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9 Creative Christmas Gift ideas You Should Really Consider

Ho ho ho! Christmas is here, one of the most commemorated dates in the world and is seen by many as a great opportunity to give incredible Christmas gifts to relatives and friends.

Are you planning to gift someone or are you going to engage some secret friend, but don’t want to go through the same torture of choosing the gift? It’s time to have creative thoughts!

For many, Christmas represents much more than the end of the year and an opportunity to change something in life for next year.

How about being part of this transformation by delivering something that will really make a difference for the person or that will make their life happier?

That is what we are going to show you today with the 9 Christmas gift suggestions to surprise someone special.

9 Different Christmas Gift Tips

  1. Planner

During work, it is difficult to keep all the tasks organized. How about helping the person and giving them a planner?

It is something that will be useful for many things. It helps not only to organize tasks, but also schedules. Thus, when writing in the planner, the person will have a macro view of what is taking a long time and what can be optimized.

Also write daily or weekly goals and document what is being done. An optimal way to keep productivity on the rise throughout the year.

An online store that offers very creative and high-quality daily planners is PreciousRay, which is an Etsy store online with thousands of excellent products, many of them gifts that can even be personalized.

  1. Instant camera

If the person you want to give a gift likes photography, this is the ideal option! With the growth of digital cameras, many people lost the habit of developing photos and the album has become rare.

Instant cameras develop photos instantly or minutes later, and there are many good models on the market at affordable prices. In addition to this, it is somewhat easy to use.

There are two types of instant cameras:

  • Digital: they have more features, such as editing and cutting photos, as well as being able to print them whenever you want;
  • Analog: In this model, the photos are revealed at the same time.

It is also a great gift for children, as they have probably never seen a photo on paper. Can you imagine their reaction when they see one?

  1. A massage session

With the demands of everyday life, many forget to take time to relax and take care of themselves. A good way to surprise someone is to give a massage session or a day at a spa.

Nothing better than starting the year more relaxed and less stressed. Even massages have various health benefits, such as improving the functioning of the immune system.

Surely, the person will be very happy with this demonstration of care.

  1. Subscription box

Subscription clubs have already been gaining quite a bit of strength in recent years. It is a subscription that entitles you to a box with assorted products. The most interesting thing is that each month the products are different.

There are subscriptions for various segments, such as makeup, specialty coffees, healthy foods, wines, books, and even collectibles. In other words, the person will have several Christmas gifts in a single box.

The items are chosen and recommended by specialists in the matter, ensuring quality to the person who is going to receive it. Not to mention how comfortable it is to receive these products at home or at work.

  1. E-readers

Digital readers, also known as e-readers, have fallen into the preference of many people. The ease of having several books in one place is incredible, as well as being an easily transportable piece of equipment.

At first glance, they can be confused with a tablet, because the experience is very different. The readers are made only for what is proposed, making reading comfortable and less lazy.

Some reasons that make the e-reader a great Christmas gift:

  • Instant purchase of the book;
  • The price of digital books is lower;
  • The person can read a sample of the book before making the purchase;
  • PDF files can also be uploaded to the e-reader.

In addition, digital books are becoming more popular and there are even websites where it is possible to download various titles for free.

  1. Portable charger

Anyone who has a smartphone knows that it is extremely common to run out of battery and not have a way to charge it at the moment. For many, the portable charger is already a must-have item and deserves a special place on the Christmas gift list.

There are several models available and with varied prices, but those with affordable prices already serve well. Most come with two refills or more. In other words, the person will be able to use it for a long time without needing to charge it.

  1. .Smart watch

Smart watches have several amazing features. In addition to fulfilling its function of showing the time, the smart watch connects via Bluetooth with the smartphone.

Thus, it manages to make calls directly from the watch, synchronizes the calendar, sends alerts, has its own camera, monitors heartbeats, has voice command, and more.

Yes, that’s a lot of intelligence for a single watch. You must be thinking: a watch like this would cost a fortune. Well, some models are more expensive, but there are others that have many features and are more affordable.

Do a quick search and you can find $12.00 models. An interesting option for Christmas gifts.

  1. Bluetooth stereos

The Bluetooth sound system will be with the owner at various times, such as meetings or even cooking.

By connecting with the cell phone, in addition to playing music, the sound equipment also allows you to make phone calls, being an optimal voice in the event of meetings, for example. Some are waterproof.

  1. Online courses

Online courses are great for helping a person learn a new skill or even a new profession. There are thousands of online course options, such as culinary, personal development, health, sports, business and career.

Imagine that the person you are going to give a gift to loves to cook and loves sweets. An online course with the best confectionery techniques will fit like a glove. Or if the person wants to change their lifestyle and be healthier, a course with fitness recipes is ideal.

In addition to being something that she can access from anywhere, what she learns from the course will be with her for the rest of her life.


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