning, cunning, intelligence and military might to shape the face of the world they inhabit.

I remember learning how to play Crusader Kings II on my own. It was challenging, but once I got the hang of it, I dominated the medieval European continent as the awesome and fearsome empire of Sweden, led by an elderly emperor with a penchant for cruelty and torture.

Armchair generals can thrive on the personal narratives they create through their play. They can also be history buffs, like many strategy games on the market that deal with historical elements or take place entirely in specific historical periods.

For example, the classic real-time strategy game, Age of Empires II, is based entirely on the medieval period and allows you to command historical heroes like Joan of Arc and William Wallace.

Armchair generals can now also be extended to more casual games like Cities: Skylines. They don’t need to be obsessed with grand strategy, but it’s the dominant genre.


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